A/N – A one shot fic based on a word prompt via twitter. Kneel. Enjoy!

Thorki smut. I own nothing you recognise. That all belongs to Marvel.

M rated for adult content, smut, slash M/M


It was dimly lit in the throne room that evening. The lights were low and in the flickering lull of candles and the beautiful aurora Borealis sky outside you could just about see the two tall figures standing by the window. Loki had his back to the open window, Thor stood in front of him with Mjolnir slung around his wrist. Thor breathed deeply, savouring the sweetness of the night air perplexed by his adopted brother called him here at such a late hour. Thor's blue eyes met Loki's green ones in the moonlight, "what did you want of me brother?" he questioned

"My dear brother there is something I have always wanted to try but have lacked the desire until now" Loki replied, keeping to his train of thought.

Thor nodded, "Yes, and what is it?" uncertain of Loki's unnerving caution. Loki paused, smiled slyly but not showing his teeth. He almost never showed his teeth, even though they were beautiful. He look Thor in the eyes once again, "Kneel brother," the look in his eyes changing as a desire sprung from within him causing a flush in his naturally pale complexion. Thor noticed this but gave nothing away. Thor obliged willingly and dropped to his knees and unhooked Mjolnir from his wrist standing it on end, moonlight catching its silvery sheen. Thor's blue eyes shifted back up to Loki again meeting their wondrous depths of green and black, he raised an eyebrow slightly in his brother's direction. Loki still with his eyes locked with Thor's brought a pale hand to his pants, massaging the throbbing mass beneath the tight material.

"I need my release but there is only one who can take it from me" Loki said smoothly but his voice was starting to falter a little, as his arousal grew. Thor nodded and leaned forward slowly unzipping the tight straining garment to free Loki's cock from its fabric constraints. The kneeling demi-God took a moment to admire the throbbing, turgid beauty of Loki's manhood. He took a thumb and gently caressed over the swollen veins, taking the thickness in his rough hand he began a slow and meticulous thrusting. Loki shuddered and bit down hard on his bottom lip, nearly drawing a mark of blood making his body reverberate from the twitch of pain mingled with the pleasure. Feeling his hard cock in Thor's hand was unbelievable. Even more so than what he had imagined but Thor being the cocky brother, interrupted this thought and tickled straight across the ridge of the head, "Holy...god..." Loki emitted, his vocals broken and weak clearly crippled from the intensity.

Thor acknowledged this and massaged the head some more, his other hand around the shaft pumping firmly.

Loki thrust into the hands around his member desperate and clamouring for more. And as if Thor had heard this thought emitted aloud, he felt a hand remove itself from his tip and his cock enter a warm, sensuous place dripping in wetness. His hips bucked and twitched thrusting his member into Thor's mouth which had a firm grip around the thickness of his shaft. Thor started to suck gently, swirling his broad tongue across the tip in swathes of electrifying pleasure. He quickened the pace as Loki swelled inside him, dripping a little salted juice onto his tongue. Salty but vaguely sweet, he swallowed it and sucked and licked harder and deeper, taking Loki as deep as he could making him flinch now near uncontrollably. Thor brought a hand around the shaft as he withdrew his mouth to suck, kiss and swish his tongue underneath the sensitive underside of Loki. He felt Loki twinge and swell more, hips thrusting trying to claim a release. Thor pulled off, and cupped his hands around Loki's balls fondling softly before plunging back onto the engorged cock with his mouth.

It only took a few more hard vacuum like sucks and Loki was gone. His eyes shattered closed and he released a hard, white torrent into Thor's mouth. The demi-God on his knees swallowed and sucked up the seed gladly, feeling it slink down his throat. Loki twitched for a good few minutes before pulling his exhausted member from Thor's mouth, nursing a now half-hard cock with his hands. He looked down at Thor, smiled showing the briefest flash of teeth, "Thankyou for kneeling before me brother Thor"

Thor just nodded, smiled and bit his lip wondered how much further this could have gone...