"It seems the Emporer forgets that I too am powerful with force." Anakin lifted the chainsaw a bit so that it pointed to the guard's throat.

"Please do... do not kill me! I Beg Of YOU!

"Where are my kids?"

Your children are in the room next door about to see the same fate as the Emporer did, I asure you they're alright... for now. Please don't kill me! I promise you will not see me ever again."

"I know" Anakin chainsawed his face in half, dropped the chainsaw and stabbed his chest. Blood was splashed all over Anakin's face. He then bursted into the room and was stunned by what he saw. Luke's head was cut off and Leia was beaten to death. Anakin saw a trooper with a chainsaw and another with a lightsaber that originally belonged to Master Fisto. Anakin lost it! He used the force to get the lightsaber and cut the troopers skull, blood was spilling from the troopers eyes, nose, and ears as he laid there dead. The other trooper triedto chainsaw Anakin's arm but Anakin broke the chainsaw in half with his lightsaber, kicked the trooper in the stomache and stabbed his over 52 times. He was stabbed soo many times in the face it looked like an animal had bitten into his face and peeled off his skin. Anakin fell to the floor crying. Everyone he could ever love was dead all because of him betraying the Jedi.

"Why did I do that? Why did I listenin to that bullshit Palpatine told me. I hope his old shitty flesh is rotting in hell. I HATE HIM!" Ankain looked over at his lightsaber blood and pieces of his enemy's organs were on it.

"There's only one way out of this shit." He picked up the lightsaber pointed it into his heart and ignited it...