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Chapter 1

Seto had been walking for what seemed like ages. He was tired, but continued on in hopes of finding more survivors. The only
company he had with him, was Personal Frame, placed securely on his back.

"umm.. PF?" Seto asked rather shyly.

"How much longer do you think it will be before we finally meet someone else?"

"Scanning the area... Not to far from our present location lies an abandoned amusement park. There seem to be signs of life there, but there is also danger ahead. Please be careful"

Thinking back about the previous attacks he's encountered since he's started his journey eastward, he was confident that the danger PF was talking about couldn't have been any worse than that. More than once he's been attacked by the same, weird, humanoid things. He wasn't sure what they were, or why they kept attacking.

"You worry to much PF" Seto replied while chuckling quietly.

They continued walking on in silence, it did not take them long to be standing in front of the large gates leading into the abandoned amusement park.

"We've finally made it, it's just like you said! This place is huge! Must have been really fun before it was abandoned!"

Seto exclaimed with excitement in his voice. He stood there in awe taking in the amazing scene standing right in front of him.

Many large rides, some long ones with many curves, going up and down. Another large circular one, that held many compartments on it. None of which looked to be in
useable condition. All their once shiny metal had become rusted from years of being dormant. Overgrown with weeds, weakening their structure, parts of these astounding machines had even disappeared from the rest of it. What caught Seto off guard was a black haired boy who was standing in the center of this amazement, his arms crossed, and a smug look on his face. Seto had jumped not realizing he had been standing there, or how long he had been standing there.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my park?" The boy commanded.

The sudden harsh tone of his voice startled Seto, and he jumped again. Not sure what to answer he had a hard time finding the words to answer his question with. He stood there with a shocked look on his face, never taking his eyes off of the strange boy standing quite a few feet in front of him.

"Are you deaf? or just stupid? I asked you a question, now answer it" The boy was obviously getting impatient, you could tell by the tone of his voice.

"M-my name is.. S-Seto.." Seto had a worried look on his face as he gave his reply "A-and this is PF" He pointed to the contraption sitting comfortably on his back.

"That is short for Personal Frame, and who are you? You haven't introduced yourself yet."

He seemed as if he hadn't PF's gentle, robotic voice speaking to him. In one swift motion, the mysterious boy jumped and was within inches of Seto's face. Looking him straight in the eyes, Seto felt as if he were examining his every thought. He was quiet for a bit before he finally spoke again, ending the awkward silence.

"And what exactly are you doing in my park?" The boy took as a step back as he spoke folding his arms again. He had a stern look on his face as he waited rather impatiently for the reply.

Seto had also taken a step back and paused before answering his question. "I was trying to find other people.."

"Other people?"

"Yeah! My grandfather said I might find other survivors, he told me to head east... towards a big red tower"

The boy just gave him a strange look, Seto noticed the boy eyeing his necklace suspiciously, he went to grab his necklace in a vain attempt to try and stop the boy's curious staring. Seto had been to slow, in the blink of an eye the other boy had already come and snatched it from around his neck.

"Hey! Give that back! It's mine and it's important to me!" Seto pleaded with the boy to give him his necklace back. To his dismay, the boy did not comply.

"You want it, the come get it!" And with that, he took off.

"What's he doing?" Seto asked PF desperate for an answer.

"It seems as though he just wants to play a game with you." Was her reply hoping to calm the worrying boy down.

"Why would he be playing games now though?!"
"Well Seto.. it's probably been a long time since he's seen another human, he must have been bored all by himself here." Her voice got quieter "Though I can't help but feel there is something.. off about him.."

"What was that PF?"

"Oh.. its nothing.."

"Well.. if your sure, then lets go find him!"

Seto took off running in the direction he had seen the stranger go in. Hoping that by finding him, he would not only return the necklace, but finally have a decent conversation with him. He got rather curious wondering about the boy, how he came to be in this park of wonders, and if he knew of any other survivors. Which is exactly what Seto had been hoping to find during his travels.

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