dragonball z and winx club fan fiction crossover

This winx fanfiction is similar from dragomball z android saga and cell saga

but the character of dragonball z will be in this fanfiction too.

Disclarmier:T don't own winx club or dragonball z

Chapter 1 The Girls from the Future

The Future in 25 years

On Planet Zenith Tecna and Timmy created a Time Machine for Tia,Nephthys,Kiara and Jasmine

of Bloom,Stella,Flora and Layla to go back in past and warn the winx in that time

about the Mecha-Monsters.

Now the 4 girls go into the time machine and go back into past 25 years ago


Now the 4 girls is in the past.

and see her mothers and fathers in teen years.

They're see them are prepare for the battel.

"Hey look it our parents in teenagers!"Said Tia

"Wow They're look like us!"Said Nephthys

"I think we in a time when the Wizrads of the Black Circle are come to revenge."Said Kiara

"Wait!look!"Said Jasmine

The 4 girls from the future see the Wizrads of The Black Circle are coming with

the pink snake-like creature.

"I will never let that guys hurt my parents."Said Nephthys

Nephthys transfrom into Believix Fairy and destroy pink snake-like creature in one shot.

Now the others are follow her to fight the Wizard of the Black Circle.

"Who are these girls?"Asked Stella

"Who are you?"Asked Ogron

"We come here to defeated you!"Said Tia

"Hey Ogron they're look like the winx!"Said Anagan

Gantlos make the earthquake but they're faster than him.

Now Jasmine use Morphix Tidal Wave to captured Gantlos and

Nephthys use Sun Strom to destroy him.

Ogron and Anagan couldn't believe it.

"They're easy to killed Gantlos!"Said Anagan

"That's impossibles!"Said Ogron

"How dare you!"Said Anagan

Anagan ran to them but the they're faster than him.

Kiara created Spring Ring in front of Anagan and he hit it

now she use Summer Thunder to attack and destroy Anagan.

"You gonna paid for destroyed my group."Said angry Ogron

Now Ogron use everypower that he's have to attacked the daugthers of winx.

But Tia fle upon him and use Dragon Firer to destroy Ogron.

Now the Wizard of The Black Circle were destroyed.

Later the winx meet them future daugthers and they explain the worst nigthmare of them to

them parents.

"You are my daugthers?!"Asked Stella

"Yes."Said Nephthys

"Oh so that mean why you beauty like me."Said Stella

"Next 5 years rigth?"Asked Bloom

"Yes mom."Said Tia

And now the future 4 girls are back to the future.