The afternoon continued in the same relaxed way. They talked a little more – mainly about the wand shop and then Hermione actually felt comfortable enough with Draco to go and fetch her book and sit and read it in front of him. He worked his way through a large pile of magazines and newspapers. It was amicable and enjoyable. The snow was still falling outside and it felt like there were in their own bubble of warmth and comfort.

Draco had now stretched out on a sofa and was looking at the ceiling, his glass of wine dangerously near to spilling. Hermione felt a little drunk herself, having let Draco fill her glass repeatedly. The usual anxiety and tension were gone and she felt calm. She found herself staring over at Draco and assessing his appearance. He had amazing features. If she was being overly critical, his face was perhaps a little too narrow, his cheek bones a little too high, but in all honesty, he just looked incredible. Smooth skin, a small glow around his cheeks and lips that were just perfect with a little pout. From this perspective, she could see his long, pale eyelashes as he blinked a little. His eyes were not fixed on her right now, but she didn't need them to be, because she knew perfectly well how they looked. Deep, smouldering grey with specks of blue. Expressive, dazzling and sometimes dancing with humour.

Hermione felt a little flutter in her stomach that surprised her. Merlin! She was only thinking about him. How could thinking about Draco make her stomach flip? She knew that she should turn away, but she could not stop watching him. She let her eyes wonder to his hair, which fell back from his face. It was still surprisingly pale, almost white, but it looked soft and the casual style relaxed his face, making it appear less severe. Draco sat up a little to take a sip from his wine glass and Hermione took in his shoulders and body. He was slim but Draco's toning added width to his thin frame. He was covered with toned, smooth muscle. His arms moved as he put his glass on the ground and the muscles pushed against the fabric of his top. The lean, undulating shape of his chest and abdomen, which Hermione had obviously been much closer to, were visible under his tight clothes. Stretched out along the sofa, he looked strong and muscled and perfectly proportioned. Hermione knew that she was staring, but she could not drag her eyes from him. It was wrong for someone to be so perfect, because that's what he was. He was perfect.

Hermione put her glass of wine to her lips and took a large sip. It was completely out of character for her to be so fascinated with a man. She'd only felt like this once before and look what trouble that had got her into. She picked up a magazine to try and distract herself but her eyes stared at the pages blankly and she could feel her heart racing. She wondered if it was hot in here because she was sure her cheeks were glowing.

"Fancy some cheese and biscuits?" Draco's voice came to her across the room and she looked over at him.

"That would be nice. I think my breakfast has finally gone down."

Draco left the room and returned quickly with a wooden board which held a selection of cheeses along with a large, ornate cheese biscuit tin. He was also holding another bottle of wine and he struggled slightly with the door as he entered. Hermione jumped up to help him, taking the tin from him. They placed the food on a small, low table and both sat down on the floor next to it. It was the perfect height to eat from. Hermione felt her hunger increase and she was glad Draco had suggested this snack.

"I feel like I'm on holiday!" she said, smoothing some soft cheese onto a cracker.


"Now you've brought these out I feel really hungry."

Draco grinned. "I don't know where you put all the food you eat – you've a good appetite for someone so petite."

"Is that a polite way of telling me I'm a glutton?"

"I'm not polite. If I wanted to tell you that you're a glutton then I'd just say it."

Hermione ate a few more crackers and then sighed contentedly. "This is really indulgent! I'm meant to be mentoring a group of students and here I am lazing around and eating cheese!"

"It is indulgent. I might have to report your lack of commitment to my children's education to McGonagall when we return," Draco bestowed her with one of his devastating grins and her stomach did a little turn again. She put her wine glass down hastily, blaming its contents entirely for her reaction.

"Joking aside, I am sorry that I'm having to well and truly overstay my welcome," she said. "You're being a great host."

"Of course I am," Draco said, in his usual fashion. "And, as I reminded you earlier, you weren't given a welcome. You invited yourself."

"Stop being annoying."

"You've just invaded my personal space and taken over my home….."

"Throw me out then," Hermione said but she knew he was teasing her. Draco raised one eyebrow dangerously and Hermione moved back slightly. "What are you going to do?" she asked, nervously as Draco stood up and came towards her.

"I'm going to do what you suggested," he said.

Hermione jumped to her feet and tried to retreat behind one of the sofas but Draco was too quick and before she could stop him, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards him. She squealed and tried to wriggle free but he was too strong. He lifted her easily and carried her out of the room and through the lounge. He opened the front door and an icy blast of air hit them.

"Don't you dare!" Hermione threatened him, now comprehending what his intentions were but he ignored her and stepped outside. He placed her down on her feet in the deep snow and then quickly stepped back inside, flashing her a grin as he slammed the door. Hermione stared at the door incredulously, not believing what he had just done. It was bitterly cold and she only had her indoor clothes on – she was already shivering. She banged the door loudly and called out to Draco but nothing happened so she went over to the window, getting her feet soaked in the snow drifts. She was met with Draco's grinning face behind the glass and she started to shout at him when he reached over and pulled the blinds shut.

Hermione huffed at the now blank window. She wanted to be outraged at him but in all honesty, this was quite funny. Cheeky and funny. That didn't mean she was enjoying feeling this cold though! She walked back over to the door and banged again repeatedly. She thought she heard movement, so she quickly bent down and rolled some snow into a ball, hiding it behind her back.

The next moment the door opened to reveal a smirking Draco. Hermione tried to look innocent.

"Are you going to let me back in or do you want my death from hypothermia on your conscience?" she asked.

"I'm considering it," Draco said.

"Consider it faster."

"Okay – I'll let you know when I've made my decision," Draco went to shut the door but Hermione was far too quick. She brought her hand from behind her back and flung the snowball at him with full force. It hit him in the face, bits of snow falling down his perfect clothes and clinging to his hair. Draco blinked rapidly and narrowed his eyes.

"You do know you're going to pay for that?" he asked, stepping outside and bending down to get some snow. Hermione was already running around the side of the house but he just followed her, pelting her with snow once he had a clear aim. Hermione grabbed some snow from the top of a wall and, without properly rolling it into a ball, she flung it at him. He did the same, spraying snow all over her and now they were both laughing. Hermione's teeth were chattering but she grabbed another ball of snow and aimed it at Draco who managed to duck and then grinned cheekily at her.

"Do you want to surrender yet?" he asked.

"Get lost!"

"You must know that I'm going to win."

"Why would you win?"

Draco took two large strides towards her, managing to grab her arm and pull her towards him. "Because I'm a lot stronger and quicker than you."

"I'm a better aim."

"You just missed me!"

Hermione was now pulled right up against him, their faces just inches apart. She kept her eyes glued to his but sneakily grabbed some ice from the wall behind her and rubbed it into his hair, making him gasp. She used the opportunity to wriggle free but he grabbed her again and she could hear him chuckling. He manoeuvred her around and then pushed her backwards until she was against the cold wall. She actually gasped now, the cold really penetrating through her thin clothes. Draco leant closer and Hermione pushed herself further against the wall, despite the cold. She rubbed her hand on the snow covered wall and then slid her hand under Draco's thin top at his waist. He jumped backwards as the ice touched his skin and grabbed her hand.

He leant towards her, his one hand still grasping hers and suddenly Hermione forgot about being cold because all she could concentrate on was Draco's face moving closer to her own. His eyes flickered to her lips and she felt her heart begin to thump as he looked upwards again and gazed deeply into her eyes. She was shivering with cold but also with something else.

Merlin, he was attractive and he smelt heavenly. Hermione was half terrified he might kiss her and half wanting him to more than anything else in the world. Draco's eyes moved to her lips again and Hermione actually took a deep, shuddering breath. The anticipation was tangible, the air around them seeming to shimmer with it. Draco leant his head forward, his forehead gently coming to rest on hers and Hermione knew he must be able to hear her breathing heavily. She'd never felt like this - the tension was running through her like waves. The last two days of being with Draco had been leading up to this moment. His gentle teasing and flirting had worn away at her and their little encounter in the kitchen had affected Hermione.

She couldn't wait any longer, the overwhelming expectancy unbearable. She moved her lips to meet his, a flood of feelings surging through her the minute they touched. His intoxicating scent filled her nostrils, his lips feeling cold against hers. They should both be freezing but all Hermione was aware of was heat. She hardly dare move her lips, unsure how to continue but Draco now took control. He slipped his arms around her and pressed into her, his lips moving against her own. Hermione willingly accepted his kiss, wanting it desperately. She needed this - she had missed being this close to someone.

The feelings were intense, tingles spreading from Draco's lips, swirling outwards. His lips gently parted hers and again she put up no protest. Who would object to being kissed like this? Draco had a reputation of being a skilled lover and if his kisses were anything to go by, Hermione knew it must be true. He was gentle enough to convey tenderness but passionate enough to make her start to melt against him, the sensations escalating. Draco's arms slipped further around her, pulling her against him, his hands slipping low to hold her hips against his. It was sensual and breathtaking and Hermione clung to him, feeling the muscles she had been admiring, moving beneath her hands, pushing into her. Her hands were on his biceps which were flexed as he held her and she let her fingers press into the hard skin, relishing his strength.

She could feel the cold but it wasn't touching her and Draco's body felt hot against her own. His lips were exploring hers, their mouths moving in unison. Hermione felt her stomach tightening as his kiss deepened further and she sighed gently as a pure thrill ran through her. She was drowning in wonderful, pleasurable bliss - sinking into and melting against Draco's firm, hard body which felt like she was being touched by a piece of heaven. She grasped at him, her hands sliding over his shoulders and then she felt herself being manoeuvred through the deep snow, along the wall and back to the front door.

This movement was carried out seamlessly by Draco who guided her with him back inside the lodge, without stopping his assault on her lips for a moment and without more than an inch of them not being in contact. He pushed the door shut with his foot and then gently pushed Hermione against it, her body now being pressed into a warm piece of wood. Draco's hands moved to her waist, lifting her top and touching the skin below. Hermione sighed again and pressed her lips desperately against his. She wanted to feel him against her, she wanted his hot, solid flesh pushed against her own. Her own hands slid under his top, lifting it so that she could explore his flat stomach. She heard him sigh as her hands traced a line along his abs and she took her time exploring the firm skin. When she touched his hipbone just above the waistband of his trousers, she felt him shudder against her.

His own hands grasped the bottom of her jumper and he lifted it upwards, his hands roaming her hips and stomach. Again, she gave no protest, despite the small part of her brain that was screaming that she stop this now. She couldn't fight the sensation, the urgent, almost desperate need she had to give herself over to Draco and just let this continue.

The intensity of Draco's lips increased again, their tongues dancing together, their hot, quick breath intermingling. Hermione gave a small gasp as her body tensed again, sizzling, searing heat flooding through her. Draco's hands slid down her body again before coming to rest on her hips, jerking his hips against her own.

Hermione lost herself completely, the waves of spiraling desire making her lose her senses. She threw her head back as Draco's lips moved along her jaw and onto her neck and her hands clawed frantically at his wide shoulders.

"Draco..." His name left her lips on a husky, breathy whisper and she felt him tense, his lips leaving her skin. He stepped away from her and she stared at him, her senses still flying so that she couldn't understand what was happening.

He was staring at her, his face flushed, his eyes almost black in their intensity. He ran his hand through his already ruffled hair and she could see his chest rising and falling rapidly.

"Well, who knew?" Draco spoke first; his face seemed to relax a little as he spoke.

"Who knew what?"

"That Professor Granger likes to be kissed senseless in the snow," Draco said with a smirk that, for once, made Hermione feel better instead of angry. How could she be angry at him when he'd just made her feel like that?

"Actually, even Professor Granger didn't know she liked to be kissed senseless in the snow…" Hermione answered.

Well, it was time for a kiss and I always have to debate what sort of kiss to go with. This time I thought : alone together in a beautiful, snow covered mountain setting, a little bit of alcohol, lots of had to be a sexy, almost out of control kiss...hope you liked it.

And more Dramione to come next chapter (but of a different variety)...