AN: A series of one shots surround Bones's and Christine's return in s7. I don't how long Hart plans for them to be gone, but I'm going to say 3mths for this story.

This is my first fanfiction story in oh...5 years I think, and my first Bone's one. Let's see if I can back in the swing of things.

Disclaimer: The show characters, etcetera, etcetera are not mine.

The First Night

The first night he doesn't sleep. Not a wink. He sits slouched in the bed with Brennan under one arm and Christine snuggled between them. He knows they shouldn't have the baby in the bed, knows the safest place for the baby is in her crib next to their bed, but he'll shoot everyone in a mile radius before either of his girls are out of touching distance. Speaking of shooting – his fingers feel the cool metal under his left hand. Jesus Chirst, he's got a freakn' gun in the same bed as his child. It's wrong, but he can't help it. His eyes are trained on the bedroom door; locked. Every window, blind and curtain is shut, bolted...heck he's surprised he didn't hammer planks across the front door. Bones is snoring softly under his arm and he doesn't sleep.

She's there when he unlocks the door. Still in her coat and heels, standing immediately from the chair she was sitting in and staring at him. He can't breathe.

"Here." She says. She's walked quickly to stand in front of him holding Christine out at arms' length, the baby gurgling at him. "She's here, she's fine. She knows who you are. I talked about you everyday...all day. I...I taped your picture to the seat so she saw you everyday. She hasn't forgotten. I'm sorry I took her..." Her words are coming faster and faster, her tears have turned to sobs, but she's still holding the baby out to him. In a trance Booth takes his daughter and the very real weight of her in his hands is enough to break him. Bones is suddenly in an iron grip against his chest and he sinks to the ground sobbing like there's no tomorrow - for all he cares there needn't be. She's here; Bones is back. Christine is back. Somehow Bones manages to free a hand and slam the front door shut before trying every which way to crawl inside Booth's skin. It's a total mess of limbs and somewhere between them there's a baby getting slightly squished. Booth sobs for hours.