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I really wish I would have chosen my bed for this

I thought as I continued staring intently at the words that passed as I turned the pages through the books that I had laid out in front of me. I had nearly a whole table in the library to myself - Emily was across from me but the only way she didn't cut into my space was because there were two tables put together. My laptop was to my right and I had three books laid out side my side to my left. I had been researching for over 2 hours straight and all the words were blending together but I wanted to get this research paper jump started before the rest of the class decided that they needed all the resources. Granted, the paper wasn't due for another three weeks but I still liked to be prepared.

I put my head in my hands for a brief moment before pushing my hair back and resuming reading the material. At that moment I felt soft fingertips trail along my neck and down to my collarbone before I felt the weight of her middle press lightly against the back of my head. I brought my hands up and moved them behind me so that I could grab onto her sides and let my head rest against her. The soft fingertips trailed back up my skin and to my face where she trailed along my jaw before tilting my head backwards, bending down at her waist and kissing my lips.

The kiss was slightly awkward at first until we found a tender rhythm that quickly left my breathless. I felt her tongue slowly graze my top lip and the realization of where we were jolted me conscious. I broke the kiss by pulling back but her lips only followed mine. She continued to kiss me for a brief moment before pulling back - her lips a hair's breadth away. I could feel her breath on my mouth – hot and yearning. My head was dizzy after the kiss and she was the only thought that coursed through my mine.

"Come find me," she teased before pecking my lips one last time and walking away towards the other side of the building.

I swung around on my chair as my eyes followed her every seductive step. I watched as she made a hard right towards the staircase and I could just barely see her left hand trail up the railing – at an antagonizingly slow pace. I shifted back and looked at the table in front of me. I hurriedly closed the books and locked my computer before pushing the screen down. I rose off of my seat and grabbed my cell phone – putting it in my back pocket as I made my way towards the stairs. My feet took each step for itself – my body slightly trembling at Emily's directions.

As I ascended the stairs, rows of floor-to-ceiling cherry wood bookshelves came into view. I had never been up in this part of the library before and I immediately chastised myself for it. There had to have been tens of thousands of books housed perfectly on the shelves that lined the tall stacks. The stacks were also very deep and in many areas there were extremely dark - almost blackened - corners hidden away. Something inside me knew that Emily was hidden in one of those areas.

I stepped up onto the landing and observed my surroundings once more. There were nearly 40 rows of stacks on each side of the stair well and for the first time I realized that the overhead lights weren't on. In fact, the only light in the room came from the lowering sun rays peering through the glass of the high half-circle windows near the ceiling. The air was more tainted up here - I could tell that there was not a lot of air circulation by movement. This area of the library seemed to be abandoned. I moved to the one chunk of rows to my left and began observing the Dewey decimal numbers on the stack ends. I hadn't memorized them since middle school but I still remembered a little bit of what they were.

I walked passed each row hesitantly before realizing that I had a lot of stacks to pass and I wasn't sure which one Emily was hiding in - if she was hiding in either of them. I took a step back into the open area between stacks and called out softly.


I heard a distant call to me after a giggle. "Polo."

My eyebrow quirked up and I began walking towards the other stacks. "Marco"

A whisper replied. "Polo"

I walked passed stack after stack before suddenly I felt a forceful tug at my shirt and was met with eager lips as a force pushed me backwards until I finally hit a cold wall. Frantic hands grabbed at my covered flesh and as my brain clicked into gear my hands began roaming the goddess's form as well. I pushed off her jacket and felt her arms removed themselves from around my waist to allow the unwanted fabric to be pushed off her hands and to the floor. She repinned me with vigor and slide her hands up under my shirt so she made contact with my now ablaze skin. Our tongues clashed inside my mouth - she was like a prowess and I was her prey. As she guided the duel into her mouth, she pressed her lips around my tongue and sucked feverishly on it as her right hand snacked between our tightly pressed bodies and began unbuckling my belt.

I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes trying to catch my breath. Dark yet clouded melted chocolate orbs stared back at me as she began to pant. She wasn't teasing. This wasn't a game. I crashed our lips together again with a new ferocity and used my weight to push off the wall and flip her 90 degrees so she landed straight into the library stack. My tongue dove into her mouth and battled with her muscle as my hands moved under her ass and lifted her onto myself. I shifted my weight once again and slammed her back into the warmed wall where I was previously. Her hips automatically moved against mine as I grinded into her.

I held her weight on my hips and removed one hand from her ass as I tried to find an entrance into her black and light blue track sweat pants. I maneuvered my hand under the band of fabric at her right hip and forced my forearm underneath more as I swung my arm around to the front. My fingers dove between her parted legs and was immediately greeted with drenched fabric. I smiled into the kiss as it grew hungrier. She gasped loudly when my fingers parted the fabric of her underwear and plunged directly between her sopping wet lips. She tried to back away and break the kiss but I wouldn't let her. My lips followed hers - claiming her mouth and her tongue as my fingers slide through her deliciously wet center. I dipped my fingers lower and thursted them into her awaiting core and quickly began thrusting them in and out of her dripping channel using the position of my hips as leverage to bounce her ass off the wall behind us - forcing my fingers to plunge deeper and deeper into her with each intrusion.

She screamed into my mouth repeatedly and I did my best to absorb the sounds. I didn't need someone coming to 'check' on the shrieking noise from the between the book stacks. Her body instantly ignited and I could feel the sweat building on her body. I wiggled my thumb out from its confines and slid it easily up between her lips until it reached her extremely swollen clit. I trapped the small nub with the pad and began making swift figure eights as I continued to pump my fingers into her tight canal.

I ripped my lips away from hers and as her head fell to my shoulder I growled into her ear, "come for me Emily."

my animalistic tone surprised even me but as I felt her walls contract around my fingers she bit into my neck roughly and I used every ounce of strength and concentration I had to work my fingers into her and let her explode around me. She stiffened drastically and arched against me - her shoulders falling onto the wall behind her. I could feel the breath expel from her lungs as she was pushed over the edge. The warm nectar flowed down my fingers and she shot up from her previously stiffened position and locked lips with me and as screams filled my mouth I kept on moving my fingers inside of her. I wanted to draw out every orgasm I could.

She came again and again - screams and loud moans being swallowed by my very throat until I felt her body quivering. I backed away from the wall slightly and dropped slowly to my knees as I withdrew my fingers carefully from her pulsating core. She sat on the ground and leaned against the wall in an attempt to catch her breath. I sat on my knees - straddling her one leg doing my best to decrease my heart rate. She gazed at me with purest love in her dark eyes - the lust sedated for the moment. I flipped myself around and sat beside her - holding my arm up so that she could rest her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her back and held her to me as tightly as possible. As I kissed her hair, I breathed her in and re-memorized each molecule that was Emily.

"What are you guys doing?"

The sound jarred me from my trance. I was so wrapped up in her I didn't hear the sound of footsteps approaching. My eyes shot up to Hanna and Aria standing at the beginning of the book stacks and as my eyes focused in on who they were, my mouth dropped slightly. I felt Emily extract herself from my arms, but her legs began to give way so I stood up quickly and steadied her stance.

I looked back at the two girls and noted the terror drawn across their faces. I smiled nervously at them. No one said a word the entire time that Emily and I had gotten to our feet. I saw Aria's eyes shift downwards and she was staring at what appeared to be my stomach. I looked down - curious as to what she was looking at and noticed my belt - fully undone and sticking out. I glanced over at Emily and saw her expression mirrored mine - horror. We had been busted.

"We'll meet you guys downstairs after you...yea," Aria said as she ushered Hanna out of the stack and towards the stairs.

Emily and I kept our gazes locked - a mix of panic and giggles threatening to burst through. The giggles won over. Her hands grabbed my belt and began re-buckling the buckle as my arms wrapped around her. She looked up at me after finishing as she wrapped her own arms around my waist. She leaned down into me and kissed my lips soundly but briefly.

"Well, that was one hell of a study break," I exhaled.