Don't cry on my grave,

I'll give you one more chance

To make me alive again

Bel's POV

A monotone voice echoed in my ears. Every expression that he makes was pictured in my head. A chocolate that supposed to be sweet becomes bitter in my mouth. Since that frog's death, everything in this headquarter becomes negative. Sad, confused, anger, all of those feelings never gone. Why should you leave the prince so fast?

"Bel-chan, don't be sad. All of us miss him too." Lussuria tried to comfort me.

"I'm not sad! Just wondering why this chocolate isn't as sweet as usual." Lussuria blinked. He took a piece of chocolate from the plate.

"Hmm... No, it's sweet as usual."

"What? The princely tongue never tastes it wrong!" I defended myself.

"I know, you must be sad, Bel. Sad is the reason why you can't taste this sweet chocolate."

"The prince isn't sad! Ushishishi! See, the prince is laughing!" But then, my tears started rolling to my cheek and my grin faded away. Lussuria patted my back and rubbed my messy hair. Fran, come back or I'll stab you.

Fran's POV

Stupid prince-senpai, he's never being honest to himself. He misses me so badly. He wants me back. He loves me. I knew it for a long time. I want him to be honest with me. But that's the wrong decision.

People are right. Death can come whenever it wants. Next week, tomorrow, 1 hour later, 1 minute later, even 1 second later, no one can predict the death. I wish I can come back to my life, my ordinary -okay, maybe not ordinary- life in Varia.

I want to come back. Come back to my usual life.

"Are you an illusionist?" a sound came from somewhere that I didn't know where the source is.

"Who is talking to me?" I asked in monotone. A man with hoodie came out from the deep darkness in that place. An indigo triangle mark is on his both cheeks, could it be Mammon?


"Are you... Mammon?"

"Yes, I am."

"Why are you here?"

"I can't explain now, but if you are an illusionist, I'll tell you something. Do you want to come back to where Bel is right beside you?"

"No and yes."


"Well, I don't like when he's stabbing me with his unlimited knives. But honestly, it's fun to have him beside me."

"I take it as 'yes'. I'll tell you a secret that only a few illusionists know about it." I was curious. Is it a lesson that shishou never told me? I hope this is something that really important and useful.

Well, it's very useful information.

"Is it gonna work?"

"Yes, you doubt me?"

"But why don't you use it? You are a skillful illusionist..."

"No, I don't want to use it. Now, everything is up to your decision, Fran."

Bel's POV

I went back to my room after dinner. I can't just have dinner after Froggy's death. Everything is senseless. Dinner, my ice cream, my touch, I can't feel a thing.

"Seems my eyes didn't work well, am I seeing the worried face from senpai's face?" my eyes widened as I saw the slim figure with a big hat on his head in front of me.


To be continued...