"Hermione? Are you awake?"

"Mm, I am now. What's all this?"

"Good morning, then. Thought you might like some breakfast in bed."

"Really? This is all for me?"

"It's just pastries and fruit, Hermione… I can get you something more if you like?"

"No, this is great! I've never had breakfast in bed, before. Wait… is this an apology for something?"

"Oi! I can't believe you think I'd try to bribe you into good humour with food!"

"Well it works on you! Alright then, if it's not that, then what?"

"I thought maybe we could do something nice to day. Just the two of us. Like a date. And I thought this would be a good way to start it."

"A date?"

"Well it's been over a month since the war ended and you've been great for staying here and helping mum and I know I couldn't have gotten though the funerals without you, but…"

"You know I wanted to be here for those things. And you were just as supportive of me–"

"Look, I just don't want you to think that all I'm after is sitting around the Burrow all day, kissing you. I mean, the kissing is great and everything but I want to do proper boyfriend things; like take you places and make you breakfast or dinner or… I dunno, whatever you're hungry for!"

"That sounds brilliant! I've never really had a date before, outside of Hogwarts. What would you like to do?"

"I've got a few ideas, but you can choose."

"This is really exciting!"

"Just eat your breakfast and I'll tell you the options. If you hate them all, I'll come up with something better and we can go another day."

"No, we are definitely going today. I have complete faith in your plans."

"Well, my first thought was that we could go into London. Muggle London, so we're not recognised. There's a fair on this weekend I think you'd like and then we could get dinner or go for a walk in that park you're always on about, whatsit called?"

"Hyde Park."

"Right, we could get hot chocolate and walk through there for a while. But if you don't like that idea, Plan B is that we Floo to-"

"Wait, I do like the first option! Tell me more. Where will we go to eat?"

"Ah, that's easy! You always liked the French food Hogwarts served up, so I asked Fleur for restaurant recommendations close to the park and she gave me a list of half a dozen places. We can just choose one of those."

"What a clever idea! I've read before that it's always a good choice if natives go there to eat too. Gosh Ron, this is the most thoughtful date in the world and we haven't even gone yet!"

"Not really, I've just had two weeks to get organised, is all."

"Two weeks? Why didn't you ask me sooner?"

"No point, the book fair is a yearly thing and it's only on this weekend."

"The fair is a book fair? Are you serious?"

"Yes, the advertisement said the Annual Antique Muggle Book Fair of London or something like that. Are those the right sort of books?"

"I have to get up! Take the tray! When did it start, Ron? Are we late? Oh, I'm so glad I still have birthday money saved up, this is going to be bloody brilliant!"

"Did you just say – what's wrong? What're you stopping for?"

"Oh Ron, my favourite place, my favourite food, my favourite things? This isn't a fair date if it's only what I want to do."

"S'alright, I want you to have fun. Besides, there might be a friendly on between the Cannons and Puddlemere next Thursday afternoon and I was thinking, y'know, if today goes well…"

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