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"I feel like I work in a florist…" Benji croaked, looking around at the numerous plants and bunches that sat scattered around the room.

"Well, being the son of a respected lawyer, you are known by a few people." Jane offered, placing the newest addition on a table opposite the bed. It was an interesting looking plant with plastic-looking leaves.

"Wait…" Benji held up a hand and Jane paused. "I like that one… can you put it next to me?" he asked with a sweet smile and Jane couldn't resist. Brandt lifted the small bunch of sunflowers from the bedside table, leaving room for the pot to sit. Reaching up, Benji grabbed the card to read what it was called.

"Spathiphyllum?" Benji raised a confused eyebrow as he turned the card over. "Ah, more commonly known as the peace lily. Yeah, I like that." He looked to Brandt, who was chuckling slightly at him. Benji ignored him and continued, looking around at the flowers. "I think I'll give some of these to Irene. I mean, I'll thank her properly for helping to save my life, but still. I think she'll like them."

"I'm sure she will." Jane smiled. "It's a lovely idea." Before anyone else could say another word, the door opened, revealing Ethan and Andrew standing in the doorway. The team leader motioned for the two agents to leave and they took the hint, saying a quick goodbye to Benji before exiting the room. Ethan smiled at Benji before following his team out, leaving Benji alone with his father. It was the first time they had been given time alone since Benji woke up two days earlier, so the tech was slightly anxious. They hadn't seen each other for so long, then when he had regained consciousness, Andrew had been the first thing he had seen. His father sat down on the chair Brandt had been using and there was a small pause between them.

"How are you feeling, son?"

"I'm actually feeling pretty ok. Still sore, but that's to be expected." Benji offered a small smile.

"Before we say anything else, Benjamin, I just want t-"

"No, dad, you don't have to." Benji interrupted, but Andrew brushed him off.

"Benjamin, please." He was firm and looked his son directly into the eyes. "I need to say this because we left things on bad terms last time we saw each other. And now I almost lost you and I just… I need you to know the truth."

Benji's brow furrowed and his head tilted slightly. "Truth?"

"Ben, what I said, what I did… I did it to protect you." Andrew watched the confusion intensify on his child's face and continued. "There were some men, some dangerous men who wanted to hurt you. They wanted to take you away to make me do what they wanted. I couldn't do that, I couldn't put you in danger like that."

Benji listened to his father speak, feeling slightly taken aback that the man would go to the trouble of throwing away his entire career to avoid his son being put in danger. It felt almost ironic to him, really, having faced the end of the world, having been shot at, rendered unconscious, attacked… He had come out of those relatively unscathed and was perfectly capable of defending himself, but he was very limited as to what he could tell his dad. Even if he could tell his dad that he could look after himself, the fact that he had been ambushed and shot in his own home didn't really give him anything to go by.

Benji's mind drifted off, travelling back to what had happened and how he had managed to be caught so off guard.

Benji walked across from the kitchen, drink in hand, and headed into his room. Humming along to some song by Coldplay that had been stuck in his head all day, he was finally going to tackle the pile of clean washing that had been sitting on his bed since the previous mission started. As much as he loved his job, he did get a bit irritated when they were thrown into missions spontaneously when they were halfway through domestic jobs.

He placed his glass down on the table next to his bed and eyed up the rather large pile of clothes that sat in front of him. One by one, he picked up shirts, jeans and underwear until they were finally all back in their designated places. As he flattened the covers on the bed, he heard a bang from another part of the apartment, causing him to freeze. Remaining perfectly still, he listened in, wondering whether it was worth going to check, however he didn't get the chance to move before there was a voice behind him.

"Hello Benjamin." He turned slowly to see a man, wearing jeans and a dirty hoodie, standing in the doorway to his bedroom. The worst part about the picture was that the man held a gun in one hand with a small piece of paper clutched in the other.

"W-who are you?" Benji asked, raising his hands and contemplating diving for his own gun, which he knew was in the bedside cabinet.

"I have a message for your dad." The man replied.

"My dad?" Benji asked, but before he could utter another syllable, the trigger was pulled. The loud bang left ringing in his ears and only split-seconds later, the pain hit him. The force threw him backwards and his knees hit the edge of the bed, causing him to fall. As his back landed on the mattress, he let out a cry, hands grappling at the gaping wound in his side. The man walked over to Benji and bent down, placing a hand on his forehead as he lowered his lips to Benji's ear.

"That's for Jamie." Benji heard the horrific mixture of evil and emotion in the man's voice and watched through blurring vision as he stood back up and threw the piece of paper onto the bed next to him before disappearing.

"Help!" he cried out. "Someone, please! Help me!" What did that man want? Why did he shoot him? Why was this considered a message for his dad? His dad lived in England now… So many questions ran through his frantic mind and his head throbbed. "Help, please! Help me!"

He wasn't sure how many times he shouted, begged, pleaded for someone to come to his aid, but he soon heard the lock on his door click. At first, he worried that the man had heard that he was still alive and was coming back to finish the job, but he soon heard a comforting voice.

"Benjamin?" It was Irene. "Where are you? Is everything ok?"

"Irene! In here, please!" His voice was almost a sob as he waited for the familiar figure to appear in the doorway. When she did, Benji saw the way her hand went to her mouth.

"Benjamin, oh god, what happened?" She rushed to his side.

"Man… shot me… Gotta call… Ethan…" Benji's voice was coming in gasps at this point and he wasn't sure how long he could hold onto consciousness for.

"Ethan?" Irene asked before remembering. "Oh, yes. Where's your phone?" Benji pointed to the table and watched as she grabbed it, however he didn't hear her asking for Ethan's surname as he slipped. He fell down until everything around him disappeared and he lost sight of everything.

"Benjamin?" Benji's dad's voice brought him back to reality and he shook himself.

"I'm sorry, dad…" he blurted out, feeling rather bad about drifting off like that when the man had been trying to put things right. Hopefully he could blame it on the pain medication.

"No, don't you be sorry." Andrew reached out and grabbed Benji's hand. "I just hope that you understand why I did what I did."

"I do. I'm sorry for getting so angry at you. I just…" Benji dropped his head, feeling wrong for getting so mad at his dad when all he had wanted was to keep him safe.

"You didn't know." Andrew spoke up. "You couldn't have known." Both men smiled softly at each other, finally understanding. To Andrew, it felt like a weight had been lifted, knowing that Benji did not hate him for what he did. To Benji, he was just glad to have his dad back.


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