Chapter One - Fireworks

Fireworks lit the sky in a blaze as the lucky few invited to the event of the year gasped in awe. Fireworks were fairly new these days after the band of seven had used gun powder it wasn't long until the villagers learnt how to make fireworks, something that created death now created beauty and light. The villagers had never seen such beauty, but the beauty wasn't new to one woman in the crowd. Kagome had lived in the future she had seen them there, but seeing them here in the feudal area made her miss her home. Her home she couldn't return to after the well had closed when she had decided to live in this time. A decision she had over the years begun to regret she brushed away those thoughts when he eyes nearly meet those she was ignoring and she quickly looked elsewhere. She smiled as she looked over to Kohaku and Rin who had just taken sipped the wedding sake from the same vessel. They were indeed in love. Anyone who could brave Sesshomaru and get permission to marry the fifteen year old woman who he had found as a child and protected ever since was a lucky man and Kagome could think of no-one better to be a good husband than Kohaku.

The wedding ceremony had ended but the festivities of the night just beginning. Sango who was pregnant for a fifth time watched proudly as her children watched their uncle dance with his new wife. She was proud of her brother and her children as well as her husband who sat with his hand on her swollen belly. She winced when he saw he was staring at the young brides blossoming figure and she quickly struck him over the head for it. Miroku rubbed the fast appearing lump with a look of chagrin on his face. Something's never change thought Shippo, the highest ranked fox demon in the land. He had passed every exam and now ruled the fox demon clan, he had a wife Misuki who was a fox demon too. They were trying for pups and where eager to start a family, he turned and smiled down at her. He was blessed indeed.

InuYasha looked over the party to where Kagome stood, she had been determined not to look at him but he wasn't about to give up. When she had returned from the future to be with him things where great, they had been married and enjoyed life. That was until they decided to take things further and as a result she had become pregnant. It was the happiest he had been in his life, a wife who he adored was bearing his child. But they had sadly lost the 'pup' she had gone into preterm labour and their son had been stillborn. They had fought constantly after the loss, their way of dealing with the grief. Kaede had said it was more likely that Kagome's priestess powers were too great to exist beside InuYasha's diluted blood. The pup's blood was further diluted and the demonic and priestess sides fought and the priestess powers had won killing the child. They had suffered at the loss and had taken it out on each other. The last straw was when InuYasha threw what Kaede had said in Kagome's face and solely blamed her for their dead infant. Kagome had then walked out on him and had divorced him so to speak. The last time he had seen her was Kaede's funeral and he had hoped to get her back then but she had refused to even look at him. It had been six months since the funeral and this time they would talk.

Sesshomaru sat drinking his sake watching Rin smile and laugh with her new husband, the man brave enough to approach him and ask for Rin's hand in marriage. After the ordeal with Naraku and watching Rin grow in the village Edo he had seen the way she looked at Kohaku and thus had given his permission. He had helped arrange the wedding and had paid the extensive price for the fireworks because Rin was like a daughter and she deserved the wedding of her dreams. Sesshomaru hated the general population of humans and it was only his love of Rin that kept him at the festivities. Jaken ran past yelling at the servants in charge of the sake as they had run out and no-one had gone to get more. Sesshomaru closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was going to be a long night, better just drink more and make it bearable.

Kagome had seen at the corner of her vision her ex husband approach and she had tried to make an escape with had failed miserably. She had bumped into Jaken who was carrying cups of sake and he had begun cursing at her insolent human behaviour. InuYasha had thumped him and the green toad had run off with a sizable lump.
"Kagome how are you?" The half demon asked as he watched Jaken run away.
"Fine." She replied looking down, she could face him. It hurt beyond belief.
"Look can we talk I tried at the funeral but you wouldn't listen."
"There is nothing to say. What's done is done."
"Please you know I didn't mean.."
"You didn't mean what? To blame ME for the death of our child?" She cut in angrily.
"I was hurt I wasn't thinking I didn't mean that!" He yelled back.
Kagome stared at him with distain. Those around them had heard them yell and now she and InuYasha had an audience.
"Just walk away, this is Rin's special day don't ruin it! And remember who the groom is? Our friend's brother! Who might I add is pregnant and doesn't need the drama. Just leave it." She muttered in a cold voice before walking away as a stunned InuYasha just stood there. She grabbed a drink and guzzled it down, she would drown her sorrows in sake.

Bright light that hurt her eyes even through her eyelids woke her. She rubbed her eyes and with a groan realised she had a pounding headache. Too much sake she thought as she sat up. That's when she realised she wasn't alone. With her heart sinking she thought it was InuYasha but her heart stopped when she saw who it really was. Sesshomaru was sleeping beside her. And the room they were in had clothes spread everywhere. Oh lord she thought. I'm naked. What did I do?