I was so upset with how they left season 4 of Doctor who that I thought I would do a Donna Noble come back just for the heck of it with the 11th doctor. Hoo hoo watch out ladies and gentleman. I'm also throwing in the sexy Captain Jack, few other characters from torchwood as well as doctor who of course.

"Doctor Donna, Doctor Donna, Doctor Donna, Doctor Donna," a persistent voice whispers in her ear as

she sleeps. She can hear it the back of her head but she doesn't realize what it means. Donna Noble, the

one with a time lord brain and doesn't even realize who she is, what she's done, and who she has met. She

ignores the voice and continues to sleep.

150,000 Years into the future the raggedy man who thinks bow ties are cool lays chained in a black

sphere in space where no one can hear him and no one can see him. He lays in deafening silence waiting

for what's to come, the universe has betrayed him. As his thoughts cease he gives one last plea to the

universe to let him go. He doesn't realize that years in the past his past will save him or die trying. The

clock starts now!

"DOCTOR," Donna screams as she jumps up from bed.

Let me know what you think. I'll be adding more on to it on my next day off. I apologize for it being so short but Im at work and just had to get this out there. I promise the next chapter will be longer. : ) Please R&R