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"Mija, Mijo" Santana called from where she stood at the door. She had on some small shorts and a tank top with a messy bun atop her head.

"Hurry up your mothers here" she looked back over at the blond and waved her arm beckoning her inside.

"Hey San" Brittany greeted looking at the ground with her hands tucked deep inside of her pockets.

"Hi" she replied shortly.

"You um, you look good"

Santana looked at the blonde like she was crazy. How could she look good dressed like a hobo? But Brittany didn't care about her attire. She thought that Santana was beautiful in any and everything.

"I miss you" the pale woman admitted.

"If you hadn't of cheated and kept it a secret from me with our daughter you wouldn't have to miss me"

Yep that's right Brittany cheated, sure it wasn't her fault but she also had the nerve to hide it from her.

"It was only a kiss and she kissed me" Brittany defended. She didn't understand what the big idea was she kissed someone else big deal it wasn't like she was fucking her and she certainly didn't even want to kiss the woman.

She was home alone with one of her co-workers. Santana had been telling her since the day she hired the woman –Katherine- that the woman had a crush on her but the blonde just brushed it off.

"Babe, she's only being nice trust me I don't even think she's gay" she'd say. Santana would just roll her eyes at her wife because Brittany wouldn't know if someone was flirting with her even if they licked her neck, she'd probably just make an excuse for it. The Latina knew that there was something about Katherine that she didn't like and the moment she saw her checking her wife out in front of her she figured out exactly why the woman didn't sit well with her.

They were going over the choreography for one of their recent shows when Brittany tripped but the woman was right behind her and caught her right away.

"S-sorry" she stuttered slightly flushed, as she looked into hazel eyes. Hazel eyes that looked nothing like deep brown eyes of the woman she had fallen in love with.

"No problem Brittany" the woman purred. Katherine licked her lips seductively and tucked a loose strand of hair behind Brittany's ear. Looking into her bosses' eyes she searched for a sign to stop, when she didn't find one she leaned in and closed the small gap between them.

Shocked Brittany froze and didn't hear the studio door open until it was too late.

"Mom guess what mami di-"Taylor cut her sentence short when she saw her mother locking lips with another woman.

Brittany quickly pushed the hazel eyed woman off of her and looked at her daughter with her eyes wide. "Tay, I-it's not what it looks like honey"

Taylor ignored her mother and threw a glare to Katherine. If looks could kill that woman would be as dead as Hitler.

"Get the fuck out of my house now!" she seethed.

"Taylor Nicole Lopez-Pierce you watch your mouth."

"No! You no longer have the right to tell me what to do mother or not." She sneered and looked back at the woman who was caught kissing her mother "Get. Out. Of. My. House"

Eyes wide and layered in fear Katherine quickly gathered her things and left the house.

"Taylor that was-"

"I don't want to hear it mom how dare, you kiss someone in my Mami's house, not even in her house but at all. You're a cheater" she cried.

They stood in silence for a while until the teen finally decided to break it.

"Will you tell her or me?"

You could tell that the youth was trying hard to keep her temper under control by the way her fingers twitched every five seconds.

"No one is going to tell her anything. I didn't even want to kiss her so there is no reason to tell her."

Taylor looked at her mother in disbelief did this woman really expect her to keep something like this from her Mami? The woman who has loved and cared for her since birth? The blonde was out of her mind.

"If you didn't want to why are you scared to tell her?" Taylor asked,

Before Brittany could reply Santana walked into the studio. "Hey babe, I saw Katherine rushing out she looked a bit flustered."

Taylor snorted muttering. "A bit my ass."

"Um yeah babe, she was just helping me out a little." She pecked her wife's lips.

Santana nodded but turned to look at her daughter who was looked even madder than she was when she started to yell at her blonde mother. Confused Santana took a step closer to her daughter and brushed her blonde hair aside stroking her cheek lovingly. "Mi hija, are you okay?"

"I'm fine mami" she replied still glaring at Brittany.

Santana hesitated but just kissed her forehead. "If you're sure" She turned back to her wife. "Come on babe let's go start on lunch"

Not even bothering to wait for an answer Santana walked out of room leaving her two favorite girls behind.

"We will finish this discussion later" The older blonde informed. Sighing she walked towards the door but stopped when her daughter started to speak.

"There's nothing to discuss you either tell her or I will and that's the end of it Brittay" the way she spat her name like it was a curse word made Brittany want to cry but she feigned indifference and continued on to the kitchen.

"You know the kiss isn't my issue because like you said she kissed you" she paused for a second. "Actually that to because I warned you, but what made it worse and hurt the most was that you kept it from me and made our daughter do the same" the woman folded her arms across her chest shaking her head.

"I know and that's why I hate myself right now. Have you seen the way Tay looks at me? She hate's me"

Santana's gaze softens. "She doesn't hate you Britt, she's just hurt"

Before Brittany could reply she was cut off by the brunette calling for the kids again.

"Ninos prisa ahora" kids hurry up now. She shouted up the stairs.

As soon as the last word left her mouth both of her children appeared from down upstairs. They had one daughter named Taylor and a son called Nathan.

Taylor was the eldest of the two at fourteen years old. She is biologically Brittany's but she has the sass and personality of her mami. She has bright blue eyes and blonde hair, well that was until she got pissed at Brittany and died it brown.

Nathan was their good child he was five years old and biologically Santana's. He has big brown eyes and dark brown hair just like his mami but since the doner had strong genes in the hair area so he had a couple blonde strands here and there.

"Give me my hugs kids" Santana opened her arms wide inviting her kids.

Nathan giggled adorably and threw himself into his mami's arms. "I'll miss you mami" he whispered.

Santana nodded this was probably the worst part of Brittany not being home, being separated from the kids. When she had finally found out what happened she told Brittany to leave the house. So the blonde had been staying over at her parent's.

"It's only for the weekend mijo, but I'll miss you too." She kissed his forehead and looked at Taylor who was looking at everything but her mothers. "Come on mija." She embraced her not so little girl and kissed her temple.

"Mami I don't want to go with her, can't I just stay with you, please?" she pleaded.

Brittany watched on sadly knowing that she had done this to her family, all she had to do was tell Santana exactly what happened and they wouldn't be in the mess that they're in today but she just couldn't help it. She felt that her wife didn't need to know especially if the kiss meant nothing to her. But the one thing she regretted the most was telling her daughter not to tell Santana because not only did she lose her wife's trust but she lost her daughters too.

Santana sighed she knew her daughter didn't want to go but Brittany looked like a kicked puppy so she shook her head sadly. She didn't even understand why she cared about what the blonde felt she was supposed to be mad but she guessed that old habits die hard.

"I'm sorry mija but you're mother deserves time with you and your brother just as much as I do" she explains softly.

Taylor shook her head. "Yeah well she isn't worthy of having time with us, she's the one who ruined our family." She said but not loud enough for her brother to hear.

"Taylor" Santana warned.

"I'm sorry mami but she did this and I just don't understand why I have to go with her"

With that the brushed past her mother and made her way to Brittany's car Nathan not too far behind.

Looking at the blonde Santana smiled sadly. "I'm sorry Britt, but I guess she's still mad at you."

Brittany just shrugged but Santana knew she was putting on a façade. "It's okay San, she's right anyway I did ruin the family by lying but I'm trying my damn hardest to put it back together again." She said honestly and she was telling the truth. She was coming over often to talk to Santana about the situation and she even went to a couple therapy sessions even though she wasn't really sure why.

"I know Britt," She sighed, "It's not even the fact that you kissed her but the fact that you hid it from me and made our child do the same was it for me. That's was did it."

Brittany nodded because this was something that she already knew,

"We're working on us and the trust factor aren't we?" she asked shyly.

Santana smiled and nodded. "Yeah, Britt we are but it'll take a while for you to get that trust back."

"I know"

"Britt I want you to come home." Santana whispered. "But I can't trust you and if we don't have trust we don't have anything."

"I promise I'm going to gain back your trust Santana" said woman just nodded. Smiling sadly she kissed a tan cheek and made her way to her car.

"Mom, Dad we're here" Brittany announced as she walked into her parents' house with Nathans bag hanging off of her shoulder.

Brenda Pierce appeared from the kitchen with a smile so big she'd put Rachel Berry to shame.

"Nate, Tay, come and give your grandmother a hug." Nathan immediately ran to his grandma giggling when she tickled him.

"Grandma I miss you so much!" he told her excitedly.

"Aw really? It's only been a couple days Nate, but I missed you too of course." She replied and kissed his forehead.

He held up his wrist and showed her is spiderman watch. "Look what mami got for me" he said smiling.

Brenda feigned excitement. "Whoa, that's a nice watch kiddo'"

He smiled proudly "Momma said that too, I was 'upposed to get the hulk because he's like the bestest but they didn't have no more so I got this one."

"Supposed to Nathan" Brittany corrected softly not even bothering to correct the other mistakes.

He paused. "Yeah that, mami said that Spiderman was the next best because he shoots webs from his hands"

"He totally is" Brittany agreed

"I'm gonna go and show grandpa." He jumped from his grandma's arms and ran towards the living room yelling. 'Grandpa, grandpa, look at my new watch'

The blondes chuckled at his antics.

"Well Tay don't I get hug?" Brenda teased. Taylor smiled and made her way over to her grandma giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey grandma"

"Are you ready to spend time with your mother and I?" she asked with a giant grin. "We're going to have a girls day while your grandpa takes Nathan out fishing."

Taylor shook her head. "Grandma I'd love to spend time with you but her" she nodded in Brittany's direction. "I'm just not ready yet" she whispered.

Brenda nodded because she understood and looked over at her daughter who looked close to tears, "Sweetheart waarom niet ga je in de woonkamer met Nathan en papa, ik ga om te praten met mijn kleindochter." Sweetheart why don't you go in the living room with Nathan and dad, I'm going to talk to my granddaughter.

Brittany nodded and wiped a stray tear away.

"Come on honey why don't you come help me prepare diner and we can talk" she suggested smiling when Taylor nodded.

They chopped some onions and bell peppers for a while before Brenda started a conversation.

"You know Tay, your mother is trying really hard to make things right" she said softly.

Taylor scoffed. "She wouldn't have to make things right if she'd of just told mami what happened in the first place."

Brenda sighed knowing that this conversation was about to take up a lot of her energy.

"You are absolutely right" she admitted. Taylor stopped chopping and looked at her grandmother not expecting the woman to have agreed with her. Brenda chuckled at the look on the teens face. "Don't look so surprised honey. You're right she should've told your mom but she didn't feel the need to because it didn't mean anything to her" she paused to think for a moment. "Do you think that if she felt something she would've told her?"

Taylor thought for a minute before answering. "No I honestly don't. If she didn't feel anything and didn't tell her why would she tell if she felt something?"

"Trust me she would've told"

"How can you be so sure?"

Brenda rolled her eyes. "Because the reason she didn't tell is because she didn't feel that it was a big deal because it was only a kiss and she's deeply in love with your mami so she didn't feel anything as expected. But if she had felt something she would've come clean to know what it was that she felt for this woman when she's supposed to be in love with this fiery Latina." She chuckled at her description of the woman.

Taylor seemed to ponder this but just shrugged. "I didn't even really care about the kiss because I knew mom didn't feel anything but she kept it from her and made me keep it from her that's why we're in this situation."

Brenda finally understood.

"So you're just upset that she made you lie to your mother?" Taylor nodded. "I can understand that because she betrayed your mami and destroyed what trust you had for her correct?" another nod. "Maybe you should tell her that then"

Taylor nodded, when she was feeling up to it she would tell her mother how she truly felt.

"Come on Santana we have to get your mind off of Brittany and the kids let's go out" Tina said.

Mercedes nodded her agreement "T, is right San it's Friday and none of us have our kids let's go out"

They were sitting in the living room at Santana's house drinking wine when they started to try to convince Santana to go out. Sure she missed going out sometimes but she was older now and a mother so she didn't really want to go out and do something dumb like get wasted.

"Guys we're thirty-four years old don't you think were a little too old to be parting?" she teased.

Tina laughed. "Actually I'm only thirty-three" two heads turned towards her eyebrows raised,

"T, your birthday is in a month" Mercedes deadpanned. "You're thirty-four" they all laughed together.

"Besides I don't want to go out I want my wife" she said pouting.

Tina and Mercedes softened their gazes.

"I know you miss her S, but don't you think you should give it a bit more time?" Mercedes asked. She was the most pissed when she found out about what the blonde had done. She thought that she and Brittany were close but she obviously didn't really know the blonde because she never imagined that she'd be capable of that.

"I should" she confirmed. "But it's hard to be away from her I've known her for years even if she was a bitch in high school and I've been with her since I was in freshman year whilst she was a sophomore." She sighed. "It's just hard"

Tina nodded and placed a comforting hand on Santana's shoulder. "It's okay you guys are trying to fix it right?" Santana nodded. "You'll be back together in no time."

"I hope so, she's been doing everything. She sends me flowers at the hospital all the time, she still brings me lunch all the time and she comes over to help out with the kids"

"What does our god son think this is? He's only five and I'm sure you guys didn't tell him that you're taking a break at the moment"

Santana sighed. "He thinks she's been having a super long sleep over with her parents" she chuckles.

"How about Taylor, how's she feeling about everything?" Tina asked.

Santana shakes her head sadly. "It's crazy Taylor used to love being around Brittany so much and just sitting and talking now she hates her. She begged me to let her stay today Britt looked like someone shot Lord Lardass or something."

Tina smiles sadly "It will get better San" Santana only nodded because she already knew that it would get better.

"I agree but I'm going to make sure that she works her ass off before anything happens" Santana informed.

Mercedes chuckled. "Of course you are, wouldn't be Santana Lopez-Pierce if you didn't"

Santana could only smirk at the statement because it didn't take a genius to know that it was true.