Seeing how they were trying to fix their relationship Santana and Brittany decided to have a nice day out with their kids. They hadn't gone out together with Taylor and Nathan since Brittany had went to stay with their parents so a family day seemed like a good idea. Brittany being a child at heart wanted to go to Chuck E Cheeses along with Nathan. Santana and Taylor disagreed with their other family members and tried to get them to pick something else anything else. After tons of arguing and pouting on Santana and Taylor's end they decided to go to the Lima County Fair and or Carnival.

"Hey look at that ride, no that one! Wait that one is cool. Can I get some cotton candy or a funnel cake or ice cream? I scream, you scream...we all scream for ice cream! Ha ha! Can I get something to eat wait no if I have something to eat and go on a ride I'll be sick" Nate said excitedly "I wanna go on that ride, no that one, or maybe that one!"

"I knew he'd be a pain in the butt" Taylor said watching as her brother practically bounced around along with her mother.

"Tay, why don't you take him on a ride?" Santana suggested to her daughter who complied.

"Nate!" Taylor called gaining his attention "Come on lets go on that one!" she pointed to a ride called the flame wheel.

"Cool! Let's go!" Nate shouted then they disappeared into the crowd.

"Now that we're alone let's go on that ride!" Brittany said as she pointed to the Tunnel of Love.

"No let's go on the Ferris wheel" Santana said she knew that her wife was afraid of heights and the blond would probably end up in her lap.

"Ok!" Brittany said. They both got on the ride and sat on the seat. "Did you pick this ride because you thought I am afraid of heights?" she said "I'm not afraid of heights anymore!"

"Oh really?" her wife asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah!" Brittany said.

Santana nodded. "Whatever you say babe. Do you think Tay will be ok with your son?" she asked

"Oh so when he's all hyper he's my son?" She asked teasingly.


The ride started to get higher and Brittany subtly tried to get closer and closer to Santana. The brunette chuckled and wrapped her arm around the blonde allowing her to hide her face into the crook of her neck.

"Don't worry about anything babe, I'll take care of you" she promised.

Once the ride was over they headed over to the dart game where Nate was determined to win much to Taylor's dismay.

Brittany reached into her pocket and pulled out a dollar. "Three darts please" she told the carnie handing him the dollar.

"You sure you want him to go again?" he asked skeptically with his hair pulled into a tight pony tail. "You gotta' hit two to win the big prize."

"Yes" Brittany answered with determination. She watched as her son picked up the dart, he aimed carefully and tossed it with a strong flick of his wrist.

The dark thunked into the board a centimeter from one of the balloons.

"Not bad kid, you got two more tries."

Nate picked up the dart giving the Carnie a look that would make Santana proud. He aimed and threw this time with even more power. The dart caught the balloon and it burst open with a satisfying pop.

"Yes" Santana said fist pumping.

"Great job squirt" Taylor praised tousling his hair. "You just need one more"

"I know I'll get it this time," he said, picking up the last one. He lifted the dart, closed one eye and threw it.


"Now my son has some serious skills" Santana bragged.

Nathan's eyes twinkled as he looked up at his mother's. "Mommy did you see that? I pooped em'"

Brittany looked down at her son with a proud smile. "I sure did, now pick your prize."

The little Latino pointed to the giant one eyed despicable me minion prize and waited impatiently for it to be handed to him.

"Serious skills kid" the carnie commented. "Here you go"

"Thank you"

They walked along chuckling at Nate who was struggling to keep a hold of his minion.

"Cotton candy! Mommy, can we get some? Please!"

"Yeah please mom" Nathan and Taylor unleashed their puppy eyes and tugged on her arm. She looked at Santana and she gave a small nod with a shrug.

"Sure, let's go." Both kids cheered and grabbed a parent as they rushed ahead while pulling Brittany and Santana along.

Santana kneeled down level to Nate's and asked "What color do you want, little man?"

Nathan continued to beam and yelled out "Blue!" Santana picked him up and began tickling him before resting him onto her hip.

"And what color do you want Tay?"

The teen thought before beaming. "I want the mixed one"

Brittany picked out four cotton candies and once she handed a blue one to Nate, and a mixed one to Taylor they buried their faces into it. The couple chucked and when Nathan pulled his head out, he had blue sugar plastered all over his confused face. Santana snatched some napkins and gently rubbed the little boy's face as he kept his eyes scrunched.

Four napkins later, she handed a couple to her daughter who managed to get some into her hair.

"When did our kids turn into slobs?" Santana asked chuckling.

Brittany stole a peck on the lips. "Mmm, sugary" she winked at the brunette who blushed. "And I think they've been spending way too much time with Sam"

"How is trouty?" she asked once her body temperature returned to normal.

"He's good he says that Whitney is basically the HBIC of the cheerleading squad and I'm sure you already know how Cedes' is"

Santana nodded.

Once Taylor got herself cleaned up they were off again with Nate pulling them towards the clowns who just happened to be making balloons.

The clown honked his nose and swiftly made three hats and swords for Santana, Brittany and Nate, and a flower hat for Taylor. Before Brittany knew what was going on, Santana and Nate had taken the hats and swords and Santana placed the cotton candy into her arms.

Santana and Nate became engrossed in their sword fight and Nathan used his height to his advantage. He ducked and got his mother straight in the stomach with his sword. She clutched her stomach and smiled as she pretended to fall and die.

Nathan became worried when she didn't get up right away. He bent down beside her and poked her cheek. She opened her eyes and picked him up again into another tickle attack. Taylor and Brittany swooped in and tickled Santana and Nathan helped them gang up on her.

She yelped between laughs "Okay okay, stop"

Taylor picked up Nathan and Brittany helped Santana get up. Nathan let out a yawn and snuggled his head into his sister's shoulder. They made their way towards their car and Santana slipped into the driver's seat while Taylor gently settled her brother into his seat before she got into the back with him. Brittany who had been putting the prizes they won in the trunk joined her wife in the front.

"Thanks for bringing us out today moms" Taylor said sleepily. "It's nice to have a family day after everything."

Santana and Brittany looked at each other and smiled sweetly before Santana leaned in to give her wife a sweet kiss. Their smiles remained as they pulled out of the carnival parking lot.