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"Do I know you from somewhere? / Why do you leave me wanting more? / Why do all the things I say sound like the stupid things I've said before?" Skin - Madonna

"I should have become a doctor. A surgeon, like dad. Maybe work in shock trauma. That would be a lot less stressful."

Batman leaned his head down and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes in exhaustion. He seriously needed a large cup of coffee. He had been multitasking various different duties all day to maximize his time on the Watchtower. Before arriving to the League headquarters, he discovered LexCorp attempting a hostile acquisition of Wayne Enterprises. By the time he had entered the transport hanger, he had sent Lucius Fox enough information to not only quell the takeover bid, but also bring into question various other underhanded dealings by the rival company. Fox rewarded him by sending new specs for Javelin upgrades. Great. More work, he thought.

Later he retrofitted one of those Javelin with an experimental propulsion system developed by Wayne Enterprise's R&D division. Word of Lex Luthor's power bid got back to Superman, and the hero seemed to want to thank him by "helping". After nearly damaging the delicate instruments with his super strength, Batman had had enough. He sent Superman to take the Javelin out for a test flight, effectively removing the eagerly well-meaning but interfering Kryptonian out of his hair.

He went from mechanic to referee when two new League recruits from rival countries decided to bring their war to the cafeteria. By the time Batman entered the room, the two metas had trashed the eating area and wrecked some of the food prep section. Batman brought down the Wrath of Gotham when he saw that the coffee maker had been damaged in the brawl. After he was done with them, the two enemy combatants became staunch allies united in fear of the Dark Knight. Never had a kitchen appliance been fixed so fast on the Watchtower.

After entering a few new protocols into the security system, he read the results of a chemical analysis from two substances he found at a crime scene. He was now in one of the 'Tower's labs, conducting an experiment to test the properties of one of the substances. The results showed that the second substance was a byproduct of the first. Seems someone found out how to selectively dissolve organic matter and leave synthetic materials behind. The resulting blobs were the missing guards from the crime scene. Their DNA was all that was left of them.

The master detective knew this weapon would become a League problem sometime soon. Some may not survive its introduction unscathed. Of all his teammates, one specifically came to mind - one with a lot of perfect, beautiful exposed skin. He shuddered to think what would happen if this substance touched her. He was determined to make sure that didn't happen.

The door behind him opened and closed, but he ignored whoever entered. Only when he felt a presence looking over his shoulder did he take his attention away from his work. Before he saw her, he could smell Diana's flowery scent. It calmed his nerves a little.

"Hey, you're here late. I thought you'd be gone by now." She leaned in very close; he could hear her voice right by his ear.

"I had some things to do."

"Don't you have patrol in a little while?"

"I'll be leaving soon. What do you want?"

"Hmmm, someone's been working too hard. You sound grouchier than usual."

Batman wasn't up to sparring - physically, mentally or vocally. "Is there a reason why you're here? Because if not, I'd rather we..."

"Calm down, I was actually looking for you. Figured I'd catch you before you left. Looks like I got here just in time."

"Princess..."Batman growled in warning. He was tired and he wanted nothing more than to get a cup of coffee and maybe 15 minutes of sleep before he left. As much as he liked being in the same room with Diana, he had to get his head in the game before he descended onto Gotham's mean streets.

"You're so tense, Bruce! You need to relax. Here, let me help." Diana set something down on the lab table beside them. But before Batman could see what it was, her hands gripped his shoulders.

"Oww, Diana! What are you doing?" Batman tried moving out of her hold, but she used some of her strength to pull him back towards her.

"Shut it, Bruce. You have a huge knot right here." She pushed down on his shoulder and he hissed in pain. "I'm going to work this out and you're going to let me. Now relax."

"Fine, whatever."

Her touch was firm, but not overly hard. She started kneading the area around his shoulders, working the muscles out of their knots. Just hard enough to feel through his uniform. The silence between them was getting a little heated...

"So, I heard there was an incident in the cafeteria earlier today."

"Nothing I couldn't handle." Batman closed his eyes, allowing Diana to continue her ministrations.

"Did you really threaten to bolt them to the Watchtower hull and make them watch you bomb their countries from orbit?"

"They would have been wearing oxygen masks." Batman flashed Diana a smirk when she tilted her head around to look at him. "I would have aimed at unpopulated areas. Honest."

"Uh huh." She moved her hands up from his shoulders and started kneading the muscles around his neck. She leaned in towards his body and he could feel her breath close to his cheek. Her thumb pressed on a particularly tight tendon near the base of his skull.

"Mmmmmm..." Batman's groan of pleasure escaped before he could stop it. He nearly reclined back into her before he realized he was about to cross a boundary that he shouldn't. She was already too close touching him like this. Reluctantly, he stepped forward out of her reach.

"Um, thanks. That feels much better." Batman stretched his neck muscles to work the rest of the stress out. He used the motion to avoid looking at the beautiful princess. "I'm going to get a cup of coffee. I'll see you later."

"Coffee? You want caffeine the way you're wound up? Look, I have a better idea."

Batman turned around to see what Diana was talking about. Beside her rested a bottle of liquor and a lime settled onto of the rim of a long, slim shot glass. She leaned up against the table, all soft curves and relaxed smiles. He stared at her for thirty seconds before he realized he hadn't said anything.

"What is this?"

"This is to help you relax. All you do is work work work. Slow down for a minute and have a drink with me."

"You're not allowed to have this on the Watchtower, you know that Princess."

Diana shrugged a bare shoulder. "What's a little rule breaking between friends. Like you follow them all yourself."

Batman thought she had a point, but this was so surreal. Diana was a reliable paragon of virtue. So she could damage warships with her right hook, she's a good woman. He struggled with the conflicting images.

"Diana, you don't even drink. What made you come with this idea?"

"I figured I needed to spend more time with my friends. We're always on some kind of assignment, or duty, or mission to save the world. And I've wanted to get you alone for some time now. Just you and me."

Batman's brain went blank with her words. What she was implying broke all kinds of rules. They weren't written, but they were strongly alluded to. At least by him. What were they again? Something about teammates and issues...

"Diana...I, uh...don't even know where to go with this."

"Its not that hard, Bruce. Drink...relax...have fun. Remember that concept?"

It dawned on him that she had been calling him Bruce the entire time. He should have been annoyed since he was in uniform and on the Watchtower. He was allowing all kinds of rule breaking. He mentally chided himself for letting her take control of the situation.

"Look, Princess, this is not a good idea. We're still on duty and we shouldn't be drinking here. I have patrol in a little while, and alcohol won't help me concentrate. Now if you'll excuse me..."

"Okay, let's up the ante. Let's do body shots."

Batman froze. It's like she hit him with a right hook. Diana simply waited for his answer, tapping her finger on the liquor bottle. Ding ding ding A perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised in question.

"Bruce, are you okay? Talk to me. You do know what body shots are, right? What you have to do is..."

Batman held up a hand to pause her explanation. His mouth opened, then closed. After pinching the bridge of his nose to processes her statement, he drew a breath and tried again.

"I know what body shots are, Diana," he said evenly. He had done a few while establishing his playboy reputation at an exclusive mansion known for their beautiful women, elderly but virile publication tycoon, and a legendary grotto in the ground's pool. So many taut, nubile bodies volunteered to be next. After that night, he swore off public drinking. It took him two days to get over the hangover.

But it was worth it. Oh...so...worth it.

But instead of bleached blond bimbos with boob jobs, he envisioned a natural, heavenly, Amazonian body presenting herself to him. He imagined that "come hither" look in her eyes as he leaned in towards her neck...

Diana stepped closer to him as his thoughts left him in a haze. She stared directly into his lenses, waiting for his answer. Her nearness made it hard to think, and what she proposed had all types of scenarios playing out in his head.

'It looks like Diana. Sounds like her, even smells like her. Her hair is long, so she's not a Justice Lord. So...'

"Who are you and what have you done to my Princess?" The second he said it he wanted to growl. 'My Princess'? Are you trying to encourage her? Diana's answering smile told him that she interpreted his statement the way he thought she would.

"Would it be easier if it was a shot of espresso instead of tequila? Looks like you could use all the help you can get." Batman struggled to keep a straight face. Diana was showing an unusual amount of what he could only call "pluckiness".

He realized hadn't said no to her proposition. Just gathering more information, like evidence. This was just...strange. He looked around as if he expected someone to come out and yell "gotcha!" This started to feel a little suspicious.

"You know what, never mind. I came at a bad time, it doesn't look like you're up it. I'll let you get back to work." Batman detected a bit of disappointment in her voice, but she gave him a quick smile before she turned to exit. His interest had been peaked, and now she wants to leave?

"Whoa, hold on. Get back here." He said this a little rougher than intended, but he really didn't want her to leave. He actually liked seeing her so uninhibited. But as she walked back towards him, Batman noticed that she wasn't looking at him. Instead, her gaze roamed around the room. He realized her eyes kept leading back to the offending drinking paraphernalia left on the lab table.

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