Anakin jumped over Obi-Wan avoiding his lightsaber and slices his body in half. He saw his blood and interal organs slatter on his boots, he vomited a bit and kicked Obi-Wan's body into the lava. He sat down on the floor and watched as his old master sank into the river of lava. He was releaved Obi-Wan was dead and finally out of his life, Obi-Wan had always made him feel like a faliure when he critized him, yell at him for nothing, and most importantly when his mother died. After a while of watching the lava Anakin heard Padme's ship leave.

"Oh my God, Padme!" He had just remember the terrible thing he had done to his wife. He raced back to his starfighter hoping he can catch up to them. Once he got into the starfighter he realized it was late for him to follow them now that they were to far gone. He just stayed in his starfighter worring about what might happen to his wife he had loved so much.

Meanwhile. . .

"Senator Organa, the autopilot on the ship is headed for Courscant we will meet you there at a nearby medical center."

"Very well 3PO I will have medical doctors ready for her, and how is the senator"

"Mistress Padme is unconscious, I do not know why."

"Alright 3PO I will see you at the medical center then".

When the message ended and the ship was just arriving to the planet. Once it landed C-3PO exited and ran up to the Senator.

"She is inside the ship lying down"

Senator Organa walked into the ship and carried Padme into the emergancy room where she would be treated. He laided her onto the emergancy table. After Bail had talked to the doctors in a distant from Padme she had woken up. She had no idea where she was and started to freak out a bit.

"What is happening?" "Where am I?" "Where is Anakin?"

"Padme you are in the hospital and I need you to understand that we need to operate the children right away."

"What do you mean?" "Why do I need to operate the children now?"

"Uh, the doctor wouldn't tell me" he lied.

Padme knew something was up but she did not want anything terrible happen to her babies. "Alright senator"

After giving birth to the children Padme whispered "There's still good in Anakin" into Bail's ear and she died.

Suddenly Anakin bursted into room wearing a hood covering his face. He held Padme's hand. "No! I'm too late!.!" He cried and kissed Padme's cheek knowing he was the cause of his wife's death.

"Anakin, I..." He put his hand on his shoulder.

Anakin was so angry at that point. "Don't Fuckin Touch ME" Anakin pushed Bail's hand off him.

"Anakin, I was just trying to help."

"Why didn't you save her in time?!" He used the force to lock all exits and lifted up Bail Organa choking him with all his might.

"She... had... no... chance..."

"YOU LIAR!" He pulled out his lightsaber and stabbed the Senator over 20 times. Blood covered the floor and Anakin's clothes.

The only thing the 4 doctors could do at that momment was hold the children and fear for they're lives.

Anakin looked at one male doctor shaking while holding his son. "What is my son's name?" he said very angrily

"Luke. Luke Skywalker, sir."

"Give me my child Goddamnit!"

The doctor handed Anakin his son, while holding Luke with one arm he stabbed the doctor in the heart with the other. Luke started to cry. Anakin smiled and used the force to put him to sleep, he set his son down on a nearby he turned to another male doctor holding his daughter.

"And what is my little girl's name?" Anakin smiled looking at his daughter sleep peacefully.

"Are you going to kill me?"

Anakin's smile faded. "I said what is my Child's FUCKIN NAME?!

"Leia!" "Please do not hurt me, I beg of you!"

Anakin then grabbed his beautiful girl and took laided her next to Luke. Then he used force lightning on the doctor.

"Now do you two want to live?"

They both nodded yes.

"Good all i want you to do is take my children to my wife's ship and I will let you live that simple"

The two other doctors did as they were told and took the kids back into Padme's ship.

When Anakin was about ready to leave he felt someone's precence. He was furious.