Generation of Miracles and the Goblet of Fire

Summary :

Generation of Miracles are players who was known throughout Japanese Magic community as the best quiditch players. When the Ministry of Magic of Britain heard about them they decided to let them have a match against the Bulgarian when the event of the forth book in HP happened so now the Japanese community decided to lend them a hand at defeating Voldemort because of this good deed, the Britain community invite them to participate in Triwizard tournament and who guess the student they sent? It was the GoM.

Akashi Seijuro - Captain and Chaser
Aomine Daiki - Chaser
Haizaki Shougo - Beater
Kise Ryouta - Chaser
Kuroko Tetsuya - Seeker
Midorima Shintaro - Beater
Murasakibara Atsushi - Keeper


Chapter One

Teikou Sorcery Learning Institute, Quidditch Club. A super strong magic school at Japan, boasting several successive championship wins. But even in that glorious history, there is still a team that can without fail be called the "strongest"... A generation with six players with a talent like you would see once in ten years called the "Generation of Miracles." But... there was a strange rumor about the "Generation of Miracles" despite not knowing him and not being in any match records, there is still one more person the six geniuses acknowledged as superior... their Phantom Seeker.

Cornelius Fudge, the minister of magic in England, sat at his desk while looking at the International Newspaper on his hand which was talking about the rising star of Japanese Quidditch team. Generation of Miracles, the team was called, were able to conquer the National championship with score of 1.650 against 500 shocking many people because the members of the team were only a 14 years old boys.

"Hmmph… What an extravagant articles." He said tossing the paper carelessly on his desk. "I doubt they are as good as that article make them to be."

"Excuse me, minister." Suddenly Bartemius Crouch, the head of international Magical Cooperation, went inside and bowed.

"Yes?" Fudge looked at him.

"I just got news from Minister Oblansk from Bulgaria." Crouch Sr. said. "Apparently, they want to invite the young Japanese quidditch team to play against the Bulgarian during the Quidditch World Cup tournament."

"What?!" Fudge looked furious.

"Minister, may I suggest to let them invite the Japan team?" Crouch said.

"But they will have a match against us!" The minister yelled.

"Yes." Crouch nodded. "But I think it's good to have a good international relation with Japan. If we are willing to compromise, I am sure we will build a good reputation with the Japanese."

Fudge stayed silent for a moment, mulling the idea inside his head. Having a good reputation was always a plus in his book but he also felt very interested with the so called Generation of Miracles. Thinking that he would lose only a little and gain more, he immediately allowed the Japanese to compete in the world cup and he was willing to compromise as long as the Britain team could have a match on another day.


As the day gone by, the Quidditch World Cup grew nearer. Although many of the spectators felt disappointed about the delayed match of Bulgaria and Ireland, they still pretty excited to see the Japanese team because the Youth Japanese Team reputation was becoming more and more globally known. A day before the cup began, the Japanese Quidditch Team arrived and was welcomed by the Bulgaria and British Ministry alike.

"Ah, good evening Mr. Fudge and Mr. Oblansk." The Japanese minister, Harasawa Katsunori bowed a bit to the other ministers which were returned by the said ministers. "Thank you for allowing our players to compete against yours."

"We do not mind at all." Fudge smiled.

"Thank you for your generosity." Harasawa smiled back. "Ah, let me introduce my team."

The Japanese teenagers immediately walked to the front near the minister. The noticeable things that both of the other ministers noted were their hair color and their various heights especially that of the Purple head giant that nearly 190 cm. The players themselves looked around the VIP camp they got.

"Come on, introduce yourselves." Harasawa said when no one seemed to want to introduce themselves.

The red headed heterochromatic eyes player immediately said. "I am Akashi Seijuro or Seijuro Akashi in here and the captain of this team. My position is chaser."

"I am Shintaro Midorima." The green haired teen said fixing his glasses. "I am a beater."

"Atsushi Murasakibara *munch*." The purple headed giant said while eating the snacks which he brought with his hand. "Keeper."

"Shougo Haizaki." The braided teen smirked. "Beater."

"Daiki Aomine." The tan skin teenager said. "Position: Chaser."

"My name is Ryouta Kise." The blonde said smiling. "Currently, my position is chaser. Pleasure to meet you."

"Your introduction took too damn long, Kise." Aomine growled.

"Eh?" Kise looked confusedly at his teammate and pouted. "No, it's not."

"Yes, it is, Kise-kun." Suddenly a voice from near the tan skin teen and the blonde hair was heard.

"GAAHH!" Aomine and Kise immediately stepped back.

"My name is Tetsuya Kuroko. I am this team seeker." Kuroko bowed low. "I am please to meet you."

Kuroko presence seemed not only shocking his teammates but the ministers as well. Fudge seemed to jump in the air and Oblansk actually took out his wand. Kuroko seemed unfazed as usual but it could not be the same as Akashi who seemed to take out his wand because he saw that Oblansk did that. Harasawa immediately sent a warning glare at the captain.

"Pleasure is all ours." Fudge smiled.

"Let's talk somewhere else, I am sure your players are tired." Oblansk said.

Harasawa nodded and looked at his player. "I trust you can take care of your teammates, Akashi."

Akashi looked at him and nodded. "Of course."

"Then let's be on our way." Harasawa talked to the other minister and went out of the Japanese camp.


"Man… I'm tired." Aomine stretched his body. "Tetsu! Let's go to sleep."

"What?!" Kise whined. "No, Kuroko-chi will sleep with me!"

"The hell he is!" Aomine growled.

"Today divination said that Aquarius is best stayed with Cancer." Midorima put his two cent in the argument.

"Be quiet." Akashi said calmly although with a voice as cold as ice making the other members to stop their argument.

Haizaki snorted.

"Do you want to say something, Haizaki?" Akashi asked.

Under the intense heterochromatic eyes, he faltered. "Nothing."

"Haizaki you will be Midorima roommate at Cabin number two." Akashi pointed the room. "Daiki, Ryouta at Room three, Atsushi will be alone at Cabin four and myself with Tetsuya at the first cabin."

"Oy! Wait a da-." Before Aomine could protest further Akashi interrupted him.

"Am I clear, Daiki?" Akashi said menacingly.

He gulped. "Y-yes."

"Let's go Tetsuya." Akashi took Kuroko's hand on his own and guided him to their room while leaving many of the unsatisfied teammates behind them.


As the day of the match came, the Japan team waited at the locker room listening Akashi's strategy with rapid attention. Each of their brooms were near them, instead of using Firebolt the fastest broom in Europe, they had a custom made brooms. The handle was black, they called the brooms Nocturne, the fastest brooms in Asia.

"Tetsuya, as usual you will track the golden snitch but catch them once I give the sign to you." Akashi said.

"Understood." Kuroko nodded.

"Haizaki." Akashi narrowed his eyes. "If you made an unnecessary foul you will get it from me."

"Yeah, yeah." Haizaki said carelessly, despite the careless nature there was an undertone of fear in his body language.

Akashi was not only known for his mental strength as a captain but as the top person you would not want to mess with as well. Akashi was very smart and as such he knew many hexes that could be very well fatally wound you although this had not been proven yet because there was no evidence or no one foolish enough to challenge his authority for that matter.

"Atsushi. Be serious." Akashi told the tallest player who still eating many sweets. "And Daiki, Ryouta. Score as much as possible."

Suddenly, the whistle sound was heard. Immediately the team went in front of the tall double door and mounted their brooms and flied through it when the door was opened. They circled the stadium as fast as possible and went back to the center of the field. The referee looked at the team.

"Excuse me, Japanese team." He said. "You need seven players to play."

"We are seven." Kuroko said shocking the referee and the Bulgarian team.

"Ack! S-sorry." He said and cleared his throat. "Captains shake your hand."

Akashi stepped out from the neat line and so was Viktor Kurm. The different of the size nearly made the spectators laughed, some of them actually laughed but the players of Bulgarian was sweating bullets. The sheer pressure the smaller player gave them was not someone of an amateur caliber. Kurm especially who was the closest to the teen felt this pressure not to mention the strong and firm grip of the younger man.

As they flew through the air, Bagman their commentator gave a short explanation about the Japan team and their brooms, Nocturne. As he finished, the game began. The players could only be said was blurring throughout the arena.

"Akashi, from Japanese team got the ball and he passed it to Aomine. A bludger came to his way!"

Aomine caught the Quaffle and quickly leapt up from his broom before landing neatly back then shot off toward the keeper and scored the first goal. Many of the spectators' eyes widened at the agility and skill of the younger player. The Bulgarian team immediately countered attack but Murasakibara actually held them.

Kurm seemed to notice the golden snitch near his team pillar but when he went to catch the snitch a Bludger was sent to his path stopping him effectively. He looked at the green haired teen with glasses above him looking directly at his eyes and he looked back at former place of the snitch which was gone. As the minutes went by, it was clear that Japan team was dominating the Bulgarian for the entire time.

"The scroe is 490-80 which is led by the Japan!" He heard the Bagman said.

Kurm felt chill ran down his spine. The Japanese players were great. No matter how young they were, they really were talented keeping up with him. Suddenly his eyes went to the red head that flew up holding the Quaffle which was followed by his teammates. Suddenly the shortest Japanese threw the Quaffle in the air and hit it with his broom sending it to the blonde haired boy who copied his movement but this time the Quaffle went straight to the goal.

"Tetsuya." Akashi called another player and nodded.

Kurm looked back at the captain and needed to actually look twice because he had never seen the smallest player of the Japanese team. Immediately the other boy nodded to his captain and actually began to accelerate his broom to the ground near his team post but it seemed none of them realize the presence of the seeker and that time Kurm saw it, the golden snitch.

"Stop him!" Kurm barked at his teammates at once while flying as fast as possible to catch up to the boy.

The Bludger was sent to the light blue haired boy but the grey haired teen, Haizaki Shougo hit it back to the Bulgarian chaser who was holding the Quaffle. Midorima hit another Bludger to Kurm again making him lost a little balance but it was all it took for Kuroko to snatch the golden snitch. And the whistle immediately blown, ending the game.

"640 against 80. Japan wins!" Bagman said.


After the game, the Generation of Miracles were lounging at their camp, doing various activity. Murasakibara ate some snacks as usual, Haizaki stole some of the foods, Kise goofed off with Aomine who looked ready to kill the blonde, Midorima cleaned his scissors, his apparently lucky item for today, and then Akashi sat next to Kuroko who decided to read a book. Suddenly, Harasawa went inside the camp.

"Bring your things!" He said frantically. "And meet me at British ministry."

"What?! Do you know how sore we are now?!" Haizaki growled.

Akashi just sighed. "Do as he said." He stood up and went to his room.

"Why?" Midorima looked at the captain.

"Because I said so." Akashi said.

"That don't explain everything damn it!" Aomine yelled.

"Akashi-kun." Kuroko looked at him.

"Fine… There was a dark mark." Akashi said casually as if talking about the weather.

"What?!" The others yelled.

Although Lord Voldemort had only just begun his reign at Europe, his reputation was known throughout the world and many of those countries began strengthening their own country to fight against him, especially Japan. Japan was one of the most fear countries because of the versatile use of magic, especially their wandless magic. The one who had talent to do it was trained excessively.

"Let's go." Akashi said and immediately the team followed him.


The condition outside was best known as chaos. The people ran back and forth searching for a way out just like a headless chicken. The Japanese just mounted their broom and went to the more desolate area. Finding the area, they descended although by no meant they were alone. There were several survivors about their age and another hundred women and men.

"You are the Japanese team." The red headed although not as red as Akashi said.

"Evening." Akashi said nonchalantly. "Are there a governor official in here?"

"Ah, the Japanese team." Crouch looked at him. "What can I do for you?"

"Can we get to British ministry?" Kise asked and smiled sheepishly. "We kinda told to do so."

"I see. Do you mind to wait for a moment?" Crouch smiled and looked at the house elves. "It means clothes for you Winky!" He barked.

"No! No clothes! Please master!" The house elf cried.

Kuroko looked at the house elf. She was crying, begging the governor to forgive him. Kuroko looked at her but instead of the elf, he saw himself crying and begging his parents not to leave him alone. He looked down trying hard not to look or listen to the cries of the elf. Akashi noticed this and immediately held Kuroko's hand.

"Can we get this over with?" Haizaki asked impatiently and kicked the poor elf. "You're in the way." He glared.

"Oi! Haizaki!" Aomine glared. "No need to kick the elf."

"What a barbaric way." Midorima fixed his glasses.

"Barbaric." Murasakibara echoed.

"Haizaki." Akashi cold voice cut through the conversation. "Quadruple your training amounts."

"What?!" Haizaki protested. "Come on it just a house elf."

"Quintuple." Akashi said again.

'He'll die.' The other member said in their own mind.

As Crouch talked to the other members of his team quietly, the Japanese team seemed to talk among themselves in their own language.

"Excuse me. I am Hermione Granger." She said. "May I know your name?"

"You already know our name, woman." Aomine said which earned him a jab from the side. "Ouch! What was that for, Tetsu!"

"I am Tetsuya Kuroko. Pleasure to meet you, Miss Granger." He introduced himself. "Please ignore Aomine-kun's rude behavior."

"Tet-su-ya." Hermione tested the name.

"In Japanese we prefer to use our family name if we just met." Midorima cut in, he seemed a bit displease. "I'm Shintaro Midorima."

"I-I see." Hermione said. "Then, Mi-do-ri-ma and Ku-ro-ko."

"Hello there, young lady." Kise smiled flirtatiously. "Kise Ryouta at your service."

Hermione blushed. "N-nice to meet you." An 'Oy!' from a certain freckles boy at the background went ignored.

"Ki-chin is half veela." The tallest said. "Murasakibara Atsushi."

"Haizaki Shougo." The grey haired man said smirking at the Hermione's frown.

"Akashi Seijuro." Akashi said. "And the others?"

"Ron Weasley." Ron said.

"Harry…" the black haired teen said. "Harry Potter."


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