Hello all. I am quite new at this so yeah. BTW I haven't red the entire book series, unfortunately. Good criticism appreciated as well as advice. Lucy is also a tad (just a tad) different in this story. Um, I hope you enjoy reading this. Remember, good criticism needed ! Thanks :D (And if you don't like people describing what the characters are wearing, then I suggest you don't continue reading.)

Chapter One

Three years ago, I was just a mouthy, 5'6, brown wedged, naturally baby blue streaked, bob hairred girl with retro colored, cat eye-shaped glasses, who just so happened to be the best friend of a human, genetically vampire girl. It'a all changed now. I've grown four inches, my hair's down to my elbows, and I no longer wear glasses. But I am still-I think-the best friend of a vampire.

My bloods still the same though. I am still the daughter of my secretly known moon queen mother and the legendary vampire slayng father, along with being the granddaughter of Mother Nature herself. Yes, I have a mother who is the moon queen, yes I have a grandmother who I've only seen twice in my life but have felt so many more times-like every other human and creature living on this earth has-and yes I have a father who is a vampire slayer, currently in charged of the Helios Ra academies and buisness. His ancestors were the creators of the vampire slaying career, and my mother is the immortal daughter of mother nature. Weird right? I think so, and me knowing the fact that I am a moon princess, doesn't help decrease the weirdness. I mean my mother has lived longer than any vampire known to mankind. My father on the other hand has only lived for 36 years counting. He'll, sadly, die. That is something I don't look foward to see happen. My mother and I will still look young and strong, while he'll look old and fragile.

I sigh as I get out of the taxi. The taxi-man grabbed my luggage out of the boot. I paid him and he left. I look at my family house and smile. I walk up with my luggage in my hand and knock on the front door.

My mother answered it, wide eyed with a huge smile on her face. "Lucy, my darling is that you?"

I nod. "Hi Mom," I said as tears welled up in her eyes.

She hugged me tightly. "My baby girl has come home," she choked, letting go of me. She took a good look at me and grinned. "She's changed as well,"

I chuckle. "It's been three years mother," I reminded her, smiling happily. None of my family have seen me in that amount of time because I had-still have-a busy life. But when I got a good look at her, all I saw was a possible older version of me, dressed in a dark blue, halter neck top, black jeans, and blackheel boots. My God, she could've easily been mistakened as my older sister. Eek! "What's the occasion?" I asked, looking at her.

She looked down quickly and then back at me. "I have a Helios- Ra party to attend, but it is also Christabelle's 21st birthday," she answered simply.

"Oh," Her 21st? I'm her cousin. How could I forget her birthday? "I guess I came at the wrong time..."

"Um no honey. Since you're here, you can come with me to the Drakes to see Christa," she interupted, chuckling. "Okay?"

"But mom, I have to like, get ready. Especially if I'm going out." I said, gesturing to my plain blue, denim mini shorts, t-shirt, and denim jacket. My nails were odd because they were classical black, and manicured.

"Then hurry," she said, laughing. "We have to leave by 6:45," she gestured to the clock. It was 6 pm on the dot.

"Okay," I said, sounding excited. I rushed upstairs to my old room and dropped my luggage. I grabbed a towel, turned the shower on, and unchanged. I washed my body wih a soap that had the scent of tangerine, red fruits and vanilla. The shampoo and conidtioner smelt like rose and vanilla musk.

After I washed myself, I hopped out the shower, got dried and quickly changed into my clothing. It was a leopard print dress, with (leopard) platform heels. I placed a black leather waist belt around the dress, and added my dark leather jacket on afterwards. Once I was fully clothed and my hair was blow dried and messy, I added the animal print necklance, earings, bangles, and rings. I applied some black eye-liner, concealer, mascara, and lip-gloss.

I checked the time. Shoot! 6:55 pm. I run downstairs and find that my mother is already in her black lambourghini. I roll my eyes. My mother loves to get the modern day stuff. She toots. I sigh as I hop in. She was also wearing a leather jacket. Okay seriously. Is she suppose to be my mom or my sister?

She checked me out. "You look very beautiful baby girl," she commented. Oh yeah. Definitly my mom.

I roll my eyes again and smile. "Mom, I am 19 years old. Not 5." I clearly said.

She chuckles. "Yes, but you will always be my baby girl," She kissed me on the cheek before she began to drive.

"Where's dad?" I asked.

"Oh, he's already at the 'll be so happy to see you," she replied, smiling at me.

I smiled. "I can't wait to see him, and show him how much I've grown. Hopefully now he won't call me his little angel,"

She snorted. "You should know that you're father hasn't changed,"