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Chapter 3

Donna remembers the doctor telling her about Torchwood after meeting the sexy Captain Jack Harkness,

hooo that's one fine piece of a man, Donna get back on track, Donna shakes her head, She needs to find

Captain Jack Harkness, the doctor told her about how Captain sexy Jack had a vortex manipulator, if she

can get her hands on captain Jack (She thinks about that for a second hands all over his se…. Oi get back

on track Noble) if she can get her hands on the vortex manipulator she can save the doctor.

"Mom, Dad are you in here," River yells as she walks into the Tardis. Amy and Rory come running out of

there rooms that do not have bunk bed in them even though the doctor tried really hard. "River what is

wrong," Amy asks as she comes to a stop in front of her, with Rory close behind. River moves over to the

console pushing buttons and twirling knobs as the Tardis starts making a whirring sounds. "We need to find

the doctor he's in trouble," River exclaims as she swirls the screen showing space around to her. Amy and

Rory walk up to the Screen, "Where are we, where is the doctor, and how do you know he's in trouble,"

Rory asked. River smiles sadly at her father and whispers one word, "Spoilers." With that last whisper the

Tardis starts to shake and throw Amy, Rory, and River around the console and the lights go out.

Donna Noble runs to a pub after getting a hold of Torchwood, she spoke with one Gwen Cooper. Donna

didn't want to tell anyone except Jack about what is going on. As she walks into the pub she starts rambling

to herself and giving herself a pep talk, "You can do this Noble You only have 24 hours but that's plenty of

time to find help , save the doctor, and not have you brain blow up." As she rambles she walks into a tall

figure. A strong masculine hand lands on her arm to keep her from falling. "Well, Hello, Donna Noble,

What's this about 24 hours," a husky voice she would know any where asks in her ear. She can feel his lips

on her hair. Donna looks up with heat in her eyes, "Well Hello to you too big boy." Jack laughs at that and

leads Donna to a table. As he holds the seat out for her, she feels his chest rub up against her back. Donna

sits down and gets to business, "Oi Jack, not that I don't appreciate your closeness but we have a few

problems." Jack smiles, "You wound me hunny." Donna shakes her head with a small smile, "Maybe later,

If I'm still alive and the doctor is alive, Ill take you up on you oh so generous offer." Jack still looks turned

on but the smile disappears, he grabs her hands, "Donna what do you mean." "Well the doctor never told

you but because I had the time lord brain and I'm human, I was going to burn up so the doctor made me

forget and if I remembered anything, I wouldn't make it." Jack rubs her hand considerately then takes a

drink of his scotch. As he sets it down and has a thought, "Well excuse me for stating the obvious, but you

seem to remember everything." Donna nods, "Earlier today an ood called Ood Sigma appeared to me with

some sort of psychic link. There psychic ability can hold off me burning up, but I only have 24 hours

otherwise, I don't know, I wont be here anymore," Donna looks down at her hands. Jack tightens his grip a

little, "What about the Doctor, what's wrong." Donna looks up, " I um I don't really know but when Ood

Sigma appeared to me and I started remembering everything, it was like I had a gut feeling the doctor was

in trouble and he wasn't going to get out of it unless we could do something, then I felt darkness from the

universe, its hard to explain." Jack looks at her and nods, "Okay what do we need to do." "I need your

vortex manipulator I can do some timey whimey things to it to make it work, then I am going to go save

the doctor." Jack looks at her with heat in his eyes, which makes her stomach drop and body tingle, "We

are going to save the doctor," he reply's huskily. Donna smiles, "Oi, I'm glad you said that, we need to get

to work." Jack smiles sexy, "Lets." As they stand to go, jack puts his arm around her waist which makes

Donna chuckle, "Oi, are you trying to get fresh with me." Jack laughs outright, "Of course." Donna

continues to smile as they walk hip to hip out the door.

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