Like every other day, Yagyuu was waiting outside the gates of the school for Niou.

And like every other day, Niou didn't show up until there were only five minutes before morning practice started.

However, there was one thing that was very different today...

"Yo, Yagyuu," Niou called out as he walked leisurely towards him. As always, he was completely unconcerned about being late.

"Niou-kun," he said in reply. And then he got a good look at the other boy.

"What're you staring at? I got something in my teeth again?" Niou said after several seconds of awkward silence. Yagyuu realized that he was, indeed, staring, but he could hardly help it.

"Niou-kun...your stomach..."

Niou glanced down at his stomach, which was mysteriously bulging out despite him looking completely normal just the day before. "Oh, this? Yeah," he said, grinning. "I'm pregnant."

It took a few seconds for his brain to process the words. Even so, all he could manage was, "...what?"

"I'm pregnant!"

"How?!" Yagyuu was utterly bewildered. He dearly hoped that this was just one of Niou's pranks.

"Well, Yagyuu, when two people love each other very much..." he began.

"I know that much, Niou-kun," Yagyuu interrupted, holding the bridge of his nose. "But /you/ shouldn't be able to get pregnant."

Niou blinked, then said, "What do you mean? Why not?"

Yagyuu sighed. "Never mind. Let's just get to practice before Sanada freaks out."

And so they went to the tennis courts, where all but them were already out of the clubroom and warming up for practice. Except for Yukimura, who spotted them and made his way towards them at once, saying angrily, "You two are late! That's fifty...laps..." he trailed off, eyes drifting down to Niou's stomach as he got closer. "Niou, what happened?"

Niou grinned again and patted his stomach tenderly and said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "I'm pregnant, buchou!"

Complete silence, and a lot of baffled looks from most of them. Yukimura recovered first and said brightly, "Oh, really? How wonderful, Niou."

"Yeah, isn't it?" Niou said. To Yagyuu, he sounded almost...loving.

Then Akaya came running up to them. "So, you're really pregnant, Niou? That's so cool! Can I feel it?"

Yagyuu was surprised at Akaya's bluntness and how quickly he accepted this strangeness, but Niou was agreeing and then Akaya had bounded forward to place a hand on the bulge and lean his head down next to it with a childishly excited smile on his face. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "So cool!"

Yagyuu also saw that Akaya didn't seem to notice anything strange about Niou's stomach bulge, which dashed his last hopes that this was some kind of elaborate joke and Niou had simply stuffed a pillow or something under his shirt. He was forced to accept that, yes, perhaps Niou really was pregnant. He was also trying really hard not to think about how that might've happened.

By now, the rest of the regulars and quite a lot of bemused bystanders had gathered around them, and they also seemed pleasantly curious about the odd situation. They were shooting out questions like, "When's it due?" and "Is it a boy or girl?" and "Is Yagyuu the father?" which made him sputter and blush and try to put some distance between the pregnant boy and himself.

Again, he had to marvel at the fact that no one besides him was questioning the fact that Niou got pregnant. He wondered if their school was really so unusual that Niou could show up pregnant - prank or not - and everyone would accept it as just another day at Rikkai.