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Chap. 27
Doctor Night

Shinichi had frozen in place as soft lips pushed up against his, shocked by the sudden feeling of fire that shot from them, down his throat and spread like lightning to his lungs and the rest of his body. His head became light and fuzzy from the sensations and his body tingled from excitement.

As KID hummed deep in his throat Shinichi gasped and instinctively pushed back against the lips, feeling a new flare of heat spread like a wave, stronger than the first and made his heart pound fast and harsh in his chest, as if it had grown several sizes. He was shocked by the intensity of the feelings in the kiss, even though the magician's lips barely moved over his own, but as he felt the arm around his neck relax slightly he held the other down and tore way, shocked and confused; did the other thief like him? Or was it just because of the drugs? Maybe he just wanted to say 'thank you'? Shinichi knew that a couple of the Japanese people that he'd met had thought that all westerners kissed to say different things like 'hello' and 'thank you', maybe KID was one of them. Did he like KID? Why did the kiss feel? Kisses weren't supposed to feel at all; they were just touches of lips that people for some reason enjoyed, so why was he feeling like this?

The western thief licked his tingling lips, feeling his body get another flash of heat while his cheeks radiated with warmth and realised that his normally steady hands trembled. Staring at the thief, he saw that the reason that KID's arm had relaxed was because he'd fallen asleep in the middle of the kiss.

He sent a glance to the instruments and decided to deal with them, but after he was done with cleaning everything up and had found his mantle he looked around for something to occupy himself with, but found nothing. He pulled out the chair from the desk and sat down so that he could lean on his arms on the chair's back while watching over his sleeping foe. He went over the feelings he'd experienced until he checked the bandages and then went back to doing nothing, having decided to ignore what had happened inside the room.

An hour later the magician's eyes flew open and he stared around himself, feeling that his arm was in a sling and only saw a shirtless, blonde stranger with Night Baron's black, secondary mask staring at him.
"What happened?" Kaito wondered while his head felt heavy and focused on Night Baron as he begun to remember getting shot by Snake and meeting his foe in the alley.
"You were shot by that trigger-happy, moron; Jackal. I brought you to my hotel room and took care of the wound. All the evidence is in the sealed plastic box and here we are now. Talking. And that's about everything that happened," the dark-clad thief stated with a smile and then saw how the other was trying to sit up, "don't move around. Your injury is just stitched together and should be still."

Kaito ignored his western counterpart and sat up, feeling how his head begun to spin in an unpleasant way and realised that his memories were blank after he'd gotten into the cab. With careful movements he looked back and then tried to shift backwards so that he could lean against the headboard, but a well-trained chest got into his field of view and he couldn't help but to study the small silvery lines on it, deciding that they were old knife scars.

"Jackal?" his mouth asked while his mind was cursing whoever it was that had hurt his saviour in the past.
"Yea, the grim-looking man with a moustache that shot at you. He goes by the name Jackal," Night Baron's voice stated and Kaito felt how his back became propped up with the soft pillows.
"You know him?" he wondered and suddenly realised that something was wrong with his face so he jerked his unharmed hand up and felt a mask like the one Night Baron was wearing.

"Your monocle is on the bedside table; it didn't do much to hide your face in this light, so I exchanged it for my spare mask," Night Baron immediately responded to the question that had formed in the magician's mind, "and no, I don't know Jackal. He's just a diamond thief that was active in France when I was in Germany. He's obnoxious and violent, and he's not the kind of guy that I'd like to be around."

"What kind of guy would you like to be around?" Kaito wondered before he could stop himself and saw that the clothes he was wearing wasn't his own.
"Well..." the western thief thought about the question and sat down on the edge of the bed beside Kaito, "you, for one. Reasonable, kind-hearted and honourable; we follow our own set of rules after all. You don't harm anyone, and I don't harm anyone that doesn't deserve it."
"An-, and the next question," the magician forced away the blush that wanted to develop at the praise and remembered that he'd read that Night Baron had ended up in a quite a few fights with other criminals where he didn't hold back, "did you change my clothes?"

"Yes, of course, yours were all bloody, and I had no intention to wash the sheets of the bed just because we left a mess," the westerner smiled warmly, unaware of how suggestive it sounded in Kaito's head as he got an image of bodies entangled in passion, "you can keep those clothes. They are a bit too big for me, but you look like you're walking around in a cute little tent." Kaito felt his brain melt as Night Baron called him cute, wondering if the way the westerner was behaving was normal, or abnormal, since the only other westerner he'd ever met was Hakuba, who normally was so rigid that Kaito couldn't tell if he had a stick up his behind or not, and an occasional tourist with their nose in a map.

"I can't remember what happened," he confessed worriedly, hoping that he hadn't told Night Baron his feelings, "did I say anything weird?"
"Yes, everything you said was weird. You were very fascinated by the long curtains, but I ignored most of the rambling as I had to take care of everything else," the shirtless thief reassured with a smile as Kaito tried to remember what he'd talked about, "how are you feeling? Do you want any pain medication?" Night Baron reached over to the table and took up a small plastic jar that contained capsules, "I'll give these to you. Take one every morning with breakfast and one every dinner for two weeks. After two weeks you only take the round one with breakfast for another month, and you choose yourself how quickly you stop taking the capsules. No running around with the arm and don't use it if you can help it. No flying or driving any kind of vehicle while on the capsules."

"Are you a doctor?" the magician wondered perplexed and smiled at the funny half-grin that Night Baron gave him.
"No, but my father was a doctor, and a surgeon, like his own father and brother," the westerner confessed, "before he decided that 'criminal' seemed like a reasonable career choice, but he's taught me a lot."
"Wow, that ought to be an interesting story," the magician mused with a small smile.
"Not really, it's a rather sad story actually..." Night Baron mumbled and Kaito felt how his eyes closed on their own, as if he blinked, but when he opened them again he was lying down with the pillows on the other side of the bed and Night Baron was back on his chair, staring at him while dressed in a shirt that had one button too much opened for Kaito's mind to not be fascinated by. Sending a glance to the window made him realise that it was late in the morning and that his assistant, Jii, and his mother probably were worried.

"I fell asleep?" he mumbled to himself and then returned his gaze back to the westerner, forcing his mind to not begin thinking of how indecent the other looked with his muzzled hair, opened shirt and dark, blue eyes that were staring at him from behind half-lidded eyes, but as he sat still like a statue Kaito began to feel a bit wary of him, "Night Baron?"

The black-clad thief hummed as a response and stood up to stretch as he saw how the magician sat up. With a smile the western thief picked up the phone and pushed the button for room service.
"Hi, I'd like to order up anything breakfast related or delicious you have available… A little bit of everything... Yes, that'll be great. Bring an entire pot, and some hot chocolate, and I'd like someone to make me that chicken soup that was for lunch yesterday… I don't care if it isn't lunch yet, I want it... Good, bring me everything as soon as it's done." Kaito stared at his foe, saviour, friend, love-interest and now self-proclaimed doctor throughout the entire conversation, and then cleared his throat as the phone was hung up.

"I don't think that they will start that part of the kitchen just for you," he grinned at the thief that walked up to the bed and sat down beside him.
"It's already running, but even so, I'm pretty certain that they would've if it wasn't," Night Baron's dark voice purred contently and made Kaito's insides tremble as the magician grew certain that the hotel would heed his request; he didn't know why, but they most certainly would, "they want to keep all of their customers happy, therefore they have a no-partner-policy so that no one with be bothered by hearing someone yell, but it's bogus; the rooms are completely sound-proof and it's just there to give their customers the advantage of feeling like they are breaking the law, apparently people feel like they are living dangerously when they do silly things like paying off the hotel staff to keep quiet. You can pay them off to do a whole bunch of weird things; my assistants had a great deal of fun trying to figure out how far they could take things after I told them of the Godfather Hotel," Night Baron chuckled as he shook his head, "they want to keep their five stars, and happy customers comes back or recommends the hotel to others."

"You're joking," he gaped and looked around the room; the wall papers were a nice shade of dark green that had lighter green markings as it reached the ceiling, forming what appeared to be the foliage of a tree. The bed was big and soft and the purple drapes were obviously of high quality, "but it's so small!"
"Small?" his foe grinned and got up from the bed to open the door to the bedroom, revealing a large living room, furnished in a dark antique style, "the door is just to the right once you leave this room. You walked with our eyes glued to the ground so I can imagine that you didn't realise that this was part of my room."
"Oh? I can see the stars now," the injured thief agreed and ignored the pounding pain in his arm, but after their initial chat the conversation died out and was replaced by an awkward silence.

"So..." Kaito began after they had been staring at each other for a while, "your father was a doctor that became a criminal. I'm assuming that he's not one of the bad ones, otherwise you would be a murderer or have revolted against him and become a detective or policeman." The magician realised that he would be prying if he didn't offer some information of his own in return. "My father was a magician, and Kaitou KID."

"Oh? So it's a legacy?" Night Baron smiled as he sat down on his chair and Kaito nodded while the westerner continued, "yea, my father is just a thief, so is my mother. They love telling the story of how they met." Night Baron's eyes grew dreamy and he continued in such a feminine voice that Kaito felt his eyebrows shoot into his hairline. "Ah, there he was, such a handsome gentleman. So shy, but trying to woo a snippy blonde that didn't seem to give a rat's ass about him. I approached him and he proved to be the kindest and gentlest person I've ever met, and rich. He would be such an easy target, and I certainly would enjoy conning him." The magician couldn't help but to grin amused at Night Baron's theatrical portrayal of his own mother.

"There she was," he continued in a slightly darker voice, going over to describe from his father's perspective, "I knew that she was watching me get hounded around by my initial target, and with the way she was watching she was definitely going to bite the bait on the hook. We spoke, and I was stunned by her beauty and intelligence. The jewellery she was wearing was top standard, so she had money and was feeling sorry for me; she would be a perfect new target, even if she didn't have as much wealth as my real target. Oh, you should've seen the dates I took her on; they were perfect, romantic, fun and they made her smile. But before I had realised it, I had made the fatal mistake; I fell in love with her, and she with me. I used all of my money on her, and she spent tons on me. I bought her jewellery, and she bought me cars and other fun stuff, but after six months of dating and two months of living together in her mansion, I realised that I had to tell her the truth, and so I did."

"He told me that he had something to tell me, and I knew that something was wrong; you never meet a good guy like that," Night Baron began again in the feminine voice, "and he looked so ashamed as we sat down on the couch and he told me; 'My darling princess, there's something that I have to tell you, and I know that you'll hate me for it, but I'm not rich. I'm just a conman, who fell deeply in love with a goddess.' You should've seen his face when I began to laugh in amusement. He thought that I thought that he was joking, so I flat out told him that I was just the house keeper and was guarding the mansion for a rich couple that was going to be away for a few more months. He was in complete shock while I was laughing, until we laughed together, kissed, and then emptied the house on everything valuable," Night Baron finished with a happy little sigh and then went back to his own calm exterior.

"I had no idea you could change your voice like that!" Kaito grinned amused.
"Well, I'm a man of many talents," the westerner's voice purred with content suggestiveness and made the magician's mind fill with images that he'd rather explore in private, "but I'm not as good as you. I've focused on changing my voice to sound like different males, and didn't realise that it was actually possible to go to female voices until recently. Before then, I only went to falsetto if I ever tried."
"Funny, I'm also from a family of thieves. Dad was Kaitou KID and my mother was Phantom Lady, but they are both trying to live honest lives," Kaito explained and avoided to mention that his father had been murdered.

"Oh? What about you then? What made you become a thief instead of an honest man?" Night Baron wondered curiously and continued before he had time to answer, "but then again, you're hardly a criminal. You don't live off of crimes like me and my family, you only do it as if it was a hobby."
"By your definition of criminal only my mother was one, before she met dad. I'm just challenging myself, but I won't remain a criminal forever, only for a while, and then I'll stop. What's your plan?" Kaito wondered, hoping that the thief wasn't planning on continuing.

"To stop, eventually, but I haven't gotten an exact date for it. My parents, however, will never stop, they love what they are doing and with their skewed sense of honour and justice they don't really see it as bad," the thief sighed and shook his head, "my parents are conmen and your parents are phantom thieves. Funny world we live in."
"Yea," Kaito smiled and then remembered his mother, "eh, I need to call my assistant. He's probably worried sick."
"I'll go to the bathroom," Night Baron nodded and then left the room, leaving the door open and walked to the other end where he disappeared through a door, allowing Kaito some privacy.

"Hey, Jii-chan," Kaito whispered as the old man answered and looked around, wondering if there were bugs planted in the room, "sorry about disappearing, but Snake shot me, and I need you to find out anything you can about a thief named 'Jackal' until I'm home."
"Bocchama," Jii responded with a sigh of relief, "you mother and I have been worried."
"I know, I'm sorry, but I got shot and Night Baron insisted on taking care of my wound, and after seeing him do it I understand why. He seemed very professional and has probably stolen his equipment from the hospital," Kaito continued as he remembered the instruments, feeling that he should be embarrassed about something, but as he couldn't remember what exactly he decided to push the feeling away, "he just ordered me breakfast so I guess that he'll let me go after that."
"Oh, that's good. I'll tell your mother that you're fine," his assistant informed.
"See you later," the thief whispered and heard a click in his disposable cell, but for a short while he was forced to sit in silence with nothing to distract him from the pounding pain in his upper arm, until the doorbell rang and Night Baron showed up from the bathroom, taking off his mask just as he disappeared out of Kaito's line of sight.

"Moriarty James-sama, your order," a stranger's voice stated and Kaito raised an eyebrow at the fake name, wondering if the hotel actually believed that that was his real name, but the hotel was named after a mafia boss, so it might be something that all visitors could do; choose a name for themselves and pretend to be 'dangerous'.
"Thank you, Hiroko-kun, just place it beyond the door," Night Baron's suddenly non-accented Japanese stated, and made Kaito frown, wondering why he was normally talking in an American accent when he didn't actually have one, "I'll bring it into the bedroom myself."
"E-eh, y-yes, of course," the worker stated, suddenly very nervous, and Kaito couldn't help but to roll his eyes; Night Baron really was an insensitive idiot sometimes, "I'll be leaving then, and just call when you're done... With the food... I meant… Or, when you want to return the cart." The worked cleared his throat and then left, trying to not upset a customer by lecturing him on what appropriate conversation topics were.

"You have problems," Kaito stated as he watched Night Baron push a silvery cart into the room full of food, seeing that the westerner had no idea of what he was talking about, "you do realise what Hiroko-kun will be thinking?"
"That I'll be eating in the bedroom?" Night Baron wondered as Kaito's body suddenly realised how hungry he was as he could smell the different foods.
"No," he began and identified bacon, eggs, pancakes and multiple native Japanese foods from the scent, "or yes, but he's going to think that your having physical relations with whoever is in your bedroom, and you're going to use the food-."
"Oh?" the westerner shrugged nonchalantly, clearly not caring what someone else thought.
"-to spice up the se- is that a strawberry shortcake for breakfast? And can I have it?" Kaito asked as his stomach growled and watched happily as the cart was pushed up to him.
"Yes it is. I love their strawberry desserts. Freshly picked strawberries with whipped cream," the thief hummed contently and Kaito realised that Night Baron's choice of words really wasn't good for his hormones as the only thoughts that passed his mind weren't clean, "and it's yours, provided that you eat something else first." Night Baron grinned at his injured foe and then helped him to sit up, unaware that the magician only wanted to either cuddle closer to him or push him away since the half-intimacy was killing him, "take a pill with the food, and eat as much as you want."

Kaito used his left hand and picked up the different foods, obeying his doctor and waited with devouring the dessert while seeing that Night Baron sat down beside him with a bowl of chicken soup after pouring himself a cup of coffee and listened to him repeat the rules about the pain medication.

"At least you know how to spoil your patient," Kaito grinned as he ate a chicken wing and ignored the way the westerner smiled as he began eating his soup while at the same time stealing a few bits from the huge array of food that was on the cart. Despite the fact that he felt that nagging sensation that he'd forgotten something important he suppressed it as much as he could and it wasn't until after he'd gotten home, gone to bed and was half-asleep that he remembered.

"Oh, no," he gasped horrified and stared wide-eyed into the ceiling while he blushed as he remembered everything that had happened, wondering if it had been a dream or if it actually occurred, but he cursed the fact that he could only faintly remember pulling Night Baron to his lips and not what had happened afterwards.

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