"hi, fletcher." says chyna.

"hey china." he says to chyna.

"hey got to go to my history lesson. do know where the history class is?" she said.

"yes and what is your name?" he said as she wlked to her locker.

"oh sorry where are my manners. my name is chyna parks i'm new." she said.

"hi chyna i'm fletcher." he says.

"so i guess i should show you to the history class room." he said.

"yes you should show me to my classmates i already met you and olive." she said.

he walked her to her class room and she sat next to olive and fletcher sat next to pesley.

"hey who is the new girl?" lexi said.

"this is chyna parks." fletcher said to lexi

"well, ain't this a surprise. and hi chyna i'm lexi reed." lexi introdused to chyna.

"look, it's my first day here. so i rather you not to be mean to me on my first day here." i say to lexi unlaughable.

"i don't care." lexi says unplastic like.

"let me guess you are the meanest around here and only one problem..." i say to lexi.

"and what is the problem then?" lexi says plastic wise.

"you can't turn the entire school against me just because i am brand new around here." i said to her otherwise she had done it.

"fine but get a move on chyna." lexi says in a hurry for something.