It was a dark and stormy night...wait...hasn't this happened before? Indeed it has...

Retro was over Juice's house watching TV. "Dude. I'm sick of Ziggy losing every damn time!" Juice cried out to her friend who laughed at her.

"Cause he sucks. Derpy is where it's at!" Retro said grinning. Juice glared at her and threw her phone at Retro's head. Retro caught it with ease and looked at it. "You know...something is missing..."


"Joe. It just seems so weird. He used to call all the time...pain in the ass he was bothering us while we were recording."

"Yup. Now he's six feet under. Only good thing that's happened these last couple of years. Give me the phone back." Retro gave her a blank stare.



"Yeah. No. Hobag you tried to kill me with it!" Retro yelled standing up from the chair she was in. "You can have it back when you get down on your knees and apologize!"

"NEVAH!" Juice attacked Retro to the floor. The two girls rolled around on the floor until Juice hit her head on the TV stand. The impact caused a pile of games to fall on top of Juice. Only one landed in her lap. Juice shook her head and looked down. "Dude."


"We gotta play this!" Juice shouted holding up the game. The two girls began to giggle and took their places like they did four years ago. Then lightning struck.

"No..." Retro said holding the pillow close to her.

"It can't happen again. It was a onetime thing. Right? Right?" Then it happened.

It was not a happy Retro and Juice that sat on the edge of the cliff. Juice was throwing rocks trying to smash people's windows, and Retro was staring in abject confusion at their clothes. For this time it was Juice who was in pink, which was part of the reason the ginger's panties were in such a tight bunch. She wore a bright pink shirt that said "It's Not Showing Off" and on the back it said "If You Can Back It Up". She also wore black leggings under an asscape that said the same thing as her shirt and knee high white boots. She had on pink sunglasses to match.

Retro for some reason was wearing jean shorty-shorts with a clown face on one back pocket, and four aces on the other, with a red halter top that left her back all exposed. She had black lipstick with thin lines extending from the sides of her mouth and a thin black line over each eye. As they sat awaiting Alyssa, a song started. No not the Chopin song, a song that filled Juice with purest dread.

"I hear voices in my head! They counsi-"

"Hello?" asked Retro answering the phone in confusion.

"Retro? Hey it's Sami. Where are you, you sound really far away."

"Really far away is a really good assessment. Remember we told you about that thing that happens to us?"

"The lightning thing? Yeah."

"We are currently in WWII England waiting on a scrawny ginger brat we hate. Again." Retro ducked as Juice made a grab for the phone. "What?"

"The song. It must die. Like all of the trees."

"It's not even playing anymore! And it's our only link to our world moron." Juice thought for a minute.

"Oh yeah."

"So you're not at your house then?" asked Sami.

"No, but if it's your mom again just go over anyway. Tell my mom I sent you. We should be back in like 6 hours."

"Short game."

"Yeah. Plus we've been here before."

"Is Hunter at your house?"

"Oh my god yes Sami. Also ew."

"Hairy love child!" added Juice.

"No that's the kid I'm gonna have with-*click*" Retro rolled her eyes as she hung up.

Suddenly from behind them arose such a clatter. They sprang to their feet to see what was the matter. And there stood the girl they would both love to injure, their foe Alyssa, the annoying ginger.

"I wonder if she remembers us?" Juice asked as she watched Alyssa approach them.

"Well she should it's only four years. Besides who wouldn't remember me?" Retro said smirking. "I'm awesome." Juice rolled her eyes and huffed.

"Please help me! I just ran into this ghost and it almost killed me!" Alyssa yelled as she dropped to her knees. Retro and Juice looked at each other.

"You mean you don't remember us-"

"Me?" Retro said raising her eyebrow.

"No. I don't believe that I do. Besides," Alyssa looked up at them, "I'd think I remember you guys with the way you dress."

"I'll take that as a compliment!" Retro said smiling.

"So you've never seen us before? Oh what fun times we'll have..." Juice said as she began to stare off.

"Oh yes!" Retro began to jump up and down. "FUN TIMES! With Sledgie...nevermind..."

"What?" Alyssa asked tilting her head. Juice picked Alyssa up from the ground and sighed.

"Come on." Juice said dragging Alyssa towards the gate. "Let's go..."

"AGAIN!" Retro shouted with excitement skipping behind them.