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What if there was no war? What if dad and father were not killed? What if I wasn't the Pandora's Box? Would I live peacefully? Would I meet Mikage, Hakuren, Castor-san and Labrador-san? ...Frau? What would it be like?

Raggs Kingdom

Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs a noble prince from the country of Raggs. With bright emerald eyes he captivated his people with his gentle gaze. He was the treasure of the kingdom of Raggs. At the age of 15, he lived happy and contented surrounded by people who love him and ought to take care of him...

Today was a big day to that certain prince for today was the day that the Raggs royal family should visit certain places around the opposite kingdom, the Barsburg Empire. This act will show that the alliance between the two countries is still working. It is also a duty a prince should learn at an early age.

But it seems like his father has something interesting in store for him...

"Ne, Tiashe? Do you want to do something interesting while doing your visit?" said his father while smiling gently at his beloved son. His father had been nothing but gentle and understanding to him. He always had time for Tiashe no matter how busy he was with political affairs.

Now, that caught his attention. "Eh, what do you mean dad?" asked his curious son. They walked in each other's company strolling through the vast greenery in the castle's garden.

"What do you say if we change your name while you're in the Barsburg Empire?" the king prompted with a playful smile spreading across his lips. "Its going to be our little secret, what do you think?"

"What do I think? That would be wonderful!" the young prince's exclaimed as his eyes glinted with excitement. A shine that didn't last long as he realized a tiny flaw in the plan. "...But, don't you think it's improper for a king, to let his son travel like that? And aren't I suppose to be there when we visit the Barsburg royal family?" Tiashe complained with a pouting face.

"Hmn, you're right," his father pondered. "That's right it's improper for a king like my self to do something that reckless but, it's something I thought of for a while." A serious furrow in his brows took as he faced his son squarely in the face. "Listen Tiashe, I love you and I want you to be happy. I know I was never happy being locked inside this castle all these years, that's why I'll do this for you. And you don't have to worry about the meeting, let your old man take care of it."

Tiashe's eyes soften. "Dad..."

"Now then should I call you Teito Klein? Klein was your mother's maiden name. What do you think? Do you like that name?"

Instead of an answer the young boy offered his father a bright smile. The boy couldn't contain his excitement much longer. This would be his first time exploring out side the Raggs kingdom. He didn't think he could wait any longer.

"Teito, I have informed the guards about our little secret you wouldn't mind them guarding you from afar wouldn't you. Even if you're just Teito Klein you're still my precious son after all." said his father while patting his head lovingly and almost apologetically.

"Eh? I guess I don't have a choice do I?" he sighed begrudgingly. He knew he wouldn't be that free anyway. There would still be some risks after all.

The king smiled. "Be careful Tiashe..." said the king while kissing the forehead of his one and only beloved son.

"Alright then! Shall we get going now, your highness?" said one of the prince's loyal body guard, Mark. Mark, along with Agas and Karan had been with the prince of Raggs for as long as he could remember. He and his father trusted them with their lives, this made them perfect for the job entrusted to them.

"I told you, at least call me Teito while we're traveling, Mar-kun!" Tiashe –who is now Teito- practically whined. Not that he would ever admit it.

With a low chuckle the humble guard gave in, "As you wish, Teito-sama."

Teito flinched with the unfamiliar and foreign title."I-I guess that will have to do." He hesitatingly accepted knowing that he couldn't really push his luck.

"It's seems like you like your new name a lot Teito-sama!" Agas exclaimed cheerfully.

He did love the name. It was from his mother's maiden name, somehow it was special to him. It felt like she was with him during his first journey away from the castle. With a bit of the heaviness lifted from his heart with the knowledge of his mother's illness, he decided to dedicate his first time outside to his mother.

"Now then shall we go Teito-sama?" inquired his guards opening the door of the carriage.

With his new resolve Teito could feel a new burst of excitement. Today would be a wonderful day.

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