Episode 1: New Roads

This is an extended version of a one-shot that I thought had amazing potential to become a main story, this is basically a rare pairing between Ash and Princess Salvia. There will be other pairnings in this story but they will only get a small shred of light in this story.

Ash: 17

Princess Salvia: 16

Disclaimer: I do not own the pokemon franchise.

(Normal POV)

Princess Salvia had been sitting in her room on her own thinking about the day she participated in a pokemon contest for one time, it was a great moment for her winning her only ribbon, but sadly she longed for more of an adventure, she looked over to her closet to find an outfit that her doppelganger gave her, Salvia walked up to the outfit and looked at it for a moment, she picked it up and smiled at the memories of that one contest.

"I only got to see what a contest is like, I want to see the world," Salvia pointed out as her smile turned to a frown, she looked at the outfit and started to think about something, 'what is the world like outside these palace walls? What dangers are out there, I need to experience them for myself,' Salvia thought while getting ready to change her outfit.

Salvia walked up to her room window until a familiar person walked into her room, "how is my daughter going?" asked a woman with long blue hair wearing a white dress, "you seem very low in confidence Salvia," her mother said in concern.

"Mom, I want to see the world, I want to experience the frill of pokemon battling to its fullest extent," Salvia confessed seriously.

Her mother looked at her daughter with concern as she saw her holding onto the outfit one of her new friends got her, "Salvia my dear the world is a volatile place, so many dangers, you need to stay here where it is safe," the woman told her daughter with a smile, she walked up to Salvia and took the outfit from her and placed it back into the closet, "your new friend gave that to you to remember her, I am not sure that her and her other friends would be happy if you left the life of a princess," Salvia's mom pointed out with a frown.

Salvia watched as her mom exited the room, she walked back towards the closet and pulled out the outfit that Dawn gave her, "I will see the world, even if it means defying me parent's wishes," Salvia told herself as she exchanged the clothes she was wearing for her friends clothes, "sorry mom and dad, there is a bigger world out there, staying in this palace would only prevent me from finding out what is out there," Salvia said calmly.

She looked out the window to see a beautiful day with the green fields and pokemon flying over the fields, a few white clouds dotting the bright blue sky, "if I can just get out of here," Salvia thought out loud after putting on the outfit. She walked up to the window and looked down to find that it wasn't to high up, "alright here I go, time to see the world, good bye mom and dad," Salvia said while jumping out the window, "I will come back safely," Salvia promised as she ran towards the palace entrance.

A maid knocked on the door of the princess's room, she opened the door without looking, "Lady Salvia, it's time to," she looked around I shock as the person she was referring to was not in the room, she looked up to the window to discover that it was open, "not again, the king will not be happy to discover that his daughter is on the run again," the maid said with a saddened expression, "guards, send out a message, tell the rest of the guards to find the princess," the maid told the guard standing at the other end of the hallway.

"Ma'am," the guard saluted promptly as he ran away from his post to help with the search for Salvia.

Salvia looked around to see the guards running over the place to search for her, "great, this place is crawling with my family guards, I need to find another way out," Salvia told herself, she looked around keeping an eye out for an opening, "I will not be denied I want to see the world," Salvia kept repeating to herself.

Salvia looked around until she spotted her father standing at the palace entrance, "guards what's going on?" the king asked with anger.

"Sire, the princess has escaped her room, we are trying to find her," one of the guards said with a salute.

The kings anger grew as the news of his daughters escape reached his ears, "find her, I don't want her to be in any sort of danger!" the king ordered the guards.

"Dad, you are too protective, I will follow my ambitions, I said I will come back safely once I have seen the world," Salvia declared as she looked around until she found an opening that allowed her to get outside the palace walls, "yes, now I will see what's outside the palace walls," Salvia said in celebration, Salvia quickly snuck to the opening without the guards knowing she was around, she finally made it to the opening and walked out into the open world, "dad, I don't want you to worry too much," Salvia said with a smile.

Salvia followed the road until she reached a large seaside city, she looked around amazed at the thing she was seeing, "Wow, such tall buildings, so many lights and look at how many people there are," Salvia said with naivety, she continued to look around the massive city, "amazing, I have never seen anything like this before," Salvia told herself while trying to find her way around the city.

While Salvia was looking around the City, Ash was walking through the same City on his own, finding information about the next Pokemon League that was set to take place in this region, "great, there hasn't been a Pokemon League in two years," Ash said with disappointment. Ash looked around when he spotted a young bluenette wearing a white blouse with a black vest, a pink scarf, skirt and boots as well as a white beanie with a pink pokeball design, "what? I thought Dawn was in the Johto region competing in the contests there," Ash wondered.

Pikachu wondered what was going on, the young lady was looking around like she had never been in the city, "I am so lost," Salvia told herself with slight fear.

Ash quickly ran up to the young woman, "Dawn, I thought you were in Johto," Ash said after running up to the young lady, Salvia looked at Ash in a perplexed manner, "so where's Piplup?" Ash asked in a puzzled manner.

"Sir Ash, it's so good to see you again," Princess Salvia said with a smile.

Ash was hugely surprised when he heard the bluenette's mannerisms, "wait a second you're not Dawn, then must mean you're Princess Salvia," Ash said with shock, "what are you doing here Princess Salvia?" Ash asked with great surprise, "you are wearing one of my friend's outfits, but what reason do you have for leaving your duties?" Ash asked with slight anger directed at the royal.

"Sir Ash I want to see the world, I want to experience a lot more than what I have been taught by my tutors and through books," Salvia said with a frown, "I understand that there are dangers that I don't know about, but I want to learn about them through real life experience," Salvia told Ash with a grin.

"But Princess, there are people that could take advantage of you position as a royal, there dangers that could get you hurt or worse killed," Ash told the young royal, "I think it would be best that I take you back to the palace," Ash suggested calmly, he tried to walk away but Salvia took his arm to prevent him from leaving, "princess, this world is a dangerous place, I can't see one of my friends getting hurt," Ash told the bluenette.

Salvia looked at Ash with tears rolling down her face, "I know about the dangers, but how do I know what the real world is like if I don't find out for myself?" Salvia asked Ash while crying, "please Sir Ash, I have a request for you," Salvia said with renewed determination, "please take me with you on your travels, I don't want to be stuck in a palace all day for the rest of my life, I want to see the world," Salvia requested with a smile, Ash just looked at her with shock at the strange request that was being given to him, he looked at Pikachu for a moment, "please Sir Ash," Salvia begged with all her might.

Ash looked down to the ground in submission, he let out a sigh of disbelief before raising his head to look into Salvia's bright blue eyes, "Alright, but I have three conditions, one we need to get you a new outfit," Ash replied calmly.

Salvia looked at the outfit that Dawn gave her and shook her head, "sorry Sir Ash, I can't do that," Salvia remarked with a frown.

"Salvia, if we don't get you a new outfit, the people of the palace will recognize you, think of it as a disguise," Ash told the royal with a smile, "come on, let's get you some new clothes, I doubt Dawn would be happy to see a mirror image of herself during our travels," Ash told Salvia with laughter.

"Okay Sir Ash, I will get some new clothes," Salvia said with a little less excitement. The two walked to the nearest shop that sold clothes.

"That brings me to condition number two, please stop being so formal, no need to call me Sir Ash, just call me Ash," Ash requested with a smile. "If you use formality, people will recognize you very easily," Ash instructed Salvia calmly while the walked into the shop.

Ash waited for Salvia to put on the new set of clothes that she had chosen from the selection, after a moment of waiting Salvia walked out of the change rooms with a pair of denim shorts, another white blouse an open black vest, a white and pink have with a pokeball design and black and red shoes, "So Sir Ash what do you think?" Salvia asked with a smile on her face.

"Why do I bother? I told you no formalities, but the outfit is good enough for now," Ash said trying to keep calm, Ash walked around to find Salvia a bag, "this back pack will do just fine, now time to pay for the clothes and the bag," Ash declared with a smile.

Salvia walked up to the front counter with her purse ready to be opened, "Alright I will pay for it," Salvia proclaimed with a smirk.

Ash walked in front of her to prevent her from paying the items with her money, "no, it would be better if I pay for the items, you're rich so paying this stuff with your money would make it easy for the guards and you parents to track you down," Ash told Salvia wisely.

They walked to the Pokemon Center after exiting the shop, "Ash, right we have a message for you," a pink haired woman in a nurses uniform said with a smile, "Professor Oak wants you to ring him as soon as possible," Nurse Joy told Ash with a smile.

Ash walked up to the phone and pressed the numbers in to call the professor, "hey professor, I heard you have a message for me," Ash said happily.

The elderly man nodded in approval with a smile, "yes Ash I do have a message for you, I have received a letter from your mother," Professor Oak pointed out, "it says you have been invited to the masters challenge, to enter you need to collect seventeen pins from the different pin masters in a full battle," Oak told Ash with a smile.

"So where do I get these pins from?" Ash asked with curiosity.

"It seems like you have to travel through all the regions to battle these masters, they will all specialize in all types of pokemon and you can start in any region you want," Oak told the young trainer with a smile.

"Send them a response, tell them I accept the masters challenge," Ash said with a smile.

"That's great news, after collecting the pins, there will be a tournament in an undisclosed location," the professor pointed out with a smile, "my Grandson will be partaking in this challenge as well, he says he wants to reignite his rivalry with you," Oak pointed out, Ash smiled at the news that Gary will be participating in the challenge as well.

Ash closed the call off and walked back to the table with Salvia. Salvia looked at Ash with a smile on her face, "so you will be in a masters challenge, I want to participate in the Pokemon Contest while I am learning about the ways of the world," Salvia told Ash after he had ordered the meal on the menu.

"Third condition we need to get you a starting pokemon, we will do that tomorrow," Ash directed calmly. "First we need to get some sleep, things will calm down tomorrow, oh an I think we need to give you a name, we can't be using your real name out in public places like this," Ash told the princess calmly.

"But Ash, what would I be called?" Salvia asked with a smile.

Ash thought for a moment until an idea popped into his head, "how about Sakura?" Ash asked with a smile.

Salvia thought for a moment as the new name, "so now that I have a new name for now, a new image, will that be enough to throw off my pursuers?" Salvia asked with a frown, "it isn't like this disguise will last forever you know, my dad and my mom will find out soon enough," Salvia said with a frown.

"Well Sakura, it will be enough for now to help you experience what life is like outside your palace, the sheltered life you once knew is behind you now," Ash told the princess calmly, "it's getting late, time to go to bed, the rooms aren't five star, but it is enough to help you get to sleep which is what you need, tomorrow I will help you capture a pokemon," Ash told the bluenette as they walked to their respective rooms.

Outside the Pokemon Center a mysterious man was standing on the roof of the building, "so the princess seeks a free life, yet her escape has opened the door for me to take the throne she will inherit," the man said with an evil laugh, "make sure to capture the princess alive, I need her as ransom for her mother and father to abdicate the throne, once I take power I will rule this region with an iron fist, first Sinnoh, then the world," the man said before jumping off the building.

"Sir, the royal guards are searching for the princess as we speak, they have broadened their search outside palace walls," one of the soldiers said with a salute.

The man let out a laugh as he started to walk out of the city, "so my brother is so concerned for my niece's wellbeing that he would start the search for her this early on, he doesn't realize that this situation is perfect for me," the man said as he was followed by his personal guards, "let her go for now, I don't want to create a scene so early in my plans," Salvia's uncle declared before disappearing into the night.

(Eight hours later)

It was early in the morning Ash was already awake waiting for the princess to walk out of the hall way, eventually she walked out of the hallway, Ash looked around to see the early morning rush, "Sakura, what took you so long, you want to travel, yet you take nearly all morning to get ready," Ash said with slight anger.

"Yes but Ash, I needed to make sure that my hair was perfect and my bag was packed," the bluenette said with a smile, "isn't it true that it is better to be prepared than not at all?" she asked with a smile.

"Sakura, I plan on starting the master's challenge in my home region of Kanto, but before we head there we need to get you a pokemon," Ash told the royal, "also, I will only use your real name when we aren't in public," Ash whispered before walking out of the Pokemon Center.

Salvia just stood there and thought about what Ash was doing, "Ash wait for me," Salvia called out to Ash before exiting the building. The two walked out of the city to a field containing pokemon of every type and shape, Salvia looked around for a moment, she looked around until she found a group of blue and white serpentine pokemon, "Dratini, I want that pokemon," Salvia proclaimed.

Ash walked up to the creature and got ready to battle it, "alright now that we are out of public eyes, I can call you by your real name, but remember this, your family will still be looking for you," Ash told the princess with a concerned look on his face, "so you want Dratini?" Ash asked with a confident look on his face, "alright I will battle it but I hope you know how to throw a pokeball," Ash said while handing a pokeball to Salvia, "Pikachu, use Volt Tackle," Ash commanded with vigor.

Pikachu charged up a powerful attack while charging at the small dragon type pokemon, the attack landed with great ferocity knocking the dragon back, Salvia watched as Ash battled the dragon type pokemon, 'amazing Sir Ash is doing everything he can to help me,' Salvia thought while watching the battlewith great intent, Salvia watched amazed at how well Ash and his pokemon were communicating, 'the battle is so exciting, I wonder will Ash teach me this sort of stuff?" Salvia thought while her focus remained on Ash.

"What? That's Dragon Pulse," Ash said with anger, Pikachu quickly dodged the attack, "nicely done buddy, now show them Iron Tail," Ash commanded with confidence, Pikachu charged at the small dragon type pokemon as his tail started to harden up, Pikachu slammed the steel type attack on the small pokemon pushing it back again.

'Amazing, Ash is in his area of expertise, I was wondering what a real pokemon battle would be like,' Salvia wondered while witnessing the intense battle between the trainer and a wild pokemon, 'Dratini looks really tired, from the looks of Ash's face he is getting ready to finish this battle off,' Salvia thought as she watched the battle.

"Pikachu, time to end this battle with Thunderbolt," Ash commanded with confidence, the electric mouse charged up for a powerful attack and unleashed a mighty blast of electricity on the tired dragon type, Ash turned his gaze back for a moment to Salvia who was holding onto the red and white device, "Saliva time to focus, throw that pokeball now, take aim, concentrate then throw," Ash instructed the princess with confidence, Salvia threw her pokeball accurately at the dragon type pokemon.

Ash watched the pokeball wobble while Salvia gulped as she waited for the moment until the pokemon was finally officially caught, the sound of the pokeball signaling a successful capture brought a broad smile onto the princess's face, "Yes I caught Dratini," Salvia celebrated happily.

Ash picked up the pokeball and handed it to the princess, "now you will need to take care of this pokemon," Ash told her with a smile.

Salvia happily took the pokeball from Ash and looked into his eyes, "thank you Ash, I really appreciate it," Salvia thankfully told Ash, "Ash, that battle was so good, can you teach me how to battle like that?" Salvia requested again.

"There she is," a female voice called out, Salvia turned around to find one of her maids looking for her.

"Salvia, they are going to chase us for a while, are you sure you want to travel with me, they aren't exactly going to forgive me if you travel with me," Ash said with a sigh, the guards and the maids got closer, "what a pain, might as well hand you in," Ash said with a grin. Salvia looked Ash with fear before he let out a laugh, "handing you in, well that was a joke," Ash said in laughter.

"Ash, please I want to see the world," Salvia requested with hope. Ash dropped his head for a moment and thought about what to do next. The people got closer and closer, Ash took Salvia's hand and they both started to run away for their next adventure.

"Fine you will see the world, but you need to stay with me while we travel," Ash said with a smile as the two ran away from the maids.

"Very well Ash you will be my knight," Salvia said happily while running side by side with Ash.

"Lady Salvia please get back here, your father is so worried!" the maid yelled out in concern.

"Tell my dad that I will come back safely, there is so much I want to see!" Salvia yelled back as she started to followed Ash to destination.

"Salvia, if I get into trouble for all of this," Ash started with anger before being silenced by the princess.

"I will take full responsibility, plus it was my idea in the first place," Salvia pointed out with a smile on her face, "I want to see your home region and all the other regions, I want to learn more about the Pokemon Contests, I want to see more of your battles Sir Ash," Salvia confessed with a smile.

"What have I told you about formality?" Ash asked in annoyance. The duo continued to run through the fields while running from the guards, "I told you not to call me Sir Ash, just call me Ash," Ash requested with slight anger.

Salvia burst out into laughter, "so we get to stay in fine hotels and eat at fine restaurants?" Salvia asked with a hopeful smile.

Ash looked at the young royal with a smirk on his face, "nope, there will be some nights where we will camp under the stars," Ash proclaimed much to Salvia's annoyance, "I take it you don't like the fact that camping under the stars?" Ash enquired with a cheeky smile.

"No not really Ash," Salvia pointed out with sadness.

"You will love it princess, the night sky is beautiful and plus I can cook meals for the both us and our pokemon," Ash stated happily, "I got an extra sleeping bag in case I had a traveling companion, it seems like you are the extra traveling companion," Ash explained with a grin on his face.

The duo slowed down when they realized they weren't being chased by the royal guards and maids, "alright I will do this camping thing, not sure what it is," Salvia submitted with concern, "your cooking better be of top quality as well," the royal demanded with a grimace.

"Oh come on Princess, I am not that bad, I have only cooked for myself and my pokemon, so cooking for an extra person wouldn't be so bad, plus as you would put, Sir Brock taught me how to cook," Ash said with laughter at the end of his sentence as the two laughed for a moment.

Salvia stopped laughing for a moment and looked at Ash, "Ash, I want to laugh many more times like that alright, I want to enjoy my adventure," Salvia declared with a grin on her face.

(At the palace)

"Sire, it seems like we have lost your daughter, she is traveling with a male companion about her age, wearing blue jeans, a white and blue jumper, a red and white hat with a blue pokeball design," one of the guards pointed out with shame.

The king let out a long sigh with the news that was presented to him, "why does my daughter want to see the world so badly, it is dangerous with my brother out there," the king said as he collapsed back into his throne, "I was only wanting her to be safe," the king said with a heavy feeling.

"Sire, what are your orders?" the guards asked, they waited as the king stood up with new confidence.

"We are to find and bring her back, I will be leading in the search, my wife will stay here and run our kingdom," the king said as he got ready to leave on his journey to find the princess.

Meanwhile outside the palace the kings brother was standing with thoughts of his plan rolling through his head, "soon brother, I will take the one which you hold most dear, your daughter, I will use her to wrest power from you," the kings brother said with a dark smile, "it should have been me that was to become king, but our father and mother denied me of my rightful place as king, now I will take it by force," the kings brother pointed out with a menacing laugh.

He watched as the gates of the palace opened up, four Rapidash charged out of the gates, "men, the time now to bring the princess home!" the king yelled out as they rode off in search of Salvia.

"Perfect he has left his kingdom wide open, but I will still bide my time still, there is no point attacking the queen, I must take the king, like in a game of chess," he said before walking away from the palace walls.

I have changed Salvia's name as it is part of the story, her appearance will be that of Hilda's appearance from the games. Remember that she is traveling the world while on the run from her own family so a new identity and appearance will help her get around.

Alright the first chapter of what looks like will be a nice story, (very long story due to the master's challenge) has just began.

Will the king find and bring his daughter home? What of the kings Brother? And will Salvia learn what the real world is like?

Next time in this new story. Episode 2: Escape from Sinnoh