AN: The next instalment. I also have a third one; though it's not quiet finished and I have a bit of a writer's block on it. Enjoy this though and I will get back to you.


Looking back Booth realises that Brennan was very, very tolerant of him in the days after she re-appeared in his life. Then again, looking back, after what she did (despite it being for a good and logical reason, he knows), she damn well owed him. He follows her around the house like a lost puppy...a lost puppy that's glued itself to his masters' leg. Christine hasn't touched the floor or crib since she's been home; Booth won't let go of her except when Brennan needs to feed her or she needs changing. So carrying the baby, Booth follows Brennan from the kitchen to the laundry; from the nursery to the bathroom; down the stairs and out to the washing line. Not because he thinks she will leave again, but because he fears if he loses sight of her she will disappear.

While she knows that their feelings, their behaviour will not be normal for some time, Brennan is determined that the house return to normal as soon as possible. So though they haven't gone grocery shopping in a week, nor visited Angela and Michael, she does the washing. She watches TV and leads Booth out to the garden so Christine can get some fresh air. All the while she talks. She tells Booth where she's been, what she's been doing. She tells him every developing detail he's missed about Christine. She tells him she missed him, that she stole photos and took them with her even though it was dangerous.

She figures Booth has not been eating well while she was missing; she's knows she didn't eat well either. So she cooks – determined to get them both healthy. It's difficult. But if it means sitting on Booth lap every breakfast while he holds Christine, and sneaking him spoonfuls from her bowl of porridge then that's what she'll do. He hasn't spoken all that much since she returned, still a little shocked that his nightmare is finally over. She knows this and she continues to be as normal as they were, hoping the familiarity will ease him back.