Chapter 5

"Whats so special about the items that you have to watch over them so closely?" Crow was rather intrigued by the sound of these mysterious items Seto was talking about.

Seto covered his mouth, as if thinking about what to say next.

"You really need to quit with the long pauses, and just spit it out already. It's rather annoying.."

"Please calm down while taking to him about this. It's obvious that this isn't easy for him to talk about."

With that, Seto had begun to wonder if PF was just sympathetic with his feelings, or babying him because she worried too much. He looked around the area to see where Crow had placed his bag, just out of his reach. Starting to stand up to retrieve his bag, Crow had stopped him and forced him to sit back down. Seto was none to happy about the boy being so persistent about not allowing him to even retrieve his own bag.

"You should rest, I can tell your not a fighter, and that fight had to have taken a lot out of you. Not to mention those injuries look pretty bad. Your not very good at hiding your pain either" Even laughing at the last part, Crow's voice had more care in it than normal. Honestly, it was the calmest Seto had seen him yet.

Seto hung his head while Crow gave Seto the bag, though he wasn't thrilled with Crow not allowing him to do all this on his own like he'd prefer to, he was still grateful for the boy's kindness. He shuffled through the items he had stowed away in the bag, taking a few out to better find what it was he was looking for. After a minute of shuffling things around, he finally took out an old, crumpled paper and reluctantly handed it to Crow.

"I-it doesn't say much.. but.."

Crow waved his hand, ready to read and find out for himself what the letter contained.

Dear Seto,

You know.. I never been really great with this sort of stuff, but the fact that you've found this letter and the items.. means I've finally passed on.

What you need to do now, is leave this place behind. Head east, you will see a large read tower, there is a possibility other survivors are there. I can tell your one to not want to be left on their own.

More importantly, you may stumble upon a lab once you get to the tower, I need you to go there.
Those items I left for you, take them with you, keep them close, and don't allow them to fall into the wrong hands. The items are no ordinary items, there's more power with them than you can understand right now. They won't remain a mystery for
long, that is why you need to find the lab upon arrival at the red tower. This is my last request of you, you've been a good kid, and .. I'm happy to have had you as my grand kid.

- You Grandfather

He put the note down to see Seto crying once again. 'Why is this kid so emotional? Are all humans like this..?' Crow sighed, crawling towards Seto, close enough to reach out and wrap his arms around him for a hug. Seto's hands reached his shoulders, really surprised by Crow's actions.

"W-what are you doing?" A franticness hidden in his voice

"Friend's give each other hugs when they are upset, right" Crow gave his usual smirk.

Hearing Crow call Seto his friend, he couldn't help but paint a huge smile on his face. He started laughing when he went to hug him back. PF sat their next to the two friends, silently wishing she had the arms to hug them too. She yearned for that closeness to someone she believed only two people could get. A machine, was nothing more than a machine wasn't it? A machine couldn't possibly have emotions, and yet.. how come she felt so lonely? She didn't like this feeling, even being Seto's friend, but just not feeling she could give him the same comfort as someone who could hug him like Crow was doing. This made her feel rather useless, and unneeded. The only thing she was able to do was sit there, and try and give him advice when she felt he could use it.

Throughout her life, PF was nothing more than a mere machine to the world. Bought only to be asked questions by her owner. Once they found her to have lost her usefulness, or thought she had malfunctioned, she was simply tossed to someone else to become their problem. She just now realized that what she longed for her whole life, was a true friend. Having been activated many years ago, meant their were many years of loneliness in her life. That all disappeared the day a kind young boy
with brown hair, and a bright blue coat came along and become her friend. Now realizing the other thing she yearned for, was to feel the affection only two people were able to give each other, a machine could never be able to give that same feeling for another person.

Seto looked in the direction of PF, not knowing how deep in thought and despair she was in. "Your being pretty quiet over there PF, something wrong?" A new excitement found in his voice. Encouraged by the fact that he had finally found another friend.

"huh? Oh. It's nothing..Please don't worry about me."

"PF.. It's obvious something's bothering you.." Seto's once excited voice, turned to one of concern.

Crow's hand was still placed careingly on top of Seto's shoulder. He whispered something to him, PF couldn't make out what the two boys were saying, but knew she was talking about her.

'I think she may be feeling a bit.. left out.' Was what Crow had whispered, Seto turned his head to look at him.
'Why would she feel that way though? Were both friends..'

"There is no need to continue whispering. I am well aware of what yous two are talking about."

Seto looked a bit shocked, while Crow on the other hand, hadn't changed the emotion on his face. The brown haired boy tried reaching for PF. Knowing that she was out of his reach, Crow once again forced Seto to sit back down, tired of Seto trying to do everything on his own rather than rest, he sighed. He picked up PF and brought her to the boy sitting in the grass.

"Why do you insist on trying to do everything on your own? Friends are willing to help each other when they need it" He gave a stern look at Seto, almost as if he was scolding a disobedient child. Seto just gave pout face in return, he was use to taking care of himself since he started the journey.

He gently took PF out of Crow's hands. PF realized then, she couldn't even feel the warmth of Seto's skin as he slid his hand down her smooth metallic body.

"I don't want you to feel left out.." he admitted finally.

"Why would you say that? I know I am not left out. I am happy you have found another friend to interact with. Must get boring for you speaking to the same machine all the time."

"Your not boring! I've enjoyed your company! It would have been a long boring journey if I hadn't found you, and honestly.. I might have been.. dead.. without your guidance. And don't just refer to yourself as only a machine!" Seto's voice got frantic as he tried to convince his mechanical friend just how might she was wanted.

"Thank you Seto. But.. then what do I refer to myself as? I really am only a machine"

"Your more than that, your my friend" He smiled and held his small metallic friend close to him.

PF no longer could find the words to say, she knew so many of them, but nothing seemed like the right thing to say anymore. She finally figured the best thing for this time, was silence, and enjoy the fact that someone did care for her beyond her vast knowledge.

It was not long after this that Seto had fallen asleep, PF still clutched in his arms, but she didn't mind. Crow sat nearby nothing better to do with the night, he rather amused himself with the two. A curious couple, the young, spineless boy, and a machine that had feelings. He began wondering exactly what it was these two planned on accomplishing and what their purpose of achieving those goals were.

He knew a bit about Seto, that his grandfather died, and was told to head east with some strange powerful items. PF on the other hand, was a different story. He knew she was just a machine, and by the sounds of things, almost wished she weren't. Their hasn't been anybody around for a long time, and wondered how exactly it was she survived, and with no interaction that she seemed to crave with anything except for maybe some thought entities or wild animals. She obviously had a desire to be wanted.
The morning sun began to rise, creating a beautiful red hue among the dark shades of blue that were painted across the sky. Reflecting off the faded, chipped paint on the metallic wonders of the park. This was Crow's favorite time of day, next to the night of course, he loved the way the dim moon shone brightly against everything in his park. To the side of him he heard some shuffling, and a bit of groaning. He looked over to see Seto starting to wake up from his deep sleep. He sat up
and tried to stretch, only to re-hurt the wound he had forgotten about.

"Good Morning sleeping beauty" Crow wore a sarcastic smirk, he found it very amusing to tease this kid.

"Don't call me that" He sent a sleepy glare his way that only made Crow start laughing.

Admitting defeat he reached for his bag.


Seto looked up from what he was previously doing, to see Crow had already some food ready.

"Eat it" he smiled kindly.

Seto took the food happily, "Thanks" A smile shown on his lips.

"It's just something I found around the old food stalls, pretty sure that doesn't spoil." He laughed some more.

Seto could tell his new friend was in a really good mood this morning, he decided to question him on a few things he had been curious about.



"I was just wondering... What was your life like?"

"My life? Why would you want to hear about that?"

"Well.. I was .. just curious, that's all" Seto's face turned a light shade of pink.

"There's not much to tell.. I can't seem to remember some of it.. There's just.. something I can't seem to remember.. almost
like sometime after the world changed.. that's when I forgot whatever it was. He put his fingers to his chin, deep in thought.

"The world changed? What do you mean by that?"

PF chimed into the conversation. "Yes, the day a majority of people died. Your one of a few fortunate ones who are still alive, your something special Seto."

I forgot my author's note on my last chapter, which I still think is probably the best sounding so far.
I'm a bit more lost as to where I am going now then I was at chapter one. Added things I didn't plan for..
not that I did a whole lot of planning, pretty sure I mentioned that I rushed this due to me being kinda excited to try this.

I'm probably going to have a lot of people thinking this is going to be a Seto/Crow type of fanfiction, well.. it's not. They are not a couple.

I just seem to have a tendency to like close, friendly relationships.