Title: I Found You Waiting

Author: Roxy

Pairing: Buffy/Angel

Disclaimer: I claim nothing.

A/N: It was raining one day and musie came up with this.

Summary: Set post-NFA &Chosen, I'd say 5 years or so. Angel is wandering when he sees her doing the same and realizes the futility of all the time wasted. One Shot.


She was lost and fragile and so damned comfortable in both.

She was watching the somber sky as it darkened, the rumble of thunder quieting the noises of New York City for a few scant seconds. Her eyes clouded over for merely a moment, imperceptible to the world had it been watching. He caught it, drowned in it, hated that anything other than bliss ever touched her. He knew right then and there that had he been anyone else, one of her friends or family, they would've walked right passed, unable to recognize the hardened and vulnerable woman she'd become, another faceless person in the crowd. He noticed though, like one notices the harsh glare of sunlight midday or the sound of car crash yards away. It was impossible for him to deny.

He couldn't turn away and he cursed he ever did.

This is where he resides. In her heart or at her feet, worshiping. Wherever she wishes.

His lips burned, itching to form thousands of apologies.

Unconcerned, Angel crossed the busy street, ignoring the blares of car horns and angry shouts. The only thing he heard was her heartbeat, quickening its pace as he drew closer.

"We need to talk." His voice was hoarse, as if the chaotic thoughts in his head had been shouted aloud for hours.

She hesitated and for an agonizing moment he prepared to drop to his knees. Her lip twitched and he supposed she was attempting to smile. It didn't quite blossom but the effort warmed him nonetheless.

She grabbed his hand and he closed his eyes, savoring the first touch of her in over five years. Tears leaked from his eyes, quietly mingling with the first fallen raindrops of the storm.

"What about?"

He looked at her and couldn't find a reason to look away. Placing his free hand along her cheek, his fingers caressed her skin, remembering. "About forever."



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