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Shakiru cursed as a blaster shot singed off the ends of his blood-red hair before aiming a shot at a Fa'athra gangster. Three more shots barely missed Shakiru as he darted forward. He slammed the barrel of his gun into the head of the nearest gangster, then kicked another one and dislocated the gangster's knee. Still, though, he was far outnumbered and losing energy. You wouldn't think there'd be this many Fa'athra gangsters outside Nem'ro's palace! He thought incredulously.

Shakiru killed three more gangsters that were standing in his way, which gave him a narrow opening to get to the other side of the group. Dodging and hitting whatever got in his way, Shakiru emerged closer to Nem'ro's palace. He ran backwards, shooting at his enemies, not really caring about aim for the time being. He was so good at shooting, though, that he almost always hit one of his adversaries (even if it wasn't the one he'd planned on hitting). Just as he pulled the trigger to kill the lead gangster, Shakiru ran into someone and his shot ended up hitting the ground three feet from his target.

Swearing, the bounty hunter ducked behind a wall and turned to face the person he'd run into. He found himself face-to-face with a female Chiss who looked just as furious with him as he was with her. Her red, pupil less eyes made him shiver. Unwilling to look like a coward, afraid of eyes-no matter how abnormal-Shakiru took the offensive and said, "Watch where you're going! You messed up my shot!"

Niira scowled as she peeked over the crate she was hiding behind. Dammit! These guys are slowing me down! When a blur of red whizzed by her head Niira knew it was time to move. She ducked back behind the crate and counted to ten before she dove to the left. Immediately after she regained her balance Niira shot two more gangsters before somebody bumped in her as she took aim at the third gangster in view. Niira cursed and dropped behind a nearby wall.

With a furious glare, Niira turned to her unwanted company. "Excuse me? You messed up my shot! Who do you think you are?" It was only after Niira yelled at the man did she notice his features; familiar features. Red hair? That's rather...unusual...could it be? Niira snapped out of her thoughts as another shot flew past the duo.

"I don't have time for this!" Niira muttered with fury etched in every word. She pulled a grenade out of her belt and lowered herself to the ground before she rolled the grenade forward with master precision. A smirk found its way to Niira's face as the grenade stopped right by the feet of two more gangsters. Niira felt a small bit of pleasure at the alarmed looks on their faces before their insignificant lives were ended. The smile fell from her face as she realized just what she felt; she was no better than the Empire! Niira immediately scolded herself before a familiar voice popped into her head.

"You were trained to feel pleasure in killing. Embrace it!"

Niira's eyes widened a fraction of an inch before she regained her composure.

Just because I was trained to, doesn't mean I'm ANYTHING like you so don't you ever tell me that again!

"Listen, little one, I was doing just fine before you came and ran into me and... Hello?!" Shakiru waved his hand in front of the Chiss' face, as it had contorted into an expression of anger, but she seemed to be staring at a wall. Although, she could very well be looking at me. Who can tell? She had no pupils!

Niira blinked a few times as a hand waved in front of her face. She furrowed her eyebrows as she glanced up at the mysterious man. "What? Did you say something?" Niira asked in a taunting manner as she stood up and put her rifle in its holster on her back.

"Yes, I wasn't finished yelling at you for running into me," Shakiru snapped.

Blood red eyes narrowed at the red-head's statement. "I did not run into you! Get that through your thick red head!"

"Oh, but you did," Shakiru objected in a maddeningly matter-of fact voice.

Niira opened her mouth to retort but snapped it shut as she remembered her mission. She rolled her eyes and said, "Well you know what? I don't have time for this so why don't you run back to...whatever it is you were doing!" Niira turned on her heel and cautiously approached Nem'ro's palace.

"It seems like I won't be saying good-bye to you quite yet, Little Girl," Shakiru stated, taking long steps to reach and surpass the chiss as he too made his way to Nem'ro's Palace.

Niira raised an eyebrow and rolled her eyes at the man's antics. "Why is that exactly? Surely someone as simple-minded as you can't possibly need to see Nem'ro the Hutt!"

"Simple minded?" Shakiru gripped his heart with his hand and pretended to look hurt. "For your information, Little Girl, I'm one of the most clever and most dangerous people in the galaxy."

Niira couldn't help but roll her eyes again at the man. "Really now? I have a hard time believing that!" Niira said in a snide tone.

"I'm to have his sponsorship in the Great Hunt, of course," Shakiru said, as if that was the obvious assumption. Shaking his head, he entered the rowdy cantina that made up most of the hutt's palace. Alien scum of all races sat conversing around tables, hologram twi'leks danced, real twi'leks danced, T7 units served drinks, and bounty hunters boasted their latest bounty to anyone who would listen. Shakiru sauntered right in to the large room and blaring music. He fit right in with the scene: grubby fighters trying to make their way-or, really, to make money-in the galaxy.

Niira gave Shakiru a surprised look, but it faded as soon as it appeared. With a determined look on her face she quickened her stride and scanned the cantina. If there was one thing that annoyed Niira, it was the blaring cantina music. This cantina was just like the rest across the galaxy, noisy and filled with low-lives. Niira pulled out her datapad and scanned the outline of the map Jheeg gave her. She put it back in her belt and quickly headed to her destination.

Shakiru glanced around for his freakish new acquaintance, but, not seeing her, shrugged and swaggered over to a group of bounty hunters with whom he was vaguely familiar. Thereupon he bragged about the fight with the gangsters that he'd just experienced, swishing his hair pompously. Minutes later, one of his cybernetics beeped and Mako's voice swam through his head: "Don't get cocky. Go and talk to Nem'ro, you need his sponsorship."

Shakiru took his leave of the inferior, rookie bounty hunters and made his way across the cantina and through the largest archway. When he reached the end of the corridor, he happened upon a pretty twi'lek secretary. Normally, he would have stopped for a chat, but a warning from Mako made him continue on down another corridor to his left.

Niira sauntered in to a barren looking room with few patrons inside. From the corner of her eye, Niira spotted a dark skinned human and a rattataki woman. Niira quickly changed her direction and headed towards the two conversing aliens.

When Niira drew nearer, the human turned to address her and the rattataki walked into a room behind them.

"This is Karrels. Tell the throne room that the Blade's arrived." Karrels motioned for Niira to follow as he walked into the same room the rattataki did. Niira kept a brisk pace and glanced around the large room as she followed Karrels.

At the far end of the room, a hutt, most likely Nem'ro the Hutt, lounged with two slaves in front of him.

Niira's focus shifted to Karrels as he spoke directly to her.

"When you see Nem'ro stay at least five meters back and don't come up unless you're called. One wrong move and you're a pile of ash."

Niira raised her eyebrows, but nodded all the same, "I understand."

When Nem'ro motioned for her to approach, Niira did so without any hesitation.

"Allow me to present Nem'ro the Hutt-the illustrious crime-king of Jiguuna," Karrels said as the two stood in front of the slimy hutt.

""So, the Red Blade finally comes to visit the house of Nem'ro. Great honor comes to the both of us," Nem'ro said once Karrels disappeared from view. "You are younger than I imagined...but youth is good in a business partner. Ha!" Niira smiled politely even though she was disgusted by the Hutt's antics.

"Now, let us see if the legends of the mighty Blade's generosity are true. What have you brought me and my clan?" Niira glanced at the table that held the crate filled with Nem'ro's gifts. Jheeg had sent them as soon as she returned to his hideout. Niira would've arrived before they did if it hadn't been for the fighting. Karrels began pulling out the trinkets and Niira smirked as he investigated the contents.

"I've brought you glorious treasures of course!" Niira's voice held a slight tone of mockery as well as a boastful pride.

Niira was busy examining her surroundings and didn't realize that Karrels had backed her claim by listing off the luxurious items that she sent them.

"You are an impressive creature, Blade. You may conduct your dealings on Hutta with my approval." Niira's eyes snapped back to the Hutt and she grinned at him falsely. "I am grateful for your permission, oh mighty Nem'ro."

Nem'ro began introducing Niira to his lieutenants, but was interrupted when a familiar figure approached them.

"Greetings, powerful and illustrious Hutt," Shakiru said, nodding his head respectfully to Nem'ro. He had watched the Chiss' short conversation with Nem'ro to see how the Hutt acted; now Shakiru knew just how he'd have to play it to win Nem'ro's favour.

"What are you doing here, little bounty hunter," growled a green scaled alien.

"I am here to request the chance to prove myself to his honour," Shakiru replied gruffly, his hand twitching toward his gun.

Niira's eyes narrowed as the annoying red headed cyborg interrupted her meeting. "Sorry, but I believe you'll have to wait to schedule this meeting, bounty hunter," Niira all but growled at the man.

"Actually, it was scheduled for this time," came a voice from the shadows.

Shakiru smirked at "The Blade" and turned to see who had spoken. It was the rattataki. She had cold white eyes and a haughty face. Despite her appearance of fragility, Shakiru could tell that she was not to be reckoned with.

Niira's glare swerved to the rattataki before she resumed glaring at the bounty hunter. "Well, I'll just go about my 'business' than. Until we meet again Nem'ro." Niira hesitantly bowed before she followed Karrals to the bar behind them. He told Niira about his past and how he came to serve Nem'ro, but Niira only answered half-heartedly. She was still upset that her meeting was usurped by an arrogant human's "meeting."

"You want my sponsorship in the Great Hunt," thundered Nem'ro knowingly, looking down at Shakiru with judging, watery eyes.

Turning away from the rattataki with a wink, Shakiru nodded respectfully again and replied, "You know all."

Nem'ro laughed. "You flatter me. That will get you places. But not in the way your skill will. I need you to complete some tasks for me, to prove that you are worthy of my sponsorship. Only the cleverest, quickest, slimiest Bounty Hunter on Hutta will get my recognition."

"What does your honour want of me, and how much will I get for the job?"

"A hunter who knows business. We will get along. Now, I need you to go to the Evocii Camp..."

After Nem'ro had finished explaining what he wanted from Shakiru, the cyborg nodded and said, "And my payment?"

"We will discuss when you return with my charge."

"Very well, mighty Nem'ro." Shakiru bowed just enough to convey a sense of respect for the nasty Hutt, and then left the room, his mind on the task ahead.

After the human left, Karrels gave Niira directions to her room. Niira immediately skirted around the drunken cantina patrons as she headed to her room. When she arrived she checked everywhere for any hidden surveillance devices before she established a connection with Keeper.