'Generation of Miracles and Goblet of Fire'

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Chapter 2

After the Japanese team and the Golden Trio introduction, Fudge apparently already finished with whatever problem that he had so he brought the rest of the fugitives back to England ministry of Magic through portkey. The Japanese team was immediately dragged away by the Japanese aurors, while Fudge went to his office to deal with the problem at hand. The Golden Trio was left alone.

"Bloody hell!" Ron grumbled. "What's wrong with the Japanese team?!"

"I think there is nothing wrong with them." Hermione answered. "I mean maybe the Japanese doesn't know much about Harry." She bit her lips a bit unsure.

"It's alright." Harry said. "I find this a bit refreshing actually."

"B-but, you defeated you-know-who, Harry!" Ron stubbornly said.

"Let's just drop it." Harry shook his head. "Besides, we had another pressing matter."

"Yeah." Hermione nodded. "Who do you think use your wand to create the Dark Mark, Harry?"

Harry and Ron nodded and began throwing their idea.


Meanwhile, Fudge paced back and forth in his office, he was very troubled with the recent event that took place in the world cup tournament. He was very deep in thought so when Harasawa went inside the office he did not immediately notice him until the Japanese minister cleared his throat. Startled, Fudge immediately turned to him.

"Ah, Mr. Harasawa, I did not notice you, please forgive me." Fudge said smiling.

"It's quite alright." Harasawa replied lightheartedly before turning serious. "About the Dark Mark."

"I assure you, Mr. Harasawa, You-Know-Who was already dead." Fudge smiled.

Harasawa looked quite startled by his British counterpart. "Do you really believe that?"

"Of course, the young Harry Potter managed to kill him so I think this is just one of the You-Know-Who fanatics work."

"I thought all of them at Azkaban." Harasawa replied.

"That maybe so, but many others unfortunately still at large." Fudge sighed a bit.

Suddenly, the door was opened yet again by none other than Professor Dumbledore. He looked at the much younger men in the office and smiled his grandfatherly smile.

"Hello, ministers." He said.

"Ah, Dumbledore." Fudge forced a smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, Dumbledore." Harasawa smiled politely.

"No, no the pleasure is all mine." The bearded man said.

"Do you need something from me, Dumbledore?" Fudge asked.

"Yes, actually." Dumbledore said never losing his grandfatherly smile. "It's about the recent event."

"It's just a work from You-Know-Who fanatics." Fudge answered disdainfully.

"Probably." He nodded. "But this has the potential to become a dire situation."

"He already died, Dumbledore." Fudge growled.

"But, there is no prove yet." Dumbledore answered. "Do you have any idea about the man who imperius him?"

"No." Fudge greeted his teeth.

"Maybe, I can help." Harasawa interrupted. "I am afraid the news of Lord Voldemort –Fudge cringed a bit at the name- Dark Mark has been heard to my country and they will want the government to investigate who was the one who did that."

"It's very kind of you." Fudge smiled.

"It's nothing." Harasawa shook his head.

"Ah, since you are kindly want to help us on this matter, I want to invite your country to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, I trust you already heard of them." Fudge said.

"Of course, I do." Harasawa nodded. "But I must decline the offer after all it is Tri-wizard, I don't think the other school will appreciate my interference."

"I have no problem with it." Dumbledore smiled. "This year my school will house the tournament. Besides, it will be a great experience for the Britain to learn about the East magic better and for the East to learn ours as well."

"I insist." Fudge smiled.

Harasawa could not say no to the other people so he agreed as long as the other schools agreed to let the Japanese compete against them and it turned out the other school had no problem of letting Japan to compete although one Drumstang principle seemed a tat bit reluctant but because the majority already said he agreed as well.

"It's decided then." Fudge beamed.

"It's quite an honor for us." Harasawa smiled. "Ah… Can I ask a favor?"

Fudge looked a bit confuse before nodding uncertainly.

"Regarding the age of the champion." Harasawa said. "Can you make an exception for my country? In my country, age is not a factor to decide one ability but instead we determine them by how skillful they can perform so…" He trailed.

"I understand." Fudge nodded. "I think we can as long as we can test them to at least be good enough in N.E.W.T. -level."

"Thank you." Harasawa nodded. "Maybe you could test him now."

"Now?" Fudge looked startled.

"Yes. The mentioned person is my own quidditch captain, Akashi Seijuro." Harasawa smiled.

"O-of course." Fudge smiled forcefully.

Fudge called one of his workers to ask him to call one Akashi Seijuro to their meeting room. As the worker complied, the two ministers and one headmaster stayed silence while enjoying a cup of tea.


Meanwhile, the Japanese Quidditch team seemed enjoying their time inside one of unused quarter in the ministry while talking about one particular person that they just met.

"I can't believe that was Harry Potter." Aomine grumbled. "He doesn't look like much."

"As pain as it is, I have to agree with Aomine." Midorima pushed his glasses.

"OI! What that suppose to mean?!" The tan boy growled.

"Aomine-kun that was impolite." Kuroko jabbed his hand to Aomine's rib.

"TETSU!" He glared at the nearly invincible friend while cradling his abused rib.

"Poor, Mine-chin." Murasakibara mumbled.

"But Kuroko-chi, Aomine-chi is correct." Kise said.

"Tch, he is pathetic." Haizaki put his two cents.

"It still is impolite, Kise-kun, Haizaki-kun." Kuroko reprimanded them without much success.

"But you did not deny Daiki's statement either, Tetsuya." Akashi smirked polishing his pointy 13 ½ inches maple tree and griffin hair wand.

*Knocked… Knocked…*

Suddenly, they heard someone knocked their door. The Japanese team looked at the door but no one actually got up to open the door. Kuroko sighed and began to walk to the door and opened it but unfortunately the person at the door did not notice Kuroko presence so he immediately retracted his hand and looked at the door with a dumbfound expression. Kuroko who already used to this kind of reaction just said.

"Excuse me?" He deadpanned. "Do you need something?"

"AAA!" He yelled and stepped back.

"Tetsuya, who is it?" Akashi who heard the scream of the person at the door decided to stand beside the light blue hair boy.

"Akashi-kun." He greeted. "I don't know."

"Ah, I'm sorry, it was rude of me." The man apologized. "But did you just say Akashi?"

"I am Akashi." The heterochromatic eyes boy said narrowing his eyes making the man shivered. "Do you need something?"

"A-ah, y-yes." He gulped. "Minister Harasawa called you to the office."

"I see." Akashi nodded and put his wand back to the holster. He turned to his teammates. "I will go for awhile. I want this room to stay as clean as this. Am I clear, Daiki, Ryouta, Haizaki?" He asked… okay more like ordered.

The mention boys gulped and answered. "O-of course, Akashi/ Akashi-chi/ Seijuro."

"Tetsuya, take care of them." He said to his shorter companion. "If they give you some troubles tell me." He patted Kuroko's hair gently.

"Understood, Akashi-kun." Kuroko nodded and frowned. "And please come back before midnight."

Akashi rose one of his eyebrows. "And why is that?"

Kuroko just sighed. "I do not have capability to handle either of them for that long, besides Akashi-kun, tomorrow we will go back to Japan and I do not want you to be sick."

"I've never been sick, Tetsuya." Akashi reassured him.

"Then don't start now." Kuroko answered immediately.

"Alright." Akashi relented and turned to the man. "Shall we go?"

And they went to the office. The walk actually did not last long but the errand man felt liked it was the longest time in his life. The still unnamed man felt liked he was being x-rayed by Akashi's stare although it was not malicious or anything but it made him uncomfortable do he felt relieve went he arrived their destination and immediately hurried to get away from the captain who just went inside the office.


"Harasawa-san, is there something I can help?" Akashi stood in front of the minister.

"Akashi." The Japanese minister acknowledges him with a single nod. "Actually, yes." And he told him about the tournament.

"I see." Akashi shut his eyes for a second before opening them. "I will attend this… tournament as long as my team member will attend as well."

"I already arrange it." Harasawa nodded. He knew Akashi would ask his teammates to attend. Akashi maybe a sly young man but he knew that Akashi's feeling of care for his teammates was very much real.

"Then I have no objection." Akashi replied brimming with confidence as his smirk grew. "Shall we begin the test then?"


Long after Akashi finished the test and just as the Japanese returned to their homeland, Fudge and Dumbledore sat in the minister's office with facial expression akin to that of having a heart attack. Their face was so pale nearing the whiteness of the wall inside the office before finally regaining their own composure.

"What methods of learning do that Japanese use?!" Fudge practically yelped as soon as he found his vocal cord.

"I'm afraid I did not have any answer, minister." Dumbledore said while looking at the paper in front of him.

Name : Akashi Seijuro
Status : Pureblood
Age : 14 years old
Wand : 13 ½ inches maple tree and griffin hair

Skill Evaluation :

Core Classes : Outstanding

Elective Classes :

Alchemy : Outstanding
Ancient Runes : Outstanding
Muggle Study : Outstanding

Extra information :

Akashi Seijuro managed to perform the spells perfectly without any major and minor mistakes, he also showed his capability to do a non-verbal spell. Regarding the theories behind those classes he took, he exceeds the N.E.W.T.-levels. He also capable to use wandless magic to unknown degree (He just said he could and performed the low level one with ease, any probing was deflected by the examinee).


As the Britain minister and Hogwarts headmaster pondered about the extent of ability and skill that the Japanese Quidditch team captain possessed, the Japanese decided to return to their country through muggle transportation namely airplane. Arriving at the airport and receiving the business class tickets, the Japanese team went to the waiting room and began talking in their own language.

"What?!" Aomine yelled. "We will go back to this place again?!"

"Yes." Akashi said while looking through some paper.

"And attend some kind of tournament." Haizaki added although he seemed to be jealous of Akashi's accomplishment.

"Triwizard tournament." Midorima told them.

"Hmm… I think I ever heard it somewhere." Murasakibara said still munching his snacks.

"Really? So what is it, Murasakibara-chi?" Kise asked.

"Ah, I forget." Murasakibara replied.

"The hell you do!" Aomine growled.

"Murasakibara-kun." Kuroko called him scaring Aomine and the others by his sudden presence. He was apparently just go back after buying vanilla milkshake judging by the unfinished bottle on his hand. "There are some snacks at you face." He said while cleaning some mess that Murasakibara made with his handkerchief.

"Thank you, Kuro-chin." The purple head giant said earning him a nod from Kuroko.

Suddenly a yellow blur hugged Kuroko. "Kuroko-chi…" He sobbed. "Where are you from? I miss you so much."

"Kise-kun, please let me go." Kuroko said but Kise seemed pretty determined to stick as close as possible to Kuroko.

"You damn idiot blonde!" Aomine said prying Kise from Kuroko. "Let Tetsu go!" but it seemed Kise did not want to because Kise just hugged Kuroko tighter.

"Ryouta." Akashi said sending a familiar shiver ran down the mentioned boy back. "Let Tetsuya go."

"O-of course, Akashi-chi." Kise literally leaped back from Kuroko.

"Thank you, Akashi-kun." Kuroko nodded and sat beside him ignoring the commotion that his friend made. "Akashi-kun, I heard about the tournament."

Akashi stopped his skimming and looked at Kuroko.

"It's dangerous." Kuroko said not looking at Akashi.

"Tetsuya." Akashi held Kuroko's chin and guided it to his face. "Do you believe me so little?" He smirked, amusement danced in his eyes.

"No. I believe in Akashi-kun." Kuroko said without missing a beat.

"Then I will be fine." Akashi said. "I promise." He let Kuroko's chin go.

Good morning passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight 89B toJapan. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.

"Our flight is here." Harasawa said walking to them. "Let's go."


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