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Rin slapped her alarm clock as it's ringer went off.

When it's infernal beeping didn't falter, her head shot up.

Sitting up, she grabbed onto the hunk of plastic, and commenced in slamming it onto her bedside alas, the annoying beeping didn't stop.

When it still didn't stop, she threw it across her room with all her might, causing a loud crash to resonate through her room.

Rin let out a sigh once the ringing stopped, then flopped back onto her bed, only to realize that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't slip back into her blissful sleep.

''Great…'' she muttered getting up and checking her calendar.

Her mood lightened when she saw that Miku had suggested they go out today, as the red circle around the date told.

Skipping to the bathroom she turned the water on full blast, then sat and read a small magazine while she waited for the hot water to kick in.

After a few minutes, steam reached her line of vision.

Getting up, she tossed the magazine to the side…or, tried to.

She whipped her head towards her arm as she squinted at the page that stuck to her hand.

Flailing her arm up and down, she stepped back with the effort of trying to get her hand free.

She realized a moment too late that she was close to the bath tub, and toppled into the steamy water at the bottom.

Rin let out an aggravated growl as she sat up out of the water, hair flopping in front of her face.

She stood up, trying to beat down her rage as she stood up, stripping her soaked pajamas off and turned on the shower.

After around twenty minutes she turned off the water, letting out a sigh as her temper calmed down.

Rin wrapped the towel around her torso and stepped in front of the mirror.

Her eyes widened with horror as she wiped the condensation off of the mirror, and her reflection showed a green haired girl instead of the bright blonde that it was supposed to be.

In the living room, Len covered up a giggle when he heard his sister's distressed shriek.

''L-Len! What, what did you do?!'' Rin stomped out of the bathroom, towel still wrapped around her torso.

''I didn't do anything, hey, did you do something with your hair?'' he asked letting out a loud laugh, but was quickly silenced by a fist clenching the front of his shirt.

''Fix it!'' Rin demanded in a voice that shouldn't have belonged to a fourteen year old girl.

Two hours later Rin hummed as Len sat behind her, tears rolling down his face, while he dyed her green hair back to it's natural blonde.


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