It has been quite awhile, my duckies! Did you have a nice Christmas? I did. And I hope you did to. If you didn't, pretend like you did.

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This is really fucking short, gaiz, but I just wanted to write a team fluff piece. With Hulk. Because Hulk.

I do not own Avengers nor do I own Adventure/Marshall Time.

When Steve came home after a long, long day of listening to Fury bitch about Tony and Clint's latest escapade (Something about screaming inappropriate sex-based obscenities at each other during a mission together and unnecessary property damage because they had thought it a good idea to bring Hulk along) he was exhausted and ready to lay down a two hour long speech of ethics and sexual harassment.

"Jarvis, where's Tony?" he asked, leaning against the elevator wall and rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Sir is resting in the living area; it was a rather tiring day for him." JARVIS intoned quietly as the door opened. Steve nodded his thanks and walked out towards the heart of Fury's issues.

However, as Steve stepped into the room and took a deep breath to begin his rant, he froze in place.

Hulk was sitting cross-legged in front of the TV, the couch having been moved to make room, with Clint sitting on his right shoulder and using his head as an armrest, and Tony draped across the giant's lap, drooling a puddle onto Hulk's knee. Noticing Steve's presence, Hulk put a finger to his lips in warning before turning back to the TV. That Clint hadn't moved at all informed Steve that he, too, was asleep, just with his eyes open.

"Jarvis?" Steve whispered, having lost the heart to yell at them. "What was so tiring about that mission?"

"The only information I am allowed to divulge is that it took place in Asia, Sir." JARVIS answered quietly, mindful of the sleeping Avengers. Steve frowned; usually JARVIS could give a bit more information than that.

"Sand." Hulk grumbled suddenly, as quietly as he could. Which was still rather loud, but didn't wake up the overgrown children who had decided he was a green bunk bed. "Caves. Tony pretend be bait. Hawk and Tony yell. Hulk smash all-save Tony and Hawk."

Steve fought down another bout of irrational anger and sighed. Hulk had saved them, and he would normally give Tony a talk about self-sacrifice, but he had the feeling that others had already done that. In the meantime, it was far easier to wander over to the couch and recline on it, nearly taking over the whole thing as he watched some mindless cartoons with Hulk. It had been a very long day of being used as Fury's verbal punching bag.

"...Hulk?" Steve asked, receiving a grunt in response. "Why are you still...Hulk?"

"Hulk fave shows on." he rumbled, as though that explained everything. And honestly? It probably did.

Three episodes later he noticed that, at some point, Natasha had curled up at the end of the couch and was watching the TV intently, eating ice cream out of the carton the Thor was holding as he sat on the floor with his back to the couch. The Thunder God had the capability to be silent when he wanted. Steve smiled a little and started to turn his attention to the TV again before Coulson walked in, paused, looked at all of them, sighed, and wandered over to the armchair to settle himself in and do his paperwork, using the moved coffee table as a substitute for his regular desk.

"I'm ordering pizza," their handler announced to no one in particular as he tapped away on one of the holographic screens. "And you have the rest of today and tomorrow off. The Fantastic Four can handle things for one day. Hopefully."

The Avengers who were awake gave various, side-minded forms of agreement to this plan.

It had been a long week of almost nonstop fighting and personal, individual missions, and they were all too happy to shove the responsibility off on the Fantastic Four or even the X-Men for a day.

In the meantime, they were perfectly content to watch cheesy cartoons about a young woman wearing a bunny hat, her stretchy cat, and some floating vampire go on adventures that made little to no sense.