Chapter 1

It was a sunny day in Ponyville. The sun was beaming with warmth as it hits Applejack's face. It was just like every other day. Applejack was picking apples with her brother, Big Mac. Applebloom and her friends are playing around the farm, trying to get their cutie marks.

The cutiemark crusaders were at the barn, playing with the animals there. They fed the horses, the pigs and the chickens. Everything went well, but when they looked at their flanks, they were still blank. "Awe…we tried everything! And we still haven't got our cutiemarks" Sweetie belle groaned. As they were about to leave the farm, Applebloom saw a big cart on her right. "Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo! Come an look at this! It's mah brother's cart! Let's all have some fun!" Applebloom suggested.

They pulled the cart outside, sat inside, and a little push was all the cart needed to move. They all screamed in excitement, they liked to feel the wind on their faces, and in their hair. They have never felt this fast before.

Applejack was enjoying herself under a big apple tree; Big Mac was still picking apples. She watched as her brother worked and thought about helping him. 'Boy...Ah sure wanna help 'im pick all those apples, but ah've been workin' mah ass off, a little rest can' hurt…' With that thought she fell asleep.

Big Mac saw her falling asleep and chuckled. "tha's one more apple pie for me" he laughed. He was humming his favorite song while picking apples off their tree, that bold farmer picked all the apples in their farm in a jiffy. And then went to the barn to check on the animals.

He was surprised and confused to see all the animals have eaten already. He thought about it for awhile and came to an answer. "Applebloom…at least they did somethin' and didn't mess up" he said. As he looked around, he noticed that his cart was missing. "…ah should've known", he sighed.

Applebloom and her friends are still having fun on that cart. They laughed and screamed, until Scootaloo noticed that they were going towards sleeping Applejack. "Guys! Were gonna crash!" she shouted, "oh no! How do we stop this thing?" Sweetie belle asked. "ah dunno! It's not mah cart!" "It's all your fault applebloom! If you hadn't found the cart, we wouldn't have been in this trouble!" "Mah fault? Ya'r the one who didn't stop me!"

Big Mac was just coming out of the barn when he saw applebloom and her friends about to hit sleeping applejack." AJ! WAKE UP!" he shouted. "Huh? Wah?" Applejack was awake when she saw the cart rushing towards her but it was too late.

"Beep…beep…beep" applejack woke up to the sound of the beeping. "Ngh…Big Mac? Where...Am I?" applejack asked." At the hospital" he answered clear and short. "…t'was applebloom wasn't it?" He nodded his head and said "Ee-yup". "Where's she?" "At home, sleepin', ya'll won't be able ta work at the barn for a couple a weeks, ah'll handle it" "can ya? Ah mean it's a whole lotta work…" "Ee-yup" "aight".

As they finished talking, applejack's friends burst right through the door. "APPLEJACK!" pinkie shouted. Her voice is very loud, everyone was covering their ears. "Pinkie Pie! This is a hospital, please be quiet!" twilight scolded, "Applejack, are you okay?" fluttershy whispered. "ah'm fine, just a lil' scratch is all". Everyone was surrounding applejack, and asked her thousands of questions. Everyone but rarity. She just stood there and watched her friend lying on the hospital bed.

Big Mac noticed her. He always has. From the first time they met, to this day. She was beautiful, generous, kind and sweet. Although he knew that he was not on the same level as she is, so he decided that his love will always be a simple crush.

"Howdy, Miss Rarity" he greeted. Rarity was a little surprised by him, "oh, hello, Big Mac…I'm truly sorry about your sister" she apologized "why'r ya'll sorry? It's applebloom who's supposed ta be sorry" he said. "…yes, applebloom and her friends, including sweetie belle…" she explained, "Rite…" "I will ask sweetie belle to come over tomorrow to apologize, to you and to applejack". "Oh ya'll don' hafta apologize ta me" "she broke your cart" "as long as she's fine, ah'm okay", he added. Rarity smiled to him, he smiled back.

"Umm… guys, I'm sorry, can't stay long, I have a lot of orders to do, and you get well soon, darling, take care" with that she left. Although she didn't say anything, Big Mac knew something was up. He watched as she left the room. Twilight then sat next to him, "you noticed too, huh?" "Ee-yup" "she has been like that since last week. I asked her about it…she said she was fine, but I don't trust her" "Ee-yup" "…can you say anything but "Ee-yup"?" "Ee-yup" "Ha-ha…you are such a joker".

Rarity went back to her boutique, went inside, tucked sweetie belle after she scolded her, of course, then went downstairs and continued her work. When she was done, she took a bath, changed into her night gown and laid on her bed. She didn't close her eyes; she just stared blankly at the ceiling and started to cry. Sweetie belle can hear her. She's been like this for 3 days now. It started when she went to Canterlot.