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Chapter nine

Faro POV

It was only when I saw her, after all her treatments, blood transfusions to replace what she'd lost, tubes stuck out of her, and things were stuck to her, monitoring her heart. Conor had explained all of this in the space of about ten minutes, after I explained what I was doing in the Air. It was only when I saw her like this, that I became a monster, and I experienced what I'd only ever heard about – Tears. I had seen the children, and they were locked in little plastic tubes that made sure they grew to a proper size before they were taken away. A girl called Rainbow refused to be downcast at the situation, and brought me cups of a vile liquid called coffee.

Conor walked up, and sat next to me heavily, "So, you chose my sister over Ingo. Wow. Um, not that I don't admire it, but why?"

I shrugged, "I never truly chose Ingo, but if I choose Air first, I can always go back to Ingo. I'll follow Sapphire."

It was plain and simple, it made sense. If Sapphire chose Ingo, I would go home, if she chose Air, I would stay in this harsh world, and if she never recovered, I would ensure the safety of our children before following her beyond. I looked at her again, and she looked almost like she had when we were eleven, peaceful, and she was smiling. It made me upset for some reason, to think that she was somewhere that she could be happy, rather than here, with the people fretting over her.

I remembered what had happened when she had hit her head, I spoke similar words, "You did it once, and you can do it again, wake up!" Her eyes fluttered open, and I nearly wept with joy.

Sapphire POV

Shock. Joy. Confusion. Faro's face looked into my eyes, and fog surrounded my brain.

Am I dreaming still? No, there was too much pain. It felt as though someone had forced yogurt through my veins. Faro touched my face. My eyes travelled downwards, and I saw a pair of tan legs, poking through shorts, despite the wintry weather. I nearly fainted with the shock, but kept my bearings.

"You, um, you look different." I couldn't say too much in a hospital packed with doctors, but he understood.

A laugh barked from his throat, "I look different? You're the one who gave birth to twins, haemorrhaged, had a blood transfusion, and slept for three days! I suppose you're right though, I do look different." The twins.

My head snapped around in worry, looking for arrows to where my babies might be. My hand fell to my stomach, flat, empty. I felt empty. I was missing the two who had lived with me for six months. Panic flooded my heart, and crept up my throat, but Faro took my hand, and I calmed.

"Ssh, they're in tubes called incubators. They're fine, but we have to wait a few weeks to take them..." He trailed off, and I knew why.

"We're taking then home, to my home."


I was right. We did take them home, and Faro said he would stay with me as long as I needed him.

"I'm sorry Faro, but that's not possible." I said, a smile playing on my lips.

His face fell, "Why not. Sapphire, I thought you knew, I – "

"I love you, and I'll need you forever." I leant forward, and stole a kiss, and pulled back from his surprised face, "Oh, baby, you have so much to learn about the Air."

This puzzled him, and he held out my son to me, thinking I was talking about that baby. I laughed.
Kerry gave me a big hug, and Mum called to meet her grandchildren. She told me that Roger and her had decided to stay in Australia, but they could come back and get Kerry. I wouldn't let them,saying we'd miss her too much, and secretly noting that I'd like to be the one around her when the sea came knocking. Mum approved of Faro, and said he could live in our house on the condition that she would have no-more grandchildren for about five years.

I was happy, truly happy, because I could still visit Ingo, but I had my own little family. Rainbow moved into Conor's attic, Kerry moved into my old room, and Faro and I took over Mum and Dad's old room, with the twins. We all resolved that we'd build an extension on the house, because if Rainbow and Conor got married, they'd surely have children.

I looked down at the twins, now sleeping peacefully, and turned to Faro, "I've found some names, but I wanted to know if you liked them."

"I'm not sure, Kerensa-Lowenna is pretty hard to beat."

"Well, these have no connection to the sea, but I loved them. I figured they'd find the ocean without any help. Tegen for a girl, and Menadue for a boy." I looked down in case he didn't like them.

"I love them." His voice was beautiful, and I fell into my piece of happiness.

Twelve years later

Rainbow came home from the hospital with her daughter in her arms. Faro, Conor, and Menadue looked at each other in exaggerated exasperation. It made the total un-balanced even more. Now there were two more girls than there were boys. Conor had the small consolation of choosing the name.

"I'd like you all to meet Bronnen." He said with pride. No-one could have normal, English names, in our household. We were happy though.

Menadue and Tegen showed a high level of intelligence, and used their cunning against teachers at school. Kerry now went by her full name, Kerensa-Lowenna, and had a boyfriend, who seemed to be firmly ground in the Air, and she treated everyone with the typical air of a fifteen-year-old. Faro had learnt quickly about the human world, and worked in eco-projects, specifically those which were centred around the sea. Conor helped him, and Rainbow worked in retail. I was the stay at home mum, minding the twins, Kerensa-Lowenna, and after Rainbow returned to work, Bronnen. I was content enough that I might never have another adventure. I did yearn for Ingo sometimes, and I knew that there were days that Faro almost left and returned to the sea, but he never did.

As he had said, "I love Ingo, but I can't live without you." It was cheesy, but it made sense.

As I told Conor, I came back for him, and never lost myself to Ingo.

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