You looked into my eyes, You had me hypnotized

I Can Still Remember , Blackmores Night

This is my second Aro/Bella , just this one will be very , very ,very dramatic.

Chapter 1

( Third pov)

Bella looked at the Volturi Leader in front of her. He was black haired , tall but not overly so and handsome , at least to Bella.

He wasn't overwhelmingly beautiful like other vampires , but Bella found him very handsome.

She didn't know it at the time , but said Volturi Leader , would change her life , forever.

Alright , she knew he would change her fate , but not to some huge extent.

He held her fate in his hands.

The young Cullens , Alice and Edward , stood close to Bella , Edward was at her side with a hand around her waist , even.

Said Volturi Leader was watching Bella carefully in his peripheral vision, but it did not appear to anyone else that he was memorizing every inch of the girl.

He kept his mind clouded, as he already knew of his power. He had received all of Edward thoughts yesterday , when the boy had come to ask for his own death

Aro , the Volturi Leader , had already suspected than one day the Cullens would tell the secret to a human one day. It just happened to be this human.

He thought she was most clearly , the most beautiful human he had ever laid eyes on , but quickly dismissed the thought.

Bella looked into the Volturi Leaders eyes, and she instantly felt hypnotized. She felt like she was in a trance , and she did not like it at all.

The Volturi Leader also felt a pull to the girl, perhaps not so strong, as his mind was on other things , like keeping the mind reader out of it , but it still effected him too.

Aro looked at the two Cullens , the one whom he had seen yesterday , and the one who he had seen through Edwards thoughts.

To say Edward thoughts of his life, the girl, and the Volturi, had amused him. He knew how Edward saw the girl, stubborn, clumsy , fragile and incapable of making her own decisions wisely.

Of course, Bella knew parts of this that Edward thought of her like that, yet she continued to love him as he loved her.

And of course, Aro knew of Edwards abandonment of Bella, leaving a human aware.

Bella continued to stare at Aro , who was still sitting on his throne , smiling. A mere second had passed.

The Volturi Leader stood up, and it was only then when Bella noticed the other two.

One had longer dark brown hair ( it had taken Bella a few seconds for her to see it was dark brown and not black ) and wore a nonchalant expression with a undertone of sadness.

The other had a harsh expression, and Bella noticed that first. He looked focused and stern , and his lips somehow acquired a cruel smirk when he looked at Bella.

The one who had stood up, Bella presumed this was Aro, had black hair , some of it restrained by a clip , and a happy expression as he walked to the two Cullens and one human , who were flanked by Jane , Felix and Demitri , so there was no escape.

Bella , naturally , half hid behind Edward. She didn't usually cower away from vampires , but Aro had a strange leering look about him and Bella felt like there as a magnetic force between the two for a second , which had caused her previous actions.

" Edward, Alice , and look , Bella is alive after all. Arent you happy I didn't grant your wishes yesterday , young Edward?"

"Yes Aro" Edward replied in a bored monotone.

Suddenly , Edwards hand was removed from Bella's , leaving her feeling rather ... alone , but the Volturi leader realized something Bella had not. He found that he could not read the thoughts at her moment.

Of course , the other mind reader , Edward , had not picked this thought up. Edward soon found that Aro's thoughts moved to quickly and where mostly in Latin, a language Edward had never bothered with.

As Aro took Edwards hands to read his thoughts, Bella took this time to fully look at the vampire king.

She traced his every feature with his eyes, finding him very curious and fascinated by what goes in Edwards head. Sometimes Bella wished she knew what went on in Edwards head.

"La tua cantante" Aro said , slightly relieved that Edward no longer had suicidal thoughts , though he did not care. He had felt Edwards thirst for Bella , and now , somehow , felt a thirst for her too.

" How can you stand to be so close to her ?" Aro said, breathing slightly shakily, " Just thinking about her blood, makes me ... thirsty " Aro laughed shakily as he looked from Edward to Bella and to Edward again.

Bella's eyebrows furrowed as she watched the interaction between Edward and Aro , how did Aro know ?

" Aro can read every thoughts someone has ever had " Edward explained , once again , in a bored monotone.

Had Aro not heard Edwards usual voice through his thoughts , he would have thought this was Edwards regular was rather amused that such a person as bright ( sometimes ) as Edward ,could be so dull.

"And now you know everything, so get on with it " Edward said

Aro was both angered and amused

Had the boy not been taught to pay respect to his elders

"You are quite the soul reader yourself, young Edward " Aro began , once again looking at Bella Swan with interested eyes. He had become somewhat ... interested in the girls acceptance of vampires , and the fact that she had travel half way across the world just to save her suicidal ex-boyfriend – who is also a vampire – from the possibly most dangerous beings on earth - the royal vampire- , the Volturi , he only made him more intrigued.

Bella Swan herself was starting to feel slightly nervous as Aro looked back and forth between herself and Edward , still holding Edwards hand like a prised toy of some sort. Bella guessed that Aro quite enjoyed reading the thoughts of not only Edward , but everyone else around Edward , with the exception of her.

In reality , though, the elder of the mind-reading vampires was checking to see if they had planned on any more exposure to humankind. If so , they would all need to be disposed of , no matter how gifted , powerful or important to Aro they were.

Luckily for the Cullens , they never planned on telling a human ever again , if fact , they hadn't told Bella , she had found out herself.

"But you cannot read Bellas thoughts , correct ?" Aro asked , though he knew the answer. All of them did. Aro didn't really need to ask questions , it was more out of kindness for the boy to explain himself , and for his two brothers , who didn't have the advantage ( or was it a disadvantage , at times ?) of knowing things within the slightest touch.

"Correct " the younger vampire standing in front of Aro replied , once again , in a bored monotone , which managed to frustrate everyone in the room , to some extent.

" I wonder , would my gifts prevail ?" Aro wasn't sure to be excited or unhappy by the fact that this human girl could possibly confound him , because he could gain a guard member of great strength , or he could gain a threat to his current position in the vampire world.

"Ask her " Edward wasn't sure of Aros intentions , as Aro mostly , as mentioned before , thought in Latin , as he was probably around at the time it was used.

" Oh my , of course. I wonder , Miss Isabella , would you do me the honour ?" Aros question sounded more like a polite way of commanding her , but she was curious as to what his skin felt like. His skin looked smooth , but he was old, so there could have been a difference between Edwards and Aros skin.

Also , Bella couldn't refuse the Volturi Leaders question, because he held both her fate and her gaze at that moment, so she stepped forward , and Aro grabbed her hand almost eagerly , holding it close to his face in both his hands.

He found the warm of her hands comforting, and it took him more than a moment to realize he was not receiving any thoughts from Bella.

Bella noticed his hands were cold and actually were smooth , but had a rough texture that couldnot be described for some reason...

Aro pulled away after a second , saying

"I see nothing " Aro know realized that Bella would makea excellent immortal , a excellent gaurd member. But it wasn't only that that drew Aro to the human girl , it was how right it felt to hold her hand , to feel her skin , and so on.

Aro turned around and it appeared he was walking back to his throne , until he stopped , turned around and said ,

" I wonder if she is immune to Jane's gifts , as well. Shall we, Jane ?" the Volturi leader addressed his most valued guard , and Bella misunderstood what meat for a second. Edward of course , understood , and ran in front of Bella , blocking her from Jane's rather sadistic gaze,

Bella watched as Edward suffered. Usually , she would of ran over and asked them to stop , but she restrained by Alec , who was holding her forcefully.

"No no STOP PLEASE " she shrieked , though it sounded strangled.

Aro looked Bella once , smiling lazily , and said to Jane , who was rather enjoying herself

"Enough " he insturced simply , and Jane looked up

"Yes , Master ?" she said angelically

"Go ahead "

She smiled a little , and turned to Bella , her smile widening a little bit more at the thought of painig the human.

" This might hurt just a little " she said. Bella waited as the little vampire stared at her intently. Jane's smile disappeared as she stared at the human in front of her. Jane noticed it wasn't going to happen and made a move to pounce on Bella , but was quickly stopped by Aro , who started laughing.

"She confounds us all " he said. The net few moments were silent , and Edward reoccupied his place beside Bella , who was both freaked out and scared.

Alec went to his usual place beside his sister, slightly restraining her so that she wouldn't attack the human , as it would displease Aro.

"Well , what do we do with you now ?" Aro asked , his eyes not moving from Bella's for even a second.

In Aros mind , Edwards fate was already choosen. He would die if it was called for. Not only for exposing himself to a human , but for ruining said humans life , literally , after he left her , of course , and also , for leaving a human aware.

He looked into her eyes , leaving Bella feeling like she was drowning in a pool of crimson , and sh felt hypnotized.

It didn't take Aro long to realize that he held a soft spot for this human , and it didn't take long for Bella to realize , that her life , would never be same , since she laid her eyes on him.

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