Chapter 1 : The Bet

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It was on a warm summer evening when the group of friends exited from their last class of the day. The sun was still shining, casting long shadows on everything in its path, including the students.

Galinda tossed her hair, irritated with the heat, and how it made her makeup melt.

"Let's go out for dinner," she suggested.

"Leave me out. There is a history test tomorrow, and I need to study for it," Elphaba, ever the studious one, replied.

"Elphie, you have been paying attention in class, and you have been revising everyday. Do you still have to study for that boring topic again?" Galinda was aghast.

"Well, there is no such thing as being too prepared for a test."

Galinda rolled her eyes, imitating Elphaba, which made the remaining two person in the group - Boq and Fiyero - laughed.

"What about you, Fiyero?" She asked.

"Well, actually I have promised a friend to be at Ozster's today," he admitted.

"Well, I am free for dinner actually," Boq chipped in, his face brightening up.

"It is no fun if it's just the two of us, Boq", Galinda told him outright.

Elphaba looked seriously at Fiyero. "Don't you have a history test to study for?"

Fiyero grinned at her. "I have a history test to sit for, but that does not necessary mean that I have to study for it."

Now it was Elphaba's turn to roll her eyes.

"You don't pay attention during class, don't take notes, don't prepare for your test, then why are you here for? I don't believe that it was just last week when you told us that your parents have written a letter asking you to pull up your socks."

"Mama Elphie," he called her teasingly. "Don't you worry, I will pass the test."

"I wouldn't bet on it."

"Bet? I never imagine you as a betting person. So you want to bet on the grades of tomorrow's test?"

Galinda and Boq kept quiet, wondering if Elphaba will take the bait. This was getting interesting.

"What do you want to bet on, Fiyero?"

Fiyero took one step closer to Elphaba, staring into her eyes. "My grades."

Elphaba stared right back.

"Alright, your grades. If you can do better than me in tomorrow's test, then... "

"Now you know that is impossible, Elphie," Galinda told her. "You are always top in in class."

Elphaba thought for a while.

"You are right," she told Galinda. Turning back to Fiyero, she said "If you manage to get a grade better than a C for tomorrow's class..."

"Then you will be my servant for 4 weeks!" Fiyero said, a grin on his face.

"But that will also mean that if you get a C or below, you will have to my servant for 4 weeks." She told him, deadpan.

"Can he be my servant too for those 4 weeks?" Galinda asked, very excited, almost jumping up and down. They all knew Fiyero rarely got anything better than a C. It is not an impossible task, but not easy either.

"Deal," he said, stretching his hand out for a handshake.

Elphaba shook his hand. "Deal."

"And now I am going to prepare to go to Ozster's," he said, giving a flamboyant bow (which made Galinda giggled, of course), and then walked away.

"And now to study," Elphaba said, as she turned and walked back to her dorm, with Galinda following.

Boq looked at one direction at the departing Fiyero, and then at the other direction at the two departing girls, and then run after Fiyero, who was walking towards the direction of the boy's dorm.