Black Rose: Hi guyz!

Oga: What the hell are you brightly chirping for?

Black Rose: Ah! Nice timing Oga! How about you do the Disclaimer?

Oga: *Scratch ear with pinky* Nah.

Black Rose: *Glare* Do it. Before I DO IT.

Oga: *Yawn*

Black Rose: *snaps fingers* Hilda..

Hilda: Here you go young mistress.. *hands Baby Beel*

Black Rose: DO IT.

Oga: OI! HILDA! Is there something to eat?

Black Rose: *Put Baby Beel on Oga`s back.*

Oga: Oi!

Black Rose: Gomen Beel-chan. *Takes away rattle*



Black Rose: you want another round?

Oga: *Twitch* B-Black R-ose has nothing *Twitch* t-to do ab-about Beelzebub and I-Inuyasha. *Twitch*

Black Rose: Glad I made myself clear!

:*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# :

Chapter 1: Arrival of the Demon Queen

`It looks even worse than it sounds.` she felt the oncoming headache probing her brain as she stared at the evil looking graffiti littering the school`s walls.

`Aniki is such an ass for transferring me here.`


"What is the meaning of this?" Kagome asked Sesshomaru, who was lounging in their sofa.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you dare play dumb with me mister!" she accused as she thrust the transfer letter in front of Sesshomaru`s face.

"This is the test Im talking about. I want to know if you can handle yourself in that school." That reason made Kagome looked at her brother idiotically. Slamming her fist in the coffee table, brows twitching, she yelled her frustration.


"Stop babbling .You're going there. End of discussion." With that, Kagome sprinted towards the direction of dojo to blow some steam.

~Flashback End.~

So now here she is. She knew she have to be ready, so instead of the uniform; she wore a black leather skirt reaching mid tight with spandex shorts underneath, black long sleeve shirt with white tie and a black bokken in hand.

Tossing her long silver streaked hair over her shoulder; she stepped inside the well-known, Ishiyama high.

:*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# :

Oga, as usual, is on the rooftop with Furuichi.

"Ah!~" squealed Furuichi; making Oga and Beel blink. Furuichi only squeal like that when he got sight of a-

"BEAUTIFUL!" He sounds more enthusiastic than normal.

"Eh?" Asked Oga.

"Look! Look! Look!" Oga followed the line of sight Furuichi was practically drooling on.

Only for him to have the same reaction. She has pale skin, stormy silver eyes, an hourglass figure, long creamy legs that probably go on forever and an unusual silver streaked jet black hair.

He felt something foreign churned in his stomach at the sight of the new student. But before he even manage to contemplate it, he noticed that the girl was now surrounded by men. Well, that completely pissed him off, much to his confusion.

:*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# :

"Hey there miss, mind if we have some fun?" a disgusting voice sounded from behind her. She immediately ducked when she felt arms attempted to hug her from behind. As she straightened up, she now realized she was currently surrounded; approximately five or more thugs. It took all of her control not to gag when she got scent thick veil of lust emitting from the said thugs.

"What do you want? I don't have enough time as it is." She irritatingly asked.

"Don't worry hunny, we got all the time that we need." He made a move to touch her only to cry in agony as he suddenly found his wrist broken beyond repair.

"Touch me, you die." She ominously glowered; making the others shake momentarily. Remembering their number, they all shared identical grins before advancing towards the female.

Just before Kagome can deliver the wrath of her bokken, a `thing' suddenly dropped down the sky, landing in front of her.

"Oi, oi. It`s bad ganging up on girls you know." She felt her miko ki pulse in defense the moment she felt youki encircle the area.

"O-Oga!" the thugs cried out in surprise.

"D-damn it. We have to retreat." Yelled the other. They were about to turn tail and run; when suddenly, all they saw was a black blur, and then, all went black.

:*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# : :*&^%$# :

To say Oga was surprised was the understatement of the year. All he saw was a brief flicker of her image and her fingering the black bokken she now gripped in her hand and the suddenly knocked out cold thugs.

"Thank you for the help even thou that is not highly needed." He heard her talk. He usually doesn't give a damn about the opposite sex, but he always did appreciate it. Now that he observed her closely, she had an aura around her that screamed confidence and authority, similar to his. And much more to his surprise, he practically felt power pouring out of her pores in waves. Then, something clicked.

"Will you have my child?" Kagome merely stared at him. Years of experience completely left her immune.

It took moments before his own words puzzled itself inside his head. He, for the first time in his long wild life; have the decency to blush.

"I-it`s not like that!" he hastily said. Waving his arms like mad.

"It did sound like that to me." She easily countered. She could admit that he is cute.

"N-no, I mean." He plucked Beel out of his back before thrusting baby Beel into her face.

"Will you take him?" Kagome just stood there, blinking.

'Well, did not see that coming. It`s the same action for Miroku but it is COMPLETELY different in meaning.` she looked at him with her artic stare in at least half in intensity to see how he`ll react.

She might say so herself that she`s a tad bit impressed when he only sweated bullets. Usually they feint or run.

"Hm, names Taisho Kagome." She casually introduced.

Oga looked at the girl as if she grew a fluffy head full of chocolate fudge and all. Is this girl normal? Even Kunieda at least reacted a little.

"O-oga Tatsumi"

"So…." She drawled out, her cute pouty lips forming the shape of a cylinder making Oga`s look to stray for a minute before bouncing back up her face.

"Mind if I ask you the reason you have a demon in your grasp? Not to mention, the demon prince even?" the moments those words left her lips, she gracefully turned around, raising her hand, pointer and middle finger poised out, she successfully stopped a blade. Her silver eyes contacted with shocked emerald ones. She examined the blond before her. Then, her eyes flashed in recognition.

"Oh, I see." Kagome calmly stated before flicking her wrist. The blade spun out of Hilda`s hand before landing on Kagome`s. Grasping the blade, she respectfully bowed down as she offered the handle.

"Nice to meet the acquaintances of the demon King." Hilda narrowed her eyes at the statement. She attacked this woman seeing that she have a huge amount of purifying ki. But she cant shake of the feeling she knew this woman from the past.

"Aww, you cant remember me?" Kagome feint a hurt look. "And you used to braid my hair while singing; 'Nee-chan! Nee-chama!'. My, am I that unimportant?" Oga cant help but look at Hilda to Kagome and vice versa.

Hilda looked confused for a moment. Oga watched as her emerald eyes widened the size of dinner plates as she finally looked at Kagome with a new light.

"How are you, Hildegard?"

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