I felt someone stirring next to me. My arm was draped around them and as I struggled back into reality after the most amazing dream, I heard her gasp. Wait, her? I hadn't slept with anyone, had I? I might have let out a gasp in my horror, as the person sat up, startled. It was Mia! The love of my life. Well, she didn't exactly know that…yet.

When realization dawned on her, she slowly turned to face me. I didn't even remember her coming into my room last night. No, nothing happened last night. Wait! Where was she going? I wanted her here, "wait!" I voiced my thoughts, "you can, um, stay here," I mumbled, "I mean if you want, of course" I finished rushedly. She paused, and then, to my delight, turned around and awkwardly slipped back into my covers. "Not that I mind, but how'd you get here?" I wanted to ask why, but that might scare her back to Lilly's. "Er, I must've sleepwalked, I guess" she murmured, but I barely paid heed, as she had turned up the force of her eyes. When did she get even more beautiful? How was that even possible? And a bright idea fell into my head. A million thoughts running through my head, I slipped my arm around her waist, hoping I wasn't being too forward. "I, um, Mia, I needatellyousomething" by some miracle, she caught that. Her cheeks promptly blazed red, and her eyes were cast downward. God, she looked even more breathtaking. She nodded for me to go on, and I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself.

"I know you don't harbor the same feelings as I for you, but I need to tell you this." Pausing, I glanced at her face, which was, for some reason looking hopeful. Did she know what I was going to say? Please, oh please don't run away after I tell you, I thought, closing my eyes. Upon reopening them, I let out in a rush, "Iloveyoumia" I heard a gasp and I feared the worst. I loosed my arm around her, might as well make her escape as easy as possible for her. With this saddening thought in mind, I started to turn away from this angelic woman of my affections. And to my surprise, I didn't hear her move away, but closer to me. Putting her arms around my neck, to be more precise. What? Why wasn't she running from this perverted monster? She pressed herself against me, making it difficult to breathe, and in more ways than one. "I love you too, Michael." She whispered into my ear. I was ecstatic; I had been waiting for her to utter these words for almost a year now. I turned back around, with great excitement. Losing all reason for a few minutes, I pressed my lips against hers, with my joy rising even more when she responded.

After quite a while, we both lay, caught up in our own thoughts. I loved her so much, and now I knew she reciprocated my feelings. How could my life get any better? She snuggled into my chest, and I smiled dazedly at her golden locks. " I love you Michael" she repeated for the tenth time in the past hour, but I didn't mind, how could I? Her gaze bore through me, as if she knew all my secrets. Hell, I bet she did. Her best friend was Lilly, after all. Crap! My sister! I had forgotten all about her, she was not going to like finding out that her best friend and older brother were in love. But wed deal with that in the morning, as Mia's eyes had already closed, finally ready to sleep. I followed suit, a smile playing on my lips as I did.