Chapter 1

One night Gabriella and her friends were hanging out at a bar and having fun. Sharpay and Zeke were making out in the corner of the bar. Chad , Taylor and Jason were hanging around and talking to Gabriella. Ryan and Kelsi were talking at a table. Then out of no where Troy the Vampire showed up at the bar. He was looking for his vampire queen. Gabriella was looking around for Kelsi and Ryan when her brown chocolate eyes meet a pair of really blue eyes. After Gabriella saw Troy she turn her head away from him. Troy could not stop staring at Gabriella and he realized he had found his queen. Troy now was trying to figure out how to get Gabriella as his. Chad saw his friend Troy and went to talk to him for a little bit. What Gabriella and her friends did not know was that Troy was a vampire. Well the next day at school Gabriella was at her locker when she saw Troy again. Troy walked up to Gabriella and said hi to her and told her his name. Troy ask her what her name was and she told him. Gabriella then head off to her next class. Troy head to his next class but was thinking about Gabriella the rest of the time.

Jack and Lucille Bolton were vampires too. They were hoping their son Troy would find him self a girl. What they did not know is that their son Troy had found himself a girl to be his vampire queen. That girl was Gabriella. The Bolton family only ate animal blood only. Troy's mom hope that the girl he finds will make him happy and more.

That night when Gabriella went to bed, she could not stop thinking about Troy and those beautiful blue eyes of his. She had amazing dreams about Troy too. The next morning she got ready for school and went to get breakfast for herself. Then Gabriella left for school early because she walks to school alot. That morning Troy was driving his black Audi to school when he saw Gabriella walking and he stopped to ask her if she wanted a ride to school. So Gabriella took Troy's offer on the ride to school.

When Troy and Gabriella got to school, they walked up to the school building together. Gabriella's friends where shock to see her coming in the school with Troy Bolton. So at lunch time Gabriella's friends ask her why she had come into the school with Troy. Gabriella told her friends that he is a friend too.

The rest of that day went fast. Troy went home after school with a smile on his face. He was thinking about Gabriella alot and decided to ask her out on a date the next day. His mom and dad saw the smile on their son Troy's face.

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