The girls entered Norton Tailors and began to search around on the 1st floor. Alyssa clutched onto Juice's asscape as Retro grabbed the bottle on the counter. "Here," she tossed the bottle over to Juice, "ginger is gonna need that." Juice handed the bottle to Alyssa. Alyssa opened the bottle and sniffed it.

"What is this?" Alyssa asked.

"Lavender you fool!" Juice roared tugging Alyssa off her asscape. "Come on lets go." Juice said going to the door on her left. Alyssa clung to Juice again as she opened the door.

"Yeah...I'm gonna stay right here..." Retro said going behind the curtain. "Have fun!" Retro closed the curtain and sat in the corner. "He never looks in here!"

"Who looks in there?" Alyssa asked Juice. Juice sighed.

"How about this. You go in this room read the newspaper then all your questions will be answered," Juice said pushing Alyssa into the back room and closed the door. Juice jumped behind the curtain as well. "He better not pull any smart shit this time. I swear-" Alyssa's screams from the other room.

"...was that faster than it should have bee-" The screaming grew steadily louder as Alyssa came barreling into the room and shot behind the curtain where she crouched shaking. The door had barely shut before it slammed open again, allowing Sledgehammer to enter. Only, the girls realized with increasing dread that was most assuredly NOT a sledgehammer he held now. He looked all over the room seeming to glance right past them once again.

"Alyssa!" The girls stood completely still as he stalked angrily around the room. "Alyssa! Randy!" There was a pause, and suddenly Retro shot out, neither noticing nor caring that the curtain ripped off behind her leaving the other two exposed.

"You remember me! He remembers me! You remember me! HA! I KNEW that only a fool could forget me! I'm far too amazing to be forgotten." Sledgehammer, Alyssa, and Juice all gaped at her. "Juice?"


"Hide Alyssa."

"Yeah good idea. Bye!" The jocky girl grabbed Alyssa and took off upstairs like a bat outta hell. Retro stared at Sledgie a moment longer.

"I should run now?" He shrugged. She took off out the front door as quickly as her legs could carry her hoping Juice and Alyssa made it to May's room.

"What do you MEAN you didn't grab the key!?"

"I didn't even know there WAS a key! You two seem to know what's going on, but you don't tell me anything!"

"Now get your skinny ass down there and get the damn key!"

"I'm not going down alone!" Juice groaned and grabbed the poker from the fire place.

"Yes. You are!" Juice poked Alyssa with the poker sending running out of the room. "It's in the red drawer!" Juice dropped the poker and plopped onto the bed. "Time to take a nap!"

15 minutes later...

Retro sat on the fountain ledge humming the Batman theme when she saw Alyssa jogging towards her. "Alyssa?"

"Yeah. I found this invitation in May's room so I'd figure you'd be here since you know what's going on." Retro's jaw dropped.

"You mean to tell me that you figured that out on your own?" Alyssa nodded. Retro shrugged. "Wait. WHERE'S JUICE!?"

"I don't know-"

"OH GOD! I LOST MY JUICE! No...YOU LOST MY JUICE!" Retro grabbed Alyssa by the neck and began to shake her. "HOW DARE YOU! I COULD KILL YOU!"

"RANDY!" Sledgehammer cried coming out from behind the bushes. "I found other Randy sleeping." Retro dropped Alyssa.

"Of course you did." Sledgehammer had Juice over his shoulder. You could hear loud snoring coming from the buff ginger. "I'll take her. Just..." Retro looked over to the fountain. "Put her in there." She pointed to the fountain. Sledgehammer complied and threw Juice into the fountain. Juice sprung out from the water.

"I'M WET!" Juice yelled. "I'M HYSTERICAL AND I'M WET!" Retro slapped her. "I'm in pain...I'M IN PAIN! I'M WET AND I'M STILL HYSTERICAL!"

"What were you doing sleeping!?"

"Well the bed looked comfy and I didn't sleep on it..." Juice collapsed into the water. Retro looked in the water and found Juice fast asleep...again. As Retro growled Alyssa pulled herself off the ground. Sledgehammer seemed to notice her for the first time and chased her towards the concert hall. Retro watched them for a moment before turning back to the sleeping ginger. Rolling her eyes, Retro grabbed her by her asscape and pulled her toward the hall.