Joanna woke up with a severe medicinal taste in her mouth. She coughed and tried to move, but the ropes that bound here were extremely tight.

"About time you woke up," Cassandra said.

Joanna recoiled considerably. Was this the same Cassandra that had valiantly saw the error of her ways and made a heroic sacrifice to buy her a chance?

"I saw you die on the Attack Ship," Joanna managed.

"Cassandra? Oh, no, my name is not Cassandra," she replied. "My name is Samantha, and you shall be responsible for the death of my sister!" she spat.

"What are you planning?" Joanna asked.

"Cassandra was much too conservative, even if she seemed reckless in the views of other people," Samantha babbled. "I intend to take over the world, and the Skedar will help me accomplish this feat!"

"The Skedar are scum. They will never live up to their promises," Joanna sternly remarked.

"You mistrust the Skedar. Once Earth is put into submission, they have given me an offer to govern the planet. An opportunity I simply cannot refuse!" the new Datadyne CEO shouted, verging into madness.

"Why didn't you just kill me?" Joanna asked.

"Your punishment must be more severe. Once the United Nations is ashes and I have become ruler of the world, THEN you have my permission to die!"

"You also play an important role. Tell me what you know about the Institute and MI6. What are their plans, and how much do they know about the state of this company?" Samantha interrogated.

"Over my dead body. I want a lawyer," Joanna spat.

"Very well. I'm surprised you have not noticed yet, but we took some of our best doctors and extracted your baby here." Joanna's eyes widened in shock as the doctors brought in the baby, injected with various IVs and having a health monitor.

"You have a healthy baby boy," Samantha said. "Now, if you don't cooperate, we'll slowly abuse the baby until it dies an excruciatingly painful death. Oh, and now that you aren't pregnant anymore, we will not be afraid to use sexual violence to obtain the information we want. We have plenty of guards who would love to violate that wonderful body of yours."

"You are pure evil," Joanna proclaimed with disdain.

"No. I am the Carrington Institute's reckoning," Samantha replied proudly. "And speaking of your friends, it is they who I will ruthlessly destroy first. Now, shall we begin the interrogation?"