Episode 26: Kept Promises.

This is the final part of this book, with the lead up events to the Johto Saga which will be the next book. This episode will be a little fluffy but that doesn't bother me so much, please enjoy the final episode of the Kanto Saga and I hope to see you all in the Johto Saga.

Ash, Salvia, Misty and Cilan jumped of the large blue pokemon while looking at the small town just north of the sea, Ash looked around the vast green fields, windmills dotting the landscape, the small houses with little red roofs and the large lab dominating the scenery at the top of a hill, he closed his eyes and thought about his travels with the princess, "it's great to be back even for a little while," Ash stated calmly as the gentle breeze blew pass the group as they started to walk into the small town.

Salvia walked next to Ash while looking around in amazement, "amazing, this place doesn't change much," Salvia said happily as her Raichu broke out of her pokeball again, she ran up to Ash's Raichu and grabbed onto his paw, "seems like my Raichu loves yours," Salvia pointed over to the Raichus with a smile.

After walking for an hour Ash and the traveling group made it to the Ketchum residence and got ready to walk up to the house, "I wonder how mom is going?" Ash asked himself before knocking on the door.

The group waited for the door to open, "coming, just hold on a moment," a familiar voice called out as the trainer heard footsteps approaching the door. After a few minutes the door opened with Delia greeting them with a smile, "Ash, it's been a while," Delia said as she hugged her son Salvia watched this scene and started to smile, Delia looked over to the princess and smiled at her, she pulled back and walked up to Salvia, "so how is my sons girlfriend going?" Delia asked in a teasing tone.

Salvia looked to Ash and closed her eyes, "I am doing just fine," Salvia said politely as she bowed to Ash's mother, "I have made sure that your son has been a good man," Salvia said as she looked back to see her friends laughing at Ash.

Misty walked up to the brunette and pulled out a book from Ash's bag, "yeah and everyday, she makes sure that Ash studies Maths and forces him to read a book a day," Misty pointed out much to the displeasure of the trainer.

"Lady Delia, would it be alright if I borrow your kitchen? There is something I would like to do," Salvia enquired as the mother allowed her in.

Ash walked into the house with his friends following closely behind, he spotted the princess working in the kitchen but didn't worry about it so much, "I will be heading out for a little while," Ash said calmly before walking back out the door, Raichu followed the trainer as he walked towards the gate, the trainer looked down and smiled at his partner pokemon, "sorry buddy but can you spend some time with your girlfriend?" Ash asked his pokemon only to be shocked by his Raichu, the electric mouse walked back into the house while leaving his trainer on the ground after the viscous attack, "I was only joking," Ash said with a smile, he struggled back up and walked out of the gate.

Ash walked down the street on his own walking away from the house towards the shops, "I want to surprise Salvia tonight," Ash told himself while noticing the small pink pokemon hovering next to him, "you know Mew, I really don't want you to interfere tonight like you did on Cinnabar Island," Ash told the rare pokemon with a smirk as the two continued towards the shops, "also I don't think it would be a great idea if you get seen by other people," Ash told the pokemon as the legendary disappeared to prevent from being spotted by other people.

Ash walked into a shop and spotted a suit that would be great for him to wear on the date for the night, he looked around the shops to find the perfect suit for his night out with the young royal, he finally found a suit that worked for his needs, he picked up and looked at the black suit with a white shirt, he looked at the price to find that it was within his range. The trainer walked up to the front counter with the suit and paid the full price.

Ash walked out of the building with the suit in his hand, he flung it over his shoulder and walked around to find the perfect place to eat at, "well this is a first time for me," Ash said with a smile as he walked from restaurant to restaurant to find the perfect place to eat at, I don't want to eat a Pokemon Center, I want the best place possible," Ash told himself as he left another restaurant, it was an hour of searching when he finally found the perfect place to eat at, he walked up the maître 'd of the restaurant with certainty, "I would like to have a booking for two tonight," Ash requested to the man with great confidence.

After making the booking and assuring that everything was set he walked out of the building, he looked up to the hill again and smiled, "well after we have dinner together, maybe was can look at the stars," Ash said while walking back to his home.

Meanwhile Salvia had finished what she started and placed the basket of biscuits and cakes at the front door, "I am almost done," she said as she spotted the trainer getting closer to the house, "no, I can't let him ruin the surprise," Salvia said with a hint of urgency, she quickly made it to the back of the house and placed the basket there to make sure that Ash didn't ruin the surprise.

Ash walked up the steps and ignored the princess , Salvia saw Ash enter his room with a bag over his slung over his shoulder, she looked over to her friends and shrugged her shoulder, "princess why not get ready for tonight," Cilan told the princess with a smile while Misty pushed up the steps.

"How did you two know?" Salvia asked her friends as she stared at them in shock.

"Ash left his X-transceiver on without realizing," Misty pointed out with a cheeky grin.

Salvia made it upstairs and walked into a room, she placed her bag on the bed and started to pull out her royal robes, "finally I can spend some time with Ash alone," Salvia said with a confident grin.

Misty and Cilan waited for a while as they heard one of the doors opening, they looked up the stairs to find that Ash was wearing a nice suit. Ash walked down the stair way with his face blushing from wearing a suit, "I have never worn such a thing," Ash said as Cilan pulled out the camera, "you still have that?" Ash asked his friend with a drawn out sigh.

While Ash was complaining about Cilan holding onto the camera another door opened this time the young royal was walking down the stairs wearing her royal attire, her hair was at the same length, she walked down the steps elegantly with her eyes closed, Ash couldn't move his gaze from Salvia as she got closer to the ground floor.

"Salvia, wow you're beautiful," Ash said while his heart was pounding in his chest at a quickening rate.

Salvia opened her eyes and looked at the trainer who was wearing a suit, she walked up to him and extend her gloved hand to the trainer, "Ash, you look great," Salvia said with a smile before turning to her friends she spotted the camera and grabbed a hold of Ash's hands, she wrapped her arm around the trainers arms and nodded at Cilan, "please I want to see a picture of this," Salvia requested as her friend nodded happily, the camera flashed as Salvia and Ash smiled for the picture.

Ash looked to his Raichu and smiled, "make sure the rest of the pokemon stay here," Ash instructed his starter pokemon calmly. Ash looked over to his mother who was adoring the fact that her son was dating a real life princess, "we will be back later on," Ash told his mother as Misty opened the door for the duo.

Delia followed Ash and Salvia out the door and waved at them, "remember Ash, you better act like a true gentleman," Delia said as Cilan and Misty started to laugh at their friend while Salvia continued to cling to Ash's arm.

The two walked down into the main part of town with the lights starting to switch on one at a time, Ash and Salvia continued to walk through the main street looking at the shop windows on the way to the restaurant that Ash had selected for them to eat at. The site of Ash and Salvia walking through the main street of Pallet Town attracted many eyes of people who were walking by, "look at that young lady, she looks like a princess," some of people said while Ash and the young royal continued to walk down the street.

Ash and Salvia finally made it to the restaurant of choice and walked in, the two waited for the person in charge, they looked around to find multiple tables with candles all alight, they attracted even more attention, eventually the person in charge walked up to them, "excuse me I made a booking for tonight," Ash said with a smile.

The maître 'd looked in to his list of bookings, "who am I looking for?" he replied calmly as he continued to look through the list of bookings.

"Ash Ketchum, for a table for two," Ash retorted as the man finally found the trainers name.

He walked from behind the desk and escorted Ash and Salvia to the best table in the building, Ash moved the seat back and signalled for the princess to sit down, "I will be sending a waiter to this table very soon," the maître 'd said with a smile as he walked off to find his best waiter.

Ash sat down and looked at the princess happily, "I bet you were waiting for a night like this," Ash said with a smile as the young royal looked around at the fancy restaurant.

Salvia turned her gaze to the trainer and nodded, "you know we have earned this break, I am glad I can spend some time with you, just the two of us," Salvia said sweetly as a man wearing a waiters uniform walked up to their table, holding menus in his hands, "seems like we will be ordering soon," Salvia stated happily.

"My name is Jake, I will be your waiter for tonight's proceedings, he I have your menus," he said while handing out the menus one at a time to the couple, "I have also brought you both a bottle of spring water," he said while placing the bottle of water on the table with a glass for each of his customers, "I will be back to take your order in five minutes," he said before politely walking off to get his stuff ready for the order.

Salvia and Ash looked at the menu so they could decide on what they want to eat, "so many options," Ash said while looking at the first part of the menu.

Salvia looked over to Ash and smiled, "Ash, I don't want to order dessert, I will tell you why later," Salvia said calmly before looking back to her menu. 'He is right so many different options,' Salvia thought as she found an appetizer that sounded good for her, "Ash, I know what my orders are going to be," Salvia told Ash as the trainer nodded.

Ash grinned as he already had his order ready, "that's good, I have a meal that I order from here often," Ash stated as they put down the menu.

After another couple of minutes the waiter, "are you two ready to place your orders?" the waiter asked with a smirk as he grabbed out his pan and order pad. Ash and Salvia placed down their orders for the meals that they respectively wanted, the waiter wrote down the orders with great precision, "so for the young lady we have a minestrone soup, followed by a veal schnitzel with gravy and salad, and for the gentleman we have a club sandwich with chips and salad followed by a Beef Vindaloo," the repeated their order quietly before heading off to place the order into the kitchen.

Ash grabbed the bottle of water and started to tip the water in the glass, "Salvia, would you like some water?" Ash asked quietly, the princess nodded in reply and handed Ash her glass, Ash tipped the water in the glass and put the bottle down, "so what kind of surprise do you have in store for me?" Ash asked the royal as she sipped her drink.

Salvia placed the drink down and glared at Ash, "I will not be telling you a thing Ash, you just have to wait for the time," Salvia said calmly as she waited for her meal to arrive.

"I just hope we don't get interrupted this time around," Ash said with a slight chuckle as he grabbed his glass, he took a sip of his water. After having a small sip of water he looked into the princess's gentle eyes and smiled, "how about our next date we go to Goldenrod City in Johto," Ash told the princess quietly.

"Is that city nice?" Salvia asked in response.

"What, you want to choose something for us to do the next time we spend some time together?" Ash asked the bluenette whose eyes brightened up even more, "I will take that as a yes," Ash replied to his own question.

"How about in a nice field where there are lots of grass and bug type pokemon in the area?" Salvia asked as the waiter returned with the orders of food in hand, "next time we will have a picnic," Salvia told Ash as she looked down to see the marvellous food in front of her, "wow this looks great," she said as she grabbed the spoon.

Ash looked down at his sandwich and grabbed the first half, "time to eat," Ash said happily before taking a large bite of the sandwich as Salvia politely started to have her soup, Ash looked up and smiled at the young woman who was sipping her soup quietly, "Salvia, come on we aren't in the palace," Ash said with laughter.

Salvia noticed a bit of the sandwich on Ash's face, she grabbed a napkin and lent in to remove it, "if you eat your food at a slower rate, you have less chance of making a mess and suffering from indigestion," Salvia explained with a worried look on her face, "we are here to spend time together, so please take your time and enjoy the moment," Salvia advised Ash who was busy eating his food, "why do I bother?" Salvia asked as she politely continued to have her minestrone.

Ash finished his first part of the meal before Salvia, but the royal wasn't far behind, "that was great," Ash said while moving his plate in front of him.

As time passed on Salvia finished her soup and gently wiped her mouth with her napkin, "that was fantastic," Salvia decreed happily as the two waited for their waiter to come back and take their respective empty plates and bowls, "so Ash, have you come up with an answer yet?" Salvia asked her love quietly.

Ash looked at the table and sighed for a moment, "no, not yet Salvia, I was hoping to get the answer by tonight." Ash said with a saddened looked on his face; Salvia placed her hand over the trainers and quietly gazed into his eyes, "what if I don't come up with an answer?" Ash asked with slight irritation.

Salvia smiled at the trainer and rubbed his hands smoothly, "no need to worry Ash, I will be with you, I know you will come up with something," Salvia said sweetly as the waiter collected the empty plate and bowl, "I know that this is a long time off, but how about finding your answer along the way and giving it to me once we are done with our travels," Salvia told Ash happily as she moved her hands away from Ash's.

Ash smiled at the royal and let out a little laugh, "you're right Salvia," Ash replied to Salvia's wise words while waiting for the last part of their meal, "you know something, I feel that I am real lucky to have you with me," Ash professed as the waiter walked up to the table with the respective plates of Ash and Salvia, the two grabbed their respective utensils to start eating their main meals.

The two quietly ate their meals as the trainers face started to heat up from the curry he had ordered, Salvia noticed this and started to giggle at the trainer, "you ordered the hottest meal on the menu," Salvia pointed towards the plate of food, Ash nodded with a smile as he grabbed another lot of the spicy meal and placed it in his mouth, "oh well, not like I can do anything to stop you," Salvia pointed out as she quietly cut up her food and placed another portion in her mouth.

The two ate in quiet as they finally completed their main meals, "that was great," Ash said happily as he pushed his plate in front of him.

Salvia took the last bite of her meal and moved her plate in front of her, "this place is amazing," Salvia stated with great joy, "why this place in particular?" Salvia asked the trainer in front of her.

Ash looked around called for the waiter, "well you see my mom use to work here, sometimes the boss gives free meals to ex-employees," Ash told the princess calmly as the waiter handed over the bill, "but my mom refused, she said she only wanted some of the recipes this restaurant uses," Ash explained as he picked up the bill, he noticed that Salvia was picking up her purse, Ash moved his hand to prevent Salvia from taking money from the purse, "no Salvia, I am paying for it," Ash told the young royal as he grabbed out the sufficient fund to pay for the meal.

"But you have been paying for everything I have done," Salvia said with a slight frown, "there is no need for you to be gentleman all the time," Salvia instructed Ash but the trainer didn't relent he was adamant to pay for the bill with his own money. Salvia watched Ash walk up to the front counter with his money to pay for the for the meal they both had, 'he has to do everything himself,' Salvia thought as the trainer returned to the table to leave the establishment.

"Come on Salvia, time to go," Ash said as they walked out of the building, suddenly Mew appeared in front of them causing Ash to get a little angry at the pokemon, "Mew, please leave us for tonight," Ash told the pokemon with slight frustration.

Salvia walked up to the pink pokemon and whispered her instructions to the pokemon, "come Ash, I want to see the stars tonight," Salvia told Ash as she took his hand and forced him to come along, "I want tonight to last a little longer," Salvia said greedily as she pulled Ash away from the main street, she let go of Ash's hand knowing now that Ash had little choice but to follow her to where she wanted to go, "you wanting to protect me has led you to this hill right?" Salvia asked the trainer as she walked up to the basket, 'thank you Mew,' Salvia thought as she grabbed a blanket and unfolded it so she could sit on it and share some of the goodies inside the basket with Ash.

Ash walked up to the blanket and sat down next to Salvia, "so a late night picnic was your surprise?" Ash asked quietly as the princess happily nodded her head. "On the best hill in the entire town, here we can either see the lights of the entire town or have a look at the night sky," Ash explained everything to the princess, she looked up to see a crescent moon over their heads, "I use to come here often," Ash said quietly as he looked up to look at the sea of stars twinkling brightly in the dark sky.

"I could never hope to see such a sight, I was always in the palace, being the sole heir to the thrown has sort of made my life miserable," Salvia explained as she grabbed a tin filled with biscuits and pulled out a few cupcakes, "here I made these for us," Salvia declared as she handed some of the sweets to Ash.

Ash looked at the items and grabbed one of them gently, "thanks Salvia," Ash gratefully said before taking a bite of the small cake, he closed his eyes as the taste of the cake overwhelmed him, "Salvia this is amazing," Ash complimented the young royal as she watched him enjoy her baking, Salvia soon took a bite from her creation, "you seem to be enjoying it as well," Ash pointed out as he finish the small cake.

Salvia finished her dessert and fell back on the blanket to look at the night sky, "Ash, what other places are really nice?" Salvia asked the trainer as she turned her head towards him.

Ash then fell back and looked into the princess's gentle blue eyes, "there is a place called Floraroma Town, I will not tell you too much because you have to see it for yourself," Ash told the young royal as she leaned her head in the trainers shoulder, "then there is the Dragon Shrine in Johto which will be the last place we visit in that region," Ash said before the bluenette interrupted him.

"No need to tell me anymore, just show me those places," Salvia instructed Ash as she looked up to see more of the stars. Suddenly a star shot across the inky night sky, "Ash, a shooting star," Salvia pointed to the star as it disappeared entirely.

"I saw it to," Ash said with a smile as another couple of stars shot through the night sky, "a rare sight, I have an idea, how about we wish quietly on those stars," Ash told the young royal as she nodded happily, 'I wish to find my answer soon,' Ash thought out his wish before opening his eyes.

Salvia sighed quietly and smiled, 'I want Ash to be with me, never to leave my side,' Salvia thought while opening her eyes, she gazed into Ash's brown eyes and grinned. Salvia closed her eyes and thought about something that seemed more reality than ever, she pictured their wedding day with thousands of people watching that special day, "I can't think of that straight away," Salvia told herself as she opened her eyes and a bright crimson red appeared across her face.

The trainer removed his hat and gazed into the princess's eyes yet again, "now this time we will have no one to interrupt us, not even Mew," Ash stated as he placed his hand on the bluenette's face. A silence fell between the two as they looked lovingly into one another's eyes, no one around them to interfere with what was about to happen next, Salvia moved closer, eventually after what seemed like forever passed their lips made contact.

They both closed their eyes with confidence that no one or nothing was going to stop this moment, they felt the world shake around them and fireworks going off inside them, 'it was better than the last time,' Salvia thought as she placed her hands on Ash's face.

Ash couldn't believe the feeling he was experiencing, it was now an indescribable feeling, his heart was racing ready to fly out of his chest, 'amazing, is our bond stronger now? Or are we meant to be together?' Ash asked in thought.

The two pulled away after what felt like time had stopped around them, the two smiled at one another and sat up, "Ash, I love you," Salvia declared as she sat next to Ash, she placed her head on the trainers shoulder again.

Ash placed his arm around the princess and smiled at her, "I love you two Salvia," Ash professed with great confidence as they looked down to see the lights of the town twinkling like the night sky, "time for us to go home," Ash said but the princess kept her seat and closed her eyes, "Salvia, it's getting late," the trainer pointed out with a frown.

"No Ash, just a little longer please, I want to spend more time with you without others watching us," Salvia said sweetly as closed her eyes, "I don't want you to let me go, even for a second," Salvia told Ash as she started to go to sleep in the trainers arms, "I am loving tonight," Salvia said quietly before her sentence could end she fell asleep.

Ash looked down and chuckled slightly, "don't worry," Ash said calmly as he picked himself up and picked up the princess to carry her home, "Mew, can you please take this stuff to my home?" Ash asked out as the small pink pokemon appeared in front of him as he walked off with the princess in his arms, he looked down to see the princess snuggling in his arms with a bright smile on her face, "sweet dreams my angel," Ash said quietly while walking home.

I hope you all enjoyed this sweet Episode, the story in Kanto has come to an end, now time for Ash and Salvia to face the next challenge in Johto.

Next time book 2: Episode 27: Devastating News

Yes this episode was a little fluffy, but I don't care, I just thought it would be great for Ash and Salvia to spend some time together without their friends and pokemon getting in the way.