This is a bit of a strange concept, but I wanted to do a Merida story and this is what I came up with.

Disclaimer: I don't own Brave, Merida, or anything from the movie, just this story.

I was out shooting my arrows in the glen while riding my horse, Angus. After shooting the last of my arrows, I rode back to retrieve them. I dismounted my horse and walked over to a tree that one of arrows got stuck in. As I pulled the arrow out, the bark got stripped and revealed a gaping hole in the tree where a little blue light glowed. I blinked my eyes in curiosity as the little blue stretched its tendrils and two big eyes stared right back at me.

"A will o' the wisp." I whispered, "My, yer the tinniest wisp I'd ever seen."

The little wisp floated up to my face. I didn't know whether or not it wanted me to follow it, but as I turned around it started following me. I turned again, and it was still following me.

"I think yer confused, little one. I'm suppose to follow you, not the other way around."

The little wisp just looked at me with its big eyes. I was getting a little worried as to what this wisp wanted. I got back on my horse and started to ride off, as the little wisp popped up in front of me. I rode faster on Angus trying to get away from the wisp, but he kept disappearing and reappearing right in front of me each time. Angus was spooked and threw me off his back and into the grass. As I tried sitting up with my soar bottom, the will o' the wisp appeared before me and I jumped back.

"What do you want from me?!"

The little will of the wisp floated up to me, wrapping its tendrils around my body and nuzzled its head up against my bosom. I looked down at the little wisp, not moving a muscle as I could feel my fear starting to slowly melt away. This was just nothing more than a wee baby wisp. Did it think I was it's mother? Was my destiny suppose to be looking after this little one as if it were my own? I sighed, realizing that this wisp was no harm and that I wasn't going to get rid of it.

"Alright then, I guess I'll have to give you a name. How about... Gorm?"

It popped its head up. It seemed to like that name.

"Alright Gorm, come with me then."

I scooped the wisp up in my hands, like holding mist in my hand it was, as I mounted my horse and started to ride slowly back home.

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