Title: An Evening Out

Author: Roxy

Rating: PG-13: references to violence; language

Pairing: B/Aus

Disclaimer: Not mine. I actually own a heart...cough...Joss...cough cough B/A/Aus Forever!

A/N: Been awhile since I've posted. Rest assured I have been around, reading fics and STILL shipping B/A/Aus for over a decade and counting...

A/N 2: RL is a bitch, but I will do my best to post. Mostly, these will just be short drabbles, scenes I've conjured up, etc. I'll give back story when necessary. Hopefully musie will cooperate and allow me to expand on them into full fledged fics. Until then, I sincerely hope this snippets are satisfactory.

Summary: Set in the future, possibly Alternate Reality. Buffy and her lover plan an evening out. Buffy is left to wait. That's all I'm giving, sorry.

He was late.

The most particular and etiquette oriented vampire she had ever had the misfortune of meeting and he was late. She glanced at her bare wrist again, not for the first time wondering about the ridiculousness of that useless gesture.

"...and then the electron says to the proton, 'Are you positive?'" Buffy glanced up from her fruity drink to the pimple-faced lab tech she had been forced to call company for the past—how long has it been? She raised her wrist again. Dammit. She needed to get a watch.

The nasally laughter of the boy grated on her sensitive ears.

On second thought, what she needed was an ax. She debated the line up of victims. Herself. Nerd. Angelus. No, that didn't make any sense. Nerd. Angelus. Herself.

She smiled at her decision, seeing the entire plot executed in her mind.

"You didn't get it, did you?"

"What?" Deterred from her thoughts, Buffy implemented years of learned restraint not to strangle the ingrate.

"You see, protons are positively charged subatomic particles, so when the electron-"

"Shut up."

"What?" His mouth gaped like a fish.

"Oh, you didn't get it, did you?" Buffy mocked sweetly. " My vampire lover will be here any second now When you should be worrying about your pathetic life, you're here delivering a bad joke to someone you have no hopes of getting the attention of, let alone wooing."

"Vampire lover?" Is this woman part of a cult?

Buffy watched him scurry away moments later, a visible wet spot on his crouch and the stench of urine wafting under her delicate nose.

"You needn't be so harsh, lover."

The blonde shifted angry eyes to the impeccably dressed Master Vampire. "You're late."

"I had some business that needed to be taken care of."

"Were you fucking someone?" She asked with no real heat. It was a lie and they both knew it.

Angelus' eyes gleamed with amusement. "You don't usually conceal your threats, love."

She ignored the palpitation in her chest caused by the endearment. "He reminded me of them," she answered his initial statement instead. Willow's endless plethora of knowledge combined with the teenage awkwardness of Xander's signature stand up routine. It was too much. "Besides, I am not the domestic type.

Domestic? Angelus' eyebrows scrunched in puzzlement. He could never keep up with her line of thinking. She would sometimes begin at the end, forcing him to connect the dots. He couldn't say it didn't intrigue him, in an annoying kind of way. "He wanted you to prepare dinner?" Angelus guessed.

"No," she rolled her eyes. Another one of her habits that she hadn't shed along with her innocence. "You did." Not giving him a chance to try another round, she explained. "If I'd talked to him any longer, you would have eaten him." She sipped her drink. " Though, I wouldn't have bothered. He's hardly enough to satisfy Twiggy."


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