Father and Son

Chapter 1: Acceptance



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To many untrained civilians, they saw the Hokage as a symbol of power and protection, what they thought of when they spoke of leadership and heroes. The title was what many dreamed of and saw as an ultimate almost unobtainable goal. But in truth, becoming Hokage was much easier than one thought, sure you had to be a strong ninja, meet certain requirements such as being from the village, and never being arrested for treason but the fact of the matter is, many respected Jounin and ANBU had already met those requirements. In the end it wasn't becoming the Hokage… it was being willing to become the Hokage.

Many ninja already figured it out that taking the title was a horrible mistake, sure there was the fact they you'll be the most recognized person in the village as well as on of the most known ninja around the world, but many had come to love the thrill of doing missions for their village and the Hokage did not leave the village except for certain duties. No more stealth missions, no assassination contracts, no guarding clients, no boarder patrol, sabotage, spying, stealing information and most of all… no privacy.

The Hokage always had a highly trained security detail nearby, when he worked in his office, he had two outside his door, two inside the room under a genjutsu, four on the roof, and two hidden outside on the balcony as well as two more teams of ten on call just in case. It didn't matter if he or she could single-handedly take all of them on and win or not, they were to keep their boss safe at all times. Even at home they patrolled the grounds, seeing as the men and women working as retainers in the home were trained shiniboi as well.

In truth, the Hokage went from active ninja to glorified paper pusher… a fact that many found out only after being tricked into the position… or accepting out of some sense of duty, like the Third who wanted to finish what his sensei, the Second Hokage started and end the great war after the Second had been assassinated.

But that had been during a time of war, and he had still been on the front lines and refused to leave when he was given the title.

Hiruzen Sarutobi groaned as he sat behind the desk, "Why did I ever take this job back…" he moaned out, making the two hidden ANBU sweat drop in the corners of the room as their leader went over another stack of reports and requests, "Kami please… just let something happen to help me escape this torture!"

An ANBU messenger appeared in a cloud of smoke, kneeling on one knee, "Hokage-sama,"

The elderly ninja looked up and mouthed out a 'thank you', knowing that Kami had answered his plea before nodding to the messenger, "Yes?"

"Something has happened to Uzumaki Naruto, Sir."

Hiruzen glared up towards the heavens, 'That's not what I meant!' he thought hotly before returning to the messenger and standing up, nearly knocking his chair over in the process, "Tell me everything, where is he?!"

"The Hospital, sir. There was some kind of strange electrical explosion that blew his apartment to pieces."

"What!" he nearly screamed, worried about the young man he cared for. "How bad!?"

That made the ANBU stop for a minute, "Ahhh… that's just the thing… he's perfectly ok… but there's something else…"

By then, the ANBU was bowled over by the old man, who ran fast enough to leave half a foot print on the ninja's white animal mask and a trail of dust that settled just as he reached the Hospital.


Ten minutes earlier…

As Naruto sat in his nearly empty apartment, he couldn't help but look around at his pitiful living room before swinging around and falling back on the couch. There wasn't much to his place but it was home, he had an old fridge, a stove with only two of the four burners working, not to mention the small couch that he was now laying on. The only other rooms was his bedroom, which consisted of a bed and his closet and lastly the bathroom.

He'd been having a bad day… scratch that, he's been having a shitty week. Every morning he got up and went to the academy, hoping to finally pass and become a ninja. But each day he was punished for something no matter if he did it or not. He'd cleaned so many chalkboards that he dreamed of cleaning the damned things and washed so many windows that the fumes from the cleaner had him so fucked up that he swore his reflection was laughing at him. It was mainly for the fights he got into with others who tried to pick on him for whatever reason, and even if the teacher saw them throw the first punch, if he even looked like he was going to fight back then they blamed the whole thing on him.

He had broken so many kids noses and knocked out so many teeth in the past six years of school that he could easily tale the difference between the sounds of a bone cracking and cartilage crunching. In fact, he's gotten pretty good at fighting and not many tried to fight him anymore… except that mutt Kiba Inuzuka.

In fact, the mutt was the reason for his troubles, here he was, not even a month away from the final exam and he's been suspended from the academy until the final week. So what if he broke Kiba's arm in two places… and knocked out three teeth… bruised a couple ribs… and made him swallow his lunch without taking it out of the brown paper bag? The bastards been pushing his luck for two days before saying that his (Naruto's) mother was probably a strung out whore. Although he probably did push it when he countered with the accusation that Kiba was the half-breed outcome of a drunken orgy between his (Kiba's) mother and a pack of the Inuzuka ninkin and that Akamaru was most likely his smarter half brother. Didn't help with said Inuzuka Clan head standing not twenty feet away.

The thirteen year old covered his face and groaned, "Fuck my life!" he hissed out before hearing a whistling noise and sitting up, "What's that-"

The noise got louder for a moment before the ceiling above him exploded, sending dust and splinters flying everywhere.

Coughing and waving the clouds away, he spotted what crashed through his roof and started freaking out at the sight of a man laying there. He was huge, most likely standing seven feet tall and had a large brown mustache that twisted up on each end. He also wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his sholders and a pair of pink shorts.

"Oh FUCK!" Naruto yelled out, "IT'S RAINING MEN… gay men at that…"

When he finally calmed down enough to approach said person, he poked the strange man… with a stick while using his couch as a shield, "Oi… you alive?" he questioned between pokes.

The man didn't respond but instead, started glowing before his body split open, making Naruto gape, but instead of blood, bone, and guts, the inside of him was a glowing, swirling purple portal and without warning a small figure appeared.

"What the fuck!?"

The figure slowly lowered to the ground and looked around as Naruto gaped. Sitting on his floor next to the strange man whom split open was a fucking baby!

It saw on his floor, innocent green eyes roaming all around under a mop of green hair as it sucked a large golden pacifier before those green orbs locked onto the blonde.

"Da-bu!" the child exclaimed while moving to crawl over, climbing the couch like a ninja before latching onto his black shirt, nude as the day he was born.

Adding to the strangeness, the man, whom I might add was still split open, sealed himself shut and flipped onto his feet before jumping out of his window, shattering it while yelling "FAREWELL!" and disappearing.

Naruto stayed frozen in shock for a few moments while the child crawled around on him, saying 'Da-bu' over and over again before getting mad at being ignored and starting to cry. Electricity arced around them before the child started wailing, causing the room to explode with lighting shooting into the sky, lighting the village up for a brief moment and alarming the nearby ANBU team.


"And that, old man, is all I know," Naruto finished as he sat across from the Hokage in his hospital bed, a mop of green hair leaning against his side snoring softly.

The old man blinked, over the past hour they had learned a lot and yet nothing at all. This baby came out of nowhere, seemed to have chosen Naruto as it's father, and would burst into tears whenever someone tried to take him away from the blond and with the tears came a few million volts.

"Well Naruto-kun, I don't know what to say… for some reason your unable to part with this baby and doing so is dangerous."

"So I'm going to have to keep him?"

"Pretty much," he replied with a curt nod just as the child woke up and yawned quietly, "Like I said, this child seems to have a affinity for lightning that shows whenever someone tried to take him from you. Three ANBU are being treated for shocks and burns as we speak."

"Da-bu!" the boy called while patting the blonde's side with both arms then raising his own.

Naruto really didn't know what the baby wanted but had a strong feeling that he wanted to be picked up, so he did and held him in his arms. Surprising Hiruzen when he held the boy the correct way without knowing it.

It made him smile to see Naruto holding the child like that, while it was a bit early, he'd always hoped that he'd be able to see how the blond would do as a parent.

"Well Naruto-kun it looks like you'll do just fine," he mused while standing up from his chair, "But you'll need some things if your going to take care of him, I'll see about having your stipend increased and get you some books on parenting. Your apartment has already been fixed up too by the way."

The blond nodded, holding the green haired boy in one arm as he once again dozed off, "Thanks old man, but what about when I got to go back to class?"

"Well think of something,"


That night, the sky was covered in clouds, lightning and thunder filling the air with light and sound. No one noticed the purplish black portal open up in the sky, allowing a large bird to fly out into the air before closing as if it was never there. The bird was massive with a dark green body while it's wings were blue, matching it's headdress while a silver armored headband that connected to reigns. A large golden necklace studded with green stones sat snuggly around it's neck with a matching set of bands around it's hind legs and another around it's massive tail. Lastly, it had a large saddle on it's back where a woman stood.

She was and attractive young woman with blonde hair that covered one side of her face and was tied in a bun. Her eyes were green and she had a well endowed chest. She wore an elegant black and white frilly maid's uniform with long black high heeled boots, resembling an elegant gothic lolita fashion.

"It is time," she mused coldly while holding the reigns in one hand and a small book in the other, "He is near… leave no stone unturned."


Glancing out his window as the storm went on outside, Naruto sighed for the tenth time as he sat on the floor with the kid while a pair of baby sized shorts hung off the side of his head. The Hokage had been nice enough to give him some of his grandsons old things, some old toys and clothing mostly, he had even stopped at the store and got him some baby formula and such.

The kid loved some of the shinobi toys, especially the villains for some reason but fought him tooth and nail over wearing clothing of any sort.

Diapers were removed and thrown aside, shirts tossed away, and shorts were thrown at him, hence the pair of tan shorts on his head.

"You're not gonna make this easy for me are you?" Naruto spoke darkly as they stared each other down.

The boy returned the stare with gusto, looking downright intimidating in it's own way.

The blonde grinned, thunder rattling the windows as lightning flashed, making the teen look evil as he presented a roll of tape and grabbed the boy. A minute later and the baby sat on the floor glaring at Naruto with the diaper taped securely around it's little waist.

"Ha ha… Victory in the name of Naruto!" he exclaimed before, to his surprise, he got hit it the head by said diaper.

Turning, the blond found the kid smirking at him as he stood proudly with himself exposed for the world to see.

A fire roared to life in the teens eyes, "Boy, do you know who your messing with?" Naruto started, his eyes unknowingly flashing red as his teeth turned sharp like a sharks, "Keep pissing me off and I'll show you the deepest pits of hell!"

Large green eyes twitched, making Naruto inwardly wince, had he gone too far right then?


Like a spring, the little boy leapt through the air and latched onto his shirt, crawling up him like a little monkey and straddling his shoulder before hugging his face and rubbing against his cheek lovingly.

Naruto started to laugh, "Kid… I don't even know your name and your this attached to me."

"Attached to you?" spoke a woman, making Naruto spin around and jump to his feet to see a blond woman wearing a gothic black maids uniform while holding a pink umbrella, "You're delusional, the Master would never take to the likes of you… Die gutter-trash!"

"Who you calling gutter-trash?" growled the teen, not noticing that the kid was now on his back poking his head over his shoulder.

The woman ignored him and smirked before walking over and holding out her arms, "Now, Master, come here." she side with a kinder tone, "Hilda is here to bring you home."

Naruto blinked, "Take him home?"

The kid turned his head and hugged Naruto's neck, "Da,"

That make him grin, "Looks like he doesn't like you!" he chuckled with a toothy smirk while pointing at the kid on his back.

But Hilda didn't stop, "Come now, Master… It's time to go!"

She managed to get a hold of the toddler's waist and tried to pull him off, but he kept a death grip on Naruto's black tee-shirt while kicking wildly, "Let go of him, Master!"

Naruto started laughing at her struggling.

Getting angry, the kid's eyes started watering and before they knew it, electricity filled the room, roasting them.

Five minutes later, Naruto was sitting on the floor at a small table across from Hilda while the kid sat happily in his lap. His skin was still a light tan from the burns and his body still had wisps of smoke floating from it.

"I apologize." spoke the girl, "I am the demon Hildegarde, and I am this baby's maidservant demon.

Naruto blinked, "Demon!?"

She nodded, "And that child is to be the king of we demons. His name is Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub, the fourth. So in other words, he is the Demon Lord."

"Demon Lord!?" the blond teen repeated and in a flash, the kid found himself sitting on the table as Naruto half jumped away.

Calming himself, the teen sat back down just as the mini Demon Lord baby hopped back into his lap. "Ah… Hilda, thanks for the explination but since you came to take him back, well, it you don't mind…" he spoke while motioning for her to take him from his lap.



She nodded.


"Because it's not possible," she simpered, "Why? Because you seem to have been chosen as the Demon Lord's father."

"The Great Demon Lord said this:


Standing in front of a large map of the world, a large demon with long green hair wearing a purple helmet with two large golden horns coming out the side and dressed in a black cloak hummed, "I'll get to destroying humanity tomorrow," he spoke with a carefree and somewhat normal voice as a mass of cloaked individuals stood obediently behind him as he fiddled with something, "They're like, so annoying. They breed like roaches. Why don't we just, like, totally wipe them out?"

An old man flipped through a small book, "But Great Demon Lord, tomorrow is the Dark Dragon King's wedding."

"Really?" the Demon Lord exclaimed in surprise before shrugging, "Then the day after tomorrow. I'll defiantly get to it the day after tomorrow."

"The day after is the hell wide chupacabra hunting bus tour."

"Well, dang! I'm like, so super busy!"

The old man nodded, "Yes and after the, the 10,000 day mahjong marathon on Demon Isle and after that is-"

The Demon Lord huffed, "Oh forget it. I'll have that kid I just had do it. Hilda!"

Said Demon walked over holding a trey with a glass of purple juice in it "Yes?"

"Take him to the human world, find some human to raise him, and have him destory humanity, 'kay?"

-Flashback end-

"And that's what he said." Hilda finished, leaving Naruto sitting there in shock with beads of sweat on the back of his head.

"The great Demon Lord seems like he's got a screw loose," he muttered lowly.

"I have some here in search of a human suitable to be the young Master's parent."

Naruto thought of everything that was said, this kid was a Demon Lord, the future King at that and would be the downfall of humanity… and she expected him to help. Sure he'd love to destroy a good portion of Konoha but the WORLD?

Standing up, he held the kid out to the woman, "Hell no, take him and leave."

"So you refuse…"

He nodded as the boy shook his head wildly and waved his arms not wanting to leave the teen, "Goodbye now!"

"I see then," she started before smiling, "… please die."

His eyes widened as she grabbed her pink umbrella and pulled the handle, reveling that it was a hidden sword. But by the time she drew it and attacked, Naruto was out the door and running while the kid hung onto the back of his shirt, giggling and laughing all the way as it stormed above them.

Skidding to a stop, Naruto gulped at the sight of Hilda standing on a fence post in front of him with her sword.

"Give up," she demanded harshly, "Running is useless."

He didn't listen and ran the other way, making her roll her eyes.


Naruto heard her yell but didn't understand it, just figuring that she yelled at him to stop again, but he soon saw a large demon bird sail through the air above him and land in his way.

It screeched at him, lowering it's head in his way.

"UZUMAKI KICK!" he screamed while planting his sandaled foot into the birds metal headband, kicking it out of the way much to the shock of his pursuer and the enjoyment of the brat.

Hilda shook it off and continued to give chase, jumping through the air she swung her sword and sent a wave of red energy towards the fleeing blond which exploded near him, sending him flying through the air and sprawling to the ground. Midway to the ground though, he twisted around and grabbed the kid, holding him protectively as he landed on his back.

"Fuck that hurt," he groaned before sitting up and freezing as Hilda's sword periced his cheek.

"You think you can escape?" she mused coldly, "You refuse, despite being chosen by the Demon Lord. Demons are very picky about contracts, you see…"

A drop of blood ran down the edge and fell, landing on the kids cheek.


The toddler looked at the blade that was threatening Naruto's life and started to scream, tears running down his cheeks as he threw a tantrum.


Sitting in his office, Hiruzen stopped what he was doing as he heard a loud cry and turned to his window to see a shining light off in the distance.


The screams of both the baby and Naruto echoed through the air as a massive orb of lightning engulfed them both, the baby screaming because he didn't want Naruto to die while Naruto screamed because he was basically in the middle of a massive lightning bolt while the source was latched to his chest.

The screaming continued for thirty seconds before the Hokage showed up with his ANBU and a few other alarmed ninja. Seeing the woman with the sword, Hiruzen demanded to know what happened.

Hilda ignored him in favorer of calling out to the child, "Master, please don't throw a tantrum!"

The surrounding ninja gaped, 'that was a tantrum!?'

The old man began to worry as he recognized Naruto in the middle of the electricity, slowly falling to his knees as he held the screaming child. The blond teen continued to fall, moving himself to fall to his side as not to land on the boy.

"Can't something be done!"

Hilda shook her head, "No… when he gets like that, there is no stopping the Master. Only his father could calm a crying fit such as this…"

Everything went calm, making them look back over to where the pair were.

"Hush son…" Naruto spoke while holding the green haired toddler to his chest, rubbing his hair softly, "A man shouldn't cry like that, everyone will think you're weak."

Hilda's arms went limp, her mouth wide in shock, 'He stopped… that's impossible. Even I couldn't stop him when he cries like that… and yet… without so much as a…'

With a groan, the smoking blond sat up with his legs crossed while the toddler sat on the teen's knee and started wiping the tears from his face.


Naruto turned his head to see a Jounin coming down on him with a sword poised to kill. Grabbing the kid, he moved to protect the child with his body and closed his eyes for the strike.


Innocent green eyes snapped open, glowing crimson as a wave of demonic energy engulfed both teen and toddler. Strange symbols appeared in the air in front of the pair as both glared at the attacker with matching eyes as said man stopped in midair and began to be incinerated by the power as he was pushed back and killed.

Within moments, the energy vanished, leaving a crater below them.

Naruto held the toddler in his arms, looking between the kid and the dead Jounin before smiling, "Thanks… son."



To be continued…


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