Chapter 3 The Results

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The test results were released the following week.

Most students were not nervous. It was, after all, just another one of the many tests that they had for each subject. Except for one particular student.

When the professor called out Elphaba's name, he passed her her answer sheet, and in addition, gave her a smile reserved only for his best students, and a kindly encouragement. "Good job, Miss Thropp".

Elphaba took back her paper, and Galinda leaned to her side so that she could see the score written on the answer sheet.

"You are disguisting, Elphie," she told her roommate with a giggle.

When Fiyero's name was called, he walked down the stairs with a swagger to hide his nervousness. He then quickly grabbed the answer sheet from the professor and pressed it against his chest without even looking at the grades before he went back to his seat. Only then did he peel away the top right corner of the paper from where it was still pressed against his chest and peeked.

Galinda had turned backwards to look at his expression, and even waved abit to try to get his attention, but the prince just sat in his seat pretending to be paying attention to the class which had started and continued like this for the rest of the lesson.

When the lessons ended, the three friends, all curious about Fiyero's results, waited for him outside the classroom.

He came out, saw them, hesitated, and then walked over.

"So how did you do for the paper?" He asked Elphaba.

"She got an A+ again!" Galinda squealed, as if she was the one who had gotten the good grade.

"What about you, Fiyero?" Boq asked, the suspense killing him (since one week ago).

Fiyero did a tah-dah! as he turned the paper so that it faced the three friends.

A B-.

"What?" All three chorused.

"You guys didn't expect that, do you?" Fiyero said, smugness all over his face.

"I'm impressed," Elphaba had to admit.

"Elphie, do you know what that means? It means that you have lost the bet," Galinda whispered.

"Oh my oz," Boq said.

Fiyero crossed his arms, and smiled at Elphaba. "Well?"

"I admit defeat. So I will be your servant for four weeks. What do you have in mind?"

Fiyero then rattled off his wish list as if he had them memorised.

"Well, I will be nice about this. You will still be able to attending your classes..."

"Of course!" She told him.

Fiyero ignored the outburst.

"But you will be following me to attend all my classes so long as there is no clash with yours. You will learn whatever that is being taught, and then do my work for me."

"That's against my principle. I can teach and guide you, but I will not do your homework or projects for you."

Fiyero thought about it. "That's fair enough. That will be for weekdays. For weekends, you will have to help me with whatever chores that is assigned to you - cleaning my room, filing my stuff, etc. And follow me wherever I go."

"Excluding the washroom and the Philosophy Club," Elphaba set out another exception.

"I don't go to the Philosophy Club," he told her. She raised her eyebrows. "Alright, I no longer go to the Philosophy Club."

"And you will have your off on Sunday evenings, and whenever we go out in a group."

Elphaba thought about it. She had lost a bet, and she could not find much fault in his terms without sounding like a sore loser.

"Terms accepted," she told him.

"Great. We will start this weekend."

News of the bet spread across the school like wildfire.

Fiyero got quite a few thumbs up wherever he went.

And quite a few girls wished that they had come up with the idea so that they can have an excuse to go into Fiyero's room, even if it was to clean up the room.

When the news reached Nessarose, she exclaimed, "But what is father going to think about this?" And then Galinda had to work her charms on the girl to ensure that news would not go back to Frex.