She let out a moaned breath as I pushed her roughly against the back of my bedroom door. Her hands were tangled tightly in my thick auburn locks, securing my mouth to hers as our tongues dueled for dominance. I pushed my raging body into hers and I could feel the heat emanating from her center. I could only imagine how hot her skin was to the touch. My right hand was snaked around her, pulling her ass towards me so that her core was pressed against my thigh while her upper back and shoulders were pinned against the warming wood. My left arm braced us against the wall...holding us upright as best as I could. Her body was buzzing with anticipation. I could tell by the way she was trembling against me and how desperate her kisses became. Breath came in gasps as open mouthed kisses urged on our desperate need for one another. I guided her tongue back into my mouth and once it breached the hot cave, I held it gently between my teeth and sucked on it lightly eliciting a loud moan from the raven-haired girl. Her grip on my hair tightened more and she bucked her hips instinctively - pushing herself further in to me almost as if she was trying to become one entity. I released her tongue and pushed the duel back into her mouth. I was drunk. I no longer controlled my own, but rather Emily Fields controlled me.

She slowed the kiss and as we both attempted to catch our breath, she rested her forehead against mine - pulling her lips completely away from their mate. I looked down at her swollen, red lips - so inviting...intoxicating...delicious. Though our lips were merely a hair's breadth apart, our bodies still danced in their intoxicating rhythm. I could feel her breasts hard against mine...our stomachs meeting and parting with the rhythm our hips instinctively moving together. I shifted my gaze from her luscious mouth upwards until I was gazing into her darkened eyes. On a normal day, her eyes were like melted dark chocolate but as I looked into them, they were now the color of the darkest of night filled with a mixture of lust and frustration. Her eyes pierced my soul. I was quickly falling in love with this bronze goddess and I couldn't halt or slow it. I shifted my weight to ensure that I could stand on my own two feet and gently removed my left hand from the wall and cupped Emily's cheek. She smiled at the touch of my hand and I took the opportunity to place a chaste kiss on her lips. As I began to pull back from the kiss, she used her hold of my hair to fuse our lips in a passionate dance once again. Tongues met and parted in what was now a well-practiced routine.

I glided my hand from her firm, denim covered ass to the hem of the ribbed, white tank top that she had clothed herself with after our late swim practice. I could still smell the chlorine in her hair only it was masked by a faint hint of lavender. She broke the kiss and with ragged breath she whispered, "Please?"

Her body trembled. I lowered my left hand which had been holding the side of her face to touch her swollen lips. "Are you sure?" I questioned. It wasn't that I didn't want this. I wanted this more than anything and while we had exceedingly intense make out sessions before, something felt different about this particular night. I felt connected to her more than I have ever had. However with everything I wanted, I intended to make damn sure that Emily, my goddess, wanted the same things. I would wait until I was old and gray if I needed to.

She looked me directly in the eyes and pecked my lips with hers. "Paige...please..."

My nerves took a sharp turn from being nonexistent to impaling me right in the gut. I had never been with a girl before and I knew - as much as I detested it - Emily had been with Maya...and more than once. As natural as this felt being with Emily, it dawned on me that I had exactly zero understanding of what the hell I was supposed to do.

My face apparently reflected all of my concerns because it was then that my goddess spoke again. It was not of fear or insecurity but rather the opposite.

"Follow your heart," she whispered. I looked at her with a more relieved expression.

"Don't think, just do...feel," she concluded as she gently lifted my hand from her chin, trailed it down her body and rested it palm down under her shirt. Her second hand - which was still tangled in my thick locks loosened and she began pushing all the stray hair away from my face.

The heat of her burned my palm. Just the simple touch of her skin against mine was more erotic than my dreams. Her stomach muscles jumped under my touch and my brain forced itself into action. I trailed my fingertips up her toned stomach raising her tank top up the length of her center. As I maneuvered the material up her body, she lifted her arms so I could divest her of the unwanted material. My fingertips trailed down her arms as she lowered them slowly down - letting them fall onto my shoulders.

My gaze jumped around to soak in every inch of her newly exposed skin. My heart began beating rapidly and my breath came in short inhales at the sight of her strong and toned formed.


I forced my gaze to her eyes and saw nothing short of adoration staring intently back at me.

"May I?" She questioned softly as she trailed her fingers down my side and began playing with the hem of my dark tank top.

My lips parted slightly as I nodded my head gently. I closed my eyes as I felt the tips of her fingers burn my skin on their journey to divest me of the form fitting barrier. I lifted my arms to help aid her actions. She pressed her palms against my breasts as she passed them causing me to inhale sharply. After the shirt was discarded, she journeyed her fingers across my chest, over my sports bra and finally she rested the tips on my exposed sides. Her touch burned me…ignited my skin. Emily trailed her fingers across the lower part of my stomach and finally hooked them under my belt. She yanked them to her – forcing my form to merge into hers roughly.

"Take me, Paige."