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Chapter 45:

Sesshomaru's head was buzzing with the Sake he was consuming and heading to the table where there was more he saw his brothers ex wife who had clearly had too much smile warmly at him. It had taken his breath away the brightness of it. She had then offered him to sit with her, she had seen his intoxication and found it made him seem almost human and that was the reason for her smile. They began to talk about small things of no consequence. How beautiful Rin looked. How annoying Jaken was. When Sesshomaru had mentioned he almost found Jakens voice more irritating than InuYasha's sadness had crossed over in Kagome's eyes. Sesshomaru hadn't liked it and decided to question her, in his intoxication he was in a kind mood and she was helping him get though the night with some conversation.
"Why are you so sad priestess? I can see it in your eyes" Sesshomaru had seen the pain in her eyes when she smiled at him in her intoxication.
"Losing a part of you hurts in a way you can never imagine. Tonight is a night of happiness, let us talk of more cheerful things." She had simply answered giving him a small smile and they continued to talk about nothing in particular and consumed more sake.

Jaken dropped a pile of platters letting out a stream of profanities and a wincing Sesshomaru turned to Kagome who was also wincing.
"Shall we go for a walk?" He asked.
Kagome got up and stumbled a little but he steadied her by holding her arm. He may have been drunk but he was Sesshomaru his balance wouldn't become challenged with intoxication.
They walked along a river watching the fireflies and listening to the music coming from the festivities as they talked to each other bantering back and forth. Kagome tripped on a log and Sesshomaru caught her in his arms. She stared at him and gazed into his eyes. Before she could stop herself she opened her mouth.
"Your eyes are gorgeous like pool of gold, they don't miss a thing." Kagome stared at him waiting for his kiss. She saw the look in his eyes as she spoke and soon enough his lips where on her own. He had been warmed by her or the sake he couldn't tell but the way she looked at him he had no choice but to kiss her.
"You are beautiful, not many female Inu demons hold the beauty you do." He murmured between their kisses. Both felt desire build up between them and Kagome took his hand and lead him to her house as they kissed and explored each other's clothed bodies with their hands. Once at the house Sesshomaru pumped with desire had carried her bridal style over the threshold.

That night had begun their journey into the rest of their lives together, that night he had carried his reason for existence into their little piece of forever.