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Cast In Stone

Chapter One

Jackson Jekyll blew the champaign blond colored peek – a – boo bangs out of his face, along with a heavy sigh escaping his soft pink lips. He managed to get all his belongings and the hell out of school before Manny Taur had caught him. 'Yes, record damn timing!' He thought to himself, taking a seat near the back of the public transit bus.

He began to wonder after sitting in his seat for several seconds, about the reoccurring faces he'd seen every time he boarded this bus – which he always did when school let out. He thought about their personal lives, where they might've been going, who they planned on seeing after hopping off the bus and he'd even thought about if their plans changed from day to day.

He sure knew that his plans never changed. Go to school, go home. Repeat.

If he was lucky, he'd get to hang out at his cousin Heath's for a night or so. But his luck hadn't been present lately, especially not now. "Hey normie," Jackson didn't make eye contact upon hearing this nickname he'd adapted – and not by choice either. "what's the matter? Toralei got your tongue? I'd let her get mine."

"Yeah well she'd much rather cough up a hairball, swallow it, regurgitate it and take a bath." He mumbled to himself in amusement, but low and soft enough for Manny to not hear him.

When he didn't quite get a reaction from Jackson, he made himself more apparent. He gave the normie's shoulder a shove, "What, don't you have super sensitive hearing like the rest of us?"

Jackson gave a roll of his eyes. He tried not to care about Manny's continuous bullshit, but some days more than others it did eventually get to him. Right now, he was too numb to feel anything – figuratively speaking of course, so Manny could go ahead and tease away if he wanted to. "Oh, darn." He said rhetorically as well as in monotone. "Guess not."

Well, this reaction wasn't creating the fizz and fire under Jackson that Manny had wanted. So he had one of two choices. He could either a) walk away and still feel cool or b) do something else about it.

Manny shifted his gaze momentarily, before deciding to take a physical swing at Jackson, who took the impact. Feeling a big mix of feelings, Manny rushed to a seat before the bus driver or anyone else could snitch on him.

He honestly couldn't explain what he was feeling right now. He felt bad for causing Jackson pain when it was truthfully the last thing he wanted to do. He felt like a real douche, but then again – he did what he'd thought he was supposed to do, as Jackson's bully that was. He sighed, then he suddenly determined that this whole dealing with emotions and having feelings thing just ain't as cool as it seemed to be in movies and stuff.

Meanwhile Jackson had finally gotten the bleeding of his nose to cease. He didn't mean to make a mess on the bus again. If those cool people with the F.B.I. jacked the bus and shone that special light all over it, it'd light up brighter than neon colors ever could.

As strange as this was, he was relieved that there were only a couple droplets on the floor. The rest was on him. Good – at least then he could just change when he got home. But then, it happened.

Oh how Jackson cursed himself. Even though he couldn't help it, he felt a very familiar sensation prick his eyes. He took a shaky breath, just before the hot tears streamed down his cheeks. 'Have I really gotten this weak?' he asked himself, retreating to looking out the window for any excuse or distraction to come his way.

Manny looked up from fiddling with a loose thread and realized that this was his stop. The entire bus stop was almost right by the front of his house. Tonight, he couldn't wait to get home – they were having his favorite and his mother had promised to make it for him. He licked his lips in thought, barely being able to wait.

Just out of curiosity, he looked over to Jackson. He'd seen how the normie was leaning up against the window. He didn't particularly like the sad feeling that emitted from the human. Getting up, as the bus had stopped at his house – he walked by Jackson.

He didn't do anything, he just looked back to see that he was… leaking? What was that water coming from his eyes? Was that healthy? Should he get it checked out? He gave a shrug as he stepped off the bus, but hung around to watch it drive away, his thoughts still captured with images of Jackson and his leaky eyes.

"Oh good, you're home dear!" Jackson watched as his mother busily went about their spacious home. She seemed to be making food, he wondered why. They never usually had dinner this early and even when she did make dinner, he just refused. Why would he eat when it only ever came back up anyway?

Jackson stood there in the doorway; he'd closed it over gently and just – stood there. He was trying to see if today was one of those days.

She seemed to be such a busy bee. Moving about from the kitchen to the dining room. From the living room, those were more or less plain in sight. His tired eyes watched her bustling frame. Didn't she feel tired at all? He felt utterly exhausted. "We're going for… a visit. I'm making a nice picnic like lunch and we're going to have a good visit today, I can feel it. Aren't you excited? I'm excited, I can't wait. It will be perfect, just like things used to be."

Nope, she didn't notice him. He covered his nose immediately, despite the pain just searing through it upon his grasp, when he noticed he'd dripped some blood on the hardwood flooring. Instead of announcing he'd be in his room, he just left. Not like she'd notice anyway, right? "And it will be! Don't you remember the time when -" Jackson heaved a sigh as he continued the rest of the way up the stairs, letting her continue on with her string of joyful memories.

He felt better knowing that at least his mother was happy.

He tossed his backpack on the floor for the time being, he was so dead tired school was the last thing he wanted to think about. He did well in school – when he could concentrate on it that was. He often found the time when everyone was asleep and there was almost complete, utter silence in the neighborhood. Complete solace and serenity. Although the only part he didn't like about silence was that his mind wandered. When his mind wandered, he began to deeply think. Sometimes his thoughts were enough to torment himself to the brink of insanity if it'd let him.

He looked down to his blood ridden shirt and vest, another heavy sigh – he knew he had to change.

All Jackson did, was he lazily got up and walked over to his dresser, taking his vest and shirt off as well as his pants. He pulled on a thin, black long sleeved shirt. Walking to his closet, he pulled out a pair of 'athletic track pants'. He wasn't all that athletic but wore them anyway.

He grabbed a pair of ankle socks from his dresser drawer before his mother opened up the door. "Alright, I want you to get dressed. Oh, you already are." She gave a chuckle, "Great. We're going on a road trip. Well I am, you have to take the train dear. Remember?"

Jackson sighed, knowing exactly what that meant. "Yes mom."

She gave a curt nod, "Great, let's get going!"

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