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Shinichi's age: 6
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First Summary:
When the twins, Destiny and Fate, were busy arguing over a prank Fate pulled on her favoured detective, Lady Luck had mercy upon the life of the boy they were playing with and took him in as her own protected one, and allowed him to meet her beloved magician. But was the damage they had done reversible? And would he become who he wanted to be?

Chap. 1
Changed Circumstances

This story is about a young boy, or maybe not a boy; he's a young man, a teenager, on a rooftop, waiting for a peculiar thief in a white suit, white hat and monocle.

When he'd read about the Gentleman Thief, Kaitou KID, 1412, whatever you'd like to call the lawbreaker, he'd been surprised by his return, captivated by the fact that he returned what he stole. And that's the reason why this teenager now was sitting on a rooftop in a dark grey hoodie, with a black scarf covering his nose and mouth, hiding by the far end of the roof, waiting in the shadows, knowing that he was concealed enough not to be seen.

Destiny had decided that his name would be Kudou Shinichi and that he would become one of the greatest detectives in the world as a gift for her boyfriend Death, but her younger twin-brother Fate had decided to play her a little prank. A harmless prank in his eyes, and a harmless prank in the grand scheme of things, but not a harmless prank for the life of the teenage boy, whose name now wasn't Kudou Shinichi, and who certainly wasn't a detective, not at the moment anyway.

He had a lot of names, and each of them were as false as his many identity cards. For the moment he was Nozaki Shinichi, living in a small apartment with his father, Akihiro, and his mother, Emiko, in Japan.

"Why isn't his name Kudou Shinichi?" you might ask a bit distressed, "and why isn't he a detective?"

Well, let me explain.

This story doesn't actually start with a teenager, sitting on a roof, waiting for a thief in white; it began a long time ago, in this boy's youth when he lived with his real parents and had his real name. Let me take you back to the moment when Fate chose to go against his sister's wishes and completely turn Shinichi's life over, just to annoy her, and let's continue the story from thereā€¦

"Aw, Shin-chan! You look so cute!" Shinichi's real mother, Kudou Yukiko, giggled in delight and the young boy in a girl's dress pouted and sent her a childish glare.
"Mom!" he protested lowly as he tilted his head with a dissatisfied frown inside the changing room in the store, "I don't want girl's clothes!"
"Aw, come on, Shin-chan! Soon you'll be too big for doing this! And remember your promise!" the woman scolded lightly and made the small boy sigh.
"If I'm good I'll get an ice-cream and a Sherlock Holmes-book," he recited from memory, "but if anyone at school finds out about this they'll tease me!"
"Then don't tell them," Yukiko smiled as she stroked his hair, "change back to your own clothes and we'll buy that shirt and those pants that you liked, and then we'll go to the bookstore! How about that?" Shinichi grinned in happiness and nodded, eager to get out of the clothes.

As his mother was about to pay Shinichi ran ahead to the bookstore where he stood with his nose and forehead pressed against the glass, watching the books and people inside, playing a deducing game where he tried to look at their clothes in order to see what kind of book they would choose when suddenly something was pressed against his mouth and nose, making him faint as a woman pulled him up in a tight embrace. Shinichi's head was lying on her shoulder and his face was hidden in her hair as the woman carried him away without getting as much as a glance from the surrounding people. And like that, a woman that was supposed to be one floor above them took the boy away in an inattentive moment. Shinichi was now gone, and his life forever changed.

Yukiko looked around the bookstore, feeling how panic rose in her chest. She called out his name, looked for him some more, asked if anyone had seen him and in the end called her husband, crying in the phone, telling him that their son was missing.

When Shinichi woke up he was in an unfamiliar room and immediately jumped off the bed that he'd been sleeping on. The room was made out of concrete with only a door and a small window, too high for him to reach, and contained nothing other than the bed and an old rug. Baffled by the strangeness of falling asleep by the bookstore and waking up there, he opened the door to see two unfamiliar people sitting by a small table; a man reading a newspaper, sipping on a cup of coffee and a woman, reading a fashion magazine in front of a laptop.

"Um, excuse me, but who are you?" Shinichi asked and eyed them in confusion. The man and woman smiled warmly at him and pulled out a chair.
"Come here boy, what's your name and where do you live?" the unknown woman asked and Shinichi felt that there was something wrong with her even though she looked friendly.
"I'm Kudou Shinichi. I live at Beika Street 221," the boy said as he got up on the chair and watched how the man made him some toast and how the woman wrote on the computer.
"Hello there, Shinichi-kun," the man began with a small smile, and Shinichi felt that he had a dangerous gleam in his eyes, "I'm Isawa, and this is my wife Hanako." The woman nodded to her husband, took up a disposable phone and walked out of the kitchen. "We're going to be your new parents," Isawa asserted proudly after receiving the nod, confirming that the boy's parents had a nice house and Shinichi frowned.
"Why? I already have parents," he questioned bewildered and the man sighed as he picked him up and placed him in his lap.
"Well, you see, some people abandon their children when they've grown tired of them," Shinichi's eyes widened at the man's words, "and your parents sold you to us."
"N-no," Shinichi whispered, "no. They wouldn't do that."

"I understand that it feels horrible," Isawa said quietly and held him in a hug as he stroke the child's hair, "but your parents didn't want you anymore, but I promise you that Hanako and I will always love you very much, like you were our own." Shinichi tore himself away from the hug and ran to the door with tears trickling from his eyes. He pulled in the handle until the man picked him up again and hugged him, hushing him quietly as he rocked him slightly.
"Why?" Shinichi cried and his confused brain tried to solve the mystery, but he was only a child so he didn't understand what was going on, "why did they abandon me? Did I do something?"

"Some people just want small children, maybe you were getting too big," the man whispered and raised his eyebrows questioning as the woman returned. Hanako nodded with a smile; the boy's family had a lot of money that they could pay for him, according to her source inside the bank. Shinichi went cold on the inside, remembering that his mother had said that he was getting too old, and he wept. The man handed him to the woman who held him as he cried his heart out at the lie of a kidnapper. Hanako let him sob as she stroke his back and walked into his small bedroom, just as Isawa unlocked the door and went to plan ahead for the money-exchange, and the disposable of the child's dead body once they'd gotten the money.

Once the kidnapper found out that the boy's father was Kudou Yuusaku, known to be a great detective despite being an author, Isawa planned more thoroughly than he'd ever done, and it wasn't until a week later that the cautious man dared to even call, but by that time Shinichi had become apathetic, only sitting in his room, dreaming that it was all lies and that his parents would come to get him; he loved his parents and he didn't want to be away from them. Silently, he promised himself that he would behave better when they came for him, if they came for him.

Yuusaku demanded to hear his son's voice in the phone and Isawa smirked coldly as he walked into the room with the headset in his ear.
"Hey, Shinichi," he said to the expressionless boy, knowing that the detective could hear everything, "if you could ask your old father something, what would you ask him?"
"What did I do for him to hate me so much? I can behave better next time," Shinichi began crying again and Isawa seated himself beside the small boy, whispering that 'it was okay'.
"Promise me that you'll never abandon me!" Yuusaku's heart broke when he heard his son's words and he decided that he was going to catch the son-of-a-bitch that convinced Shinichi that his father hated him.

With the deal finished and the money delivered late that night Isawa had no more use for the small child, so he placed lots of garbage bags inside each other and took them to the shower. He then collected a kitchen knife which he hid underneath the carpet in the bathroom.

"Shinichi," he said with a smile as he awakened the small child that was sucking his thumb and carried him to the shower, "we're going to move to our real home now, so you have to take a shower." Isawa helped the boy undress and placed him in the bathtub. Shinichi directly became alert when he felt the coldness of the porcelain, whereas the man pulled out the knife from underneath the carpet and raised it to kill the boy. Shinichi turned on the shower and as he got drenched in the cold water he threw himself backwards, just as the man made a strike towards him and grazed him. Isawa fell into the bathtub and Shinichi stared at the small wound in his arm before he saw the shining blade of the knife and dashed out of the bathroom, running for the door, the door which they had started to leave unlocked since Shinichi only sat in his room, and disappeared out into the night.

As he entered an alley he felt the hard gravel underneath his feet, cutting them bloody, but he kept running. He fled, avoiding all humans, thinking that the world hated him for something he didn't understand, but what he didn't know was that soon after he'd fled, his father and the police force broke down the door to find the couple arguing. The kidnappers stayed silent and only stated that the child ran away, but the police found the blood on the cleaned knife and the couple was later charged with multiple kidnapping-murder cases. They avoided the death sentence by revealing where the bodies were buried and even though Shinichi's body was never found his parents were forced to declare him dead, and Shinichi wasn't heard from in a very long time.